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Nibiru fragment to strike Earth before main impact in October of 2017

By Guest Writer David Meade
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NASA identified a rogue celestial object hurtling toward Earth at an alarming 26,000 miles per hour:

It is part of the pre-Planet X entourage, arriving earlier than the main system.

The object, dubbed 2016 WF9, was detected by NASA’s asteroid- and comet-hunting NEOWISE project on 27 November 2016.

It is roughly 0.3 to 0.6 miles (0.5 to 1 kilometres) across and is in an orbit that takes it on a scenic tour of our solar system.

NASA’s brightest minds have not determined a consensus as to the origin. It doesn’t have the normal gas and dust cloud that defines a comet. They believe it will skirt by the earth the first week of February, but whistle-blower Dyomin Damir Zakharovich, a Russian astronomer, believes it will strike the earth on February 16, 2017.

“NASA is lying through its teeth,” Dr. Zakharovich said. “It is not conceivable that they do not know the truth. We have seen the data! The object they call WF9 left the Nibiru system in October when Nibiru began spinning counter clockwise around the sun. Since then, NASA has known it will hit Earth. But they are only telling people now. And telling lies. That they call it 2016 WF9 proves they are lying. If they just discovered it yesterday, it would have a 2017 prefix.”

According to Dr. Zakharovich, 2016 WF9 was one of millions of asteroids in orbit around Nibiru in a cosmic whirlpool. Occasionally, the asteroids collide, and they are ejected from their path ahead of time.

Dr. Zakharovich said, 2016 WF9 was jettisoned directly toward Earth. Using the “slingshot effect,” it first doubled speed circling the brown dwarf star, then doubled that speed to the third power when it spun behind the dark side of the sun, propelling it toward Earth at high velocities.

Dr. Zakharovich said:

“The Nibiru system is filled with asteroids and dust. It was only a matter of time before one was hurled in our direction. The object is larger than NASA says. Our preliminary data suggested a 2.2km asteroid that will have no problem penetrating the atmosphere without burning up.”

He says the asteroid is composed of hardened tritium encased in a nickel-iron core; essentially making it invulnerable to the thermal shielding that normally protects our planet from space-borne objects.

If this is true, then the impact scenario is widespread devastation, with the force a 3,000 megaton atomic weapon.  This can obliterate large cities and create worldwide tsunamis.

Dr. Zakharovich further said:

“And this is just a precursor to the damage Nibiru will cause when it gets here. NASA probably knows the impact zone. I do not. We are all in peril.”

If this is not true, the February event could be misinformation or disinformation, just prior to the real event – be on the lookout. The theory is quite plausible, regardless of the exact timing. There are objects around the Nibiru system that can behave just as this individual proposed. Before 2017 ends, Wormwood will arrive. This is what Father Malachi Martin, a Vatican insider, told Art Bell on Coast to Coast AM in 1997. And this is what all current intelligence reports and sources, including Major Ed Dames, are telling us.

Source 1 | Source 2

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  • Paul

    All current intelligence reports and sources are telling you the same thing? I think that indicates a lack of diversity and some other problems with your intelligence sources more than anything.

  • The object will pass Earth on 25 February 2017 at a distance of nearly 51,000,000 km (32,000,000 mi) and is not considered a threat for the foreseeable future.[2]

    The above from your Wiki link…And just how did you determine that this asteroid possible comet is going to hit earth? Another cry wolf syndrome…

  • smackahead


    • Phil

      No its not….never has been coming….Planet 9 is hypothetical anyway they are not even sure it even exist at this point. I would believe NASA over the fear mongering thats going on about this thats for sure….Sad part is none of you can present solid evidence that this thing is headed toward earth you just want to present doom and gloom and unfounded speculation….

  • Dave g

    Hey NASA isn’t worried because we are protected by the Dome n that belt out there aren’t we lol

  • Dave g

    Nah I believe everything about NASA especially in Disneyland isn’t that where they film everything lol

  • Dave g

    What a load of crap, NASA is too busy playing games hiding the truth about Antartica, it’s a shame about that stupid treaty now none of us can go n see what their hiding n the stupid thing about it is us tax payers pay the Fkn army n NASA for the people Fkn scammers we should remove them both n not fund them anymore I’m sick of their fake wars n space that we are funding n they are just playn us from the truth n we the people own them it’s our treaty we have every right to know n see real live evidence n off people off our choice to who to believe cause these bastards can’t be trusted anymore THE END

    • Phil

      Well if its out there show me…..Point it out to me in the solar system…..Trouble is you can’t….Its easier to claim conspiracy theory and blame it on the powers that be isn’ it? So NASA is hiding a planet that is suppose to be 10 times the size of earth? How? I would imagine David Copperfield would be interested in that bit of magic. You talk of scammers…This whole Nibiru/Planet X fiasco has been nothing but a scam since 2012 and before….

    • RFFESQ41

      Dave g: You have a fake opinion (By courtroom standards of evidence you didn’t offer a “scintilla”, nor “by the preponderence”, let as lone “beyond a reasonable doubt

      • Phil

        My question is where is the Nibiru system? And secondly apparently they don’t read their own sources as this thing is not coming anywhere close to earth.. Secondly how does he know what its made up of? They are still not sure if this is an asteroid or a comet without the tail..More headlines for the Cry Wolf Gazette.

    • Phil

      Nice rant..To bad you presented no evidence to back up any of it.

  • JessicaS

    Yes a lot of this is true

  • St Kos

    Well, it’s 02/22 today, so I guess it didn’t hit us. Boy, am I relieved! To quote from the article, “composed of hardened tritium encased in a nickel-iron core”. How is something “encased” in the core?

    • Planet X Central

      Did you expect anything less? Don’t fret these far fetched predictions.

  • Planet X Central

    We are still here folks! Why am I not surprised.

  • RadioKWMQ

    I think when someone starts talking about the dark side of the sun, we need to treat his words with some scepticism.

Urgent info only

All the latest stories from the best alternative news sites, updated instantly

Let others review your possible Planet X / Nibiru photos

... of Planet X / Nibiru for peer review

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