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Planet X / Nibiru: Evidence compiling, government denying

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There are those people who say that if Planet X or one of its moons was in the sky, then millions of people would have seen it. Well, all I ask you to do is go into your city and town and observe what people are doing and you will see the reason why many people do not see what we see. Most of the population have their heads buried in their cell phone and not too many people observe the sky. These rogue planets are in a orbit, so they are not seen constantly and this article will explain this, as well as provide some compelling pictures.

I was surprised last night when I was surfing the TV guide and a program on Planet X was airing. I watched the program and it basically debunked Planet X, of course. It included Marshall Masters and others who still maintain the existence of Planet X. Let’s just say the show is correct and that Planet X is not real and that all the preppers are nothing but a bunch of sensationalist nutcases and preparing is a waste of time; yet, on the other hand, if they are correct, then what are you going to do? As soon as one of these planets stays in the sky more permanently, then there will be mass chaos, as people will be demanding answers and they will be looking toward those they scorned for answers.

Planet X may not arrive this year or next but I am convinced it will come in my lifetime; however, in the back of my mind I am hoping that all of you debunkers are correct because I like how things are now and do not look forward to chaos. I don’t want my lifestyle to change, as things are good for me right now and having to struggle to exist is not going to be fun.

There is a lot of fake news on social media but that is a two-way street, as the mainstream media is just as bad for sensationalism and lies, so whom do you trust?

There are compelling arguments for and against the existence of Planet X and for some of you it is like a game of ping-pong: one day you believe and the next day you don’t. It is a constant internal intellectual battle for most and I can appreciate your dilemma.

Has NASA finally gotten the hint and is looking for Planet X? Check out this article because China is looking.

For all you non-believers and skeptics, you may want to read this article in its entirety. I found it exceptional and it confirms a lot of what I and others have been saying for years now. It mentions that NASA actually confirmed the existence of Planet X back in the 1980s but shortly after retracted their statement; there are a lot more facts to support Planet X’s existence from professional scientists. It also explains why we don’t see Planet X often and that it is only certain times in the year that it becomes visible, mainly below the ecliptic. Well, happy reading.

So if the above article did not convince you that Planet X is real, then maybe you will listen to Paul Cox, a world renowned astronomer. He is not the only astronomer who has stuck his neck out to worn the world.

The STP telescope

This telescope was being built back in 2006 at a huge cost and some say the real mission is to track Planet X so they can accurately determine its speed and so they can calculate its timeline. This article from NASA tells a different story, which may well be correct, but why build it in such a cold environment? We all know the best place to view Planet X is at Antarctica.

DDD signing off. Good luck finding the truth.

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