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Tune out the distractions and prepare for the arrival of Planet X / Nibiru

By Staff Writer David “Doomsday Dave” Hines
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Well, my wife and I have settled into our new home in a great small community; it is another step in our preparations for the arrival of Planet X. Moving out of the big city was absolutely necessary for our chances of survival to increase.

Being surrounded by farms is a plus and living in a small town of 4,000 people is far more manageable than a large city. Only close friends and family know where we live now and we are going to keep it that way. If you are thinking of relocating, may I suggest not to procrastinate and just do it.

Was the earthquake in Italy a result of Planet X getting closer or just a normal or natural event of Mother Earth? Hard to tell and many will scoff at the idea of blaming Planet X. This article contains some footage of the devastation which they have not seen in almost 40 years.

Indonesia also gets hit by a massive earthquake and, again, I am asking if this was the effect of Planet X or just the earth burping. This page shows the earthquakes that hit in 2016. Pay attention to the magnitudes, which I think are unprecedented.

On another note, my wife brought the following to my attention which I found very interesting: Prince Charles is not human and shape shifts right in front of Lady Gaga. I am just wondering how many shapeshifters there are in prominent powerful positions. If there are lots of these hybrids ruling this planet, we need to take it back and get rid of this cancer.

Extreme cold for the US, 75% in a deep freeze

As ordinary citizens, the only way we can tell when things around us are not normal for our planet is by monitoring the weather. I am certain that Earth is wobbling, just as the rest of the planets in our universe, which does affect everything. So far, here in Canada, it is a normal winter for now but I expect that to change over the next few months. It could get unusually warm or we could go into a deep freeze.

With all the secrets surrounding Planet X and the lack of accurate info, it is hard to predict the arrival of said planet and the only way we can judge what to do to prepare is to monitor the world’s weather. The more extreme it becomes will be an indicator of Planet X getting closer.

I believe when we start seeing meteors either passing or striking Earth will be the time to ramp up your preparedness. This article is a report on the cold snap in the US. All I can say is cold can kill, so make sure you have a survival kit in your vehicle.

Here is an interview with John Moore about Planet X that I found very interesting, so I thought you might want to listen to it.

Russia and the US are ready for Planet X’s arrival. This article with videos is worth looking at.

Do you all remember the mainstream media talking about the discovery of Planet 9? Well, this story has died a sudden death. Now they have you focused on politics, namely Donald Trump. They also have you focused on terrorist attacks which detracts your attention away from what you should be focused on, which is your own survival, which could be as early as later this year.

DDD signing off. Stay warm and stay alert.

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