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2017: the year of Planet X / Nibiru

By Guest Writer David Meade
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One of my readers recently sent me a letter and reminded me of how my book was strangely reminiscent of an H.G. Wells short story entitled The Star (Wikipedia | Amazon).

H.G. Wells wrote this short story in 1897. It describes how the people of Earth suddenly awaken to the idea that a strange, luminous object has appeared at the outer fringes of the solar system. It’s initially disturbing the normal orbit of the planet Neptune. Sound familiar?

Although it is initially of concern and interest only to professional astronomers, suddenly (as in early 2017) the media announces it in cryptic ways. It is on a collision course with Earth. At this point, the studies of a mathematician are published throughout the world. The Star and our sun are exerting mutual gravitational attraction and it is being pulled right into our orbit.

Needless to say, I was surprised at the content of H.G. Wells’ book. His is a work of fiction. Mine, on the other hand, is a work of fact. The similarities are indeed striking.

During a recent media interview with Marshall Masters, he told me that two other very prominent researchers had also pinpointed the fall of 2017 as the arrival time of Planet X. One is Major Ed Dames, the former head of the Remote Viewing Project (a joint venture between the Pentagon and CIA). The second is the renowned and well-connected Bob Dean, a former group of “good ol’ boys” whose network of insiders closely followed the initial discovery of Planet X in the 1980s.

Bob supposedly reported that when he asked one of them, “Did our infrared equipment detect Planet X?” that they retorted, “Not just yes, but hell yes!”

I find these dates very strange and confirming as well. From these individual years to 2017 are all highly meaningful and correlate. Theodor Herzl was the founder of Political Zionism. After publishing his utopian pamphlet, The Jewish State, in 1896, in 1897 he convened the First Zionist Congress. From 1897 to 2017 is 120 years, the exact length of warning God gave Noah. Then, of course, Jesus said the end of days would be exactly like those days.

Then, in 1917, The Balfour Declaration was issued in the form of a letter from the British Foreign Secretary, Lord Arthur James Balfour, to Lord Rothschild, regarding the establishment of Israel. Exactly 100 years later is 2017.

In 1947, the United Nations decreed by mandate the re-establishment of Israel as a state (it was of course recognized one year later). 70 years (the length of a Bible generation) is the length of time from 1947 to 2017.

Finally, in 1967, the Israelis recaptured Jerusalem. This is exactly 50 years (the length of a Jubilee cycle) from 2017.

These amazing ‘coincidences’ are well beyond the realm of chance. The Planet X / Nemesis system has just revealed itself and, in fact, the time of its appearing.

All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them. -Galileo Galilei

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