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Q&A: Preparing for a Planet X / Nibiru flyby

By Guest Writer David Meade
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Q: Some say that the Planet X / Nibiru flyby will occur in the end of 2017. What do you think and why?

A: In the year 1217, an ancient Jewish Rabbi named Samuel had a vision that outlined history from 1217 to 2017. A Jubilee occurs every 50 years. He said that in his vision Elijah in Heaven told him to add six Jubilees (300 years) from 1217 and the world would arrive at the year 1517. The Turks would take Jerusalem. They did. Eight Jubilees later (400 years) and we would arrive at the year 1917. The British would take Jerusalem and set the Jews free. This also happened on schedule. It happened to the day. A British general flies a plane over Jerusalem and the Turks took this as an omen. They believed this was a sign from God and fled back to Turkey without firing a single bullet. One Jubilee later (1967) the Six Day War would occur and the Jews overtook Jerusalem. They did. One Jubilee later in 2017 would be the time when the Day of the Lord commences. This means the Book of Revelation is opened and unsealed. It happens this fall. Planet X is an instrument of judgment. The dates and times are all in my book, Planet X – The 2017 Arrival. There is very little time to prepare. The clock is ticking.

Q: Could you describe what you expect will happen during the Planet X / Nibiru flyby, such as earthquakes, flooding, several days of darkness? Do you believe the electric power grid, Internet and mobile phone network will be working?

A: The electric power grid will go down. All electronic accessories will go down. Earthquakes and flooding will accompany the flyby.

Q: What are your thoughts about the level of radiation and safety of nuclear power plants, about fires/explosions of gas/oil tanks and forests/wooden houses, about toxicity in the soil/free waters during and after the Planet / Nibiru flyby?

A: Do not relocate to within 100 miles of a nuclear power plant. They will all fail within one week of the flyby.

Q: What about planning to move to a safer location?

A: Check your location. Make sure you are at least 750 feet above sea level. Make sure you are at least 150 miles from the nearest coast. Use Google Maps to determine your status.

Q: Many people count on that they will receive a salary/pension each month and their savings are safe in their bank accounts. What do you think will happen with salaries, pensions and savings during and after the Planet X / Nibiru flyby?

A: The Planet X / Nibiru flyby will cause a global economic reset. I offer solutions in my book, The Coup D’état Against President Donald J. Trump

Q: Could you compare the challenges that citizens in different countries are facing during/after the Planet X / Nibiru flyby; for example in Australia, Japan and Denmark?

A: Flooding, tsunamis and earthquakes – 10.0 and above. Survival without electricity.

Q: Who do you think are the people/organizations that have been covering up the Planet X / Nibiru flyby and what do you think their agenda is?

A: NASA – you can never trust them. They believe in an extraterrestrial agenda (they send gold records out on space probes to contact aliens); they’ve never been truthful. Check out Operation Paperclip.

Q: Do you believe a sudden pole shift will occur with flooding all over the world? If so, when?

A: A pole shift of 30 degrees is quite probable. The Book of Isaiah guarantees it.

Q: If you were appointed as leader for one year from June 2017, what would you suggest so that all people who are expected to live would have a good chance to survive the Planet X / Nibiru flyby?


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  • Alyssa

    How many times you gonna change your story? First its gonna hit us then it’s gonna fly right past us now we got super volcanoes erupting causing catastrophe. What’s next you gonna say aliens are gonna take over the world? Enough already.

  • Faiq

    Hi DaDavid Meade would you care to look at this guys video? He’s claiming your analysis of September 23, 2017 is wrong.


  • Hugga Mein

    Sucks to live in florida then.

    Gonna buy lots of floaties and goggles along with some floating coolers lmao.

    I have no hope do I?

    • Janice Barket

      I hear Florida has pumps running or some streets would have four feet of water over them now. glaciers are melting from the bottom up. That will raise the coast.

  • Janice Barket

    One thing for sure when we look up at the sky it just looks beautiful from here. However there is war going on up there and at any given time things from there no matter what you call it can come in on us. Happened before and this is one thing God has power over not man. There has to be some kind of a cleansing for us and earth. It cannot continue. Who can or will make it through it is a question not answered. Not so sure many will. But I am still preparing just in case.

Urgent info only

All the latest stories from the best alternative news sites, updated instantly

Let others review your possible Planet X / Nibiru photos

... of Planet X / Nibiru for peer review

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