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Project Indigo Skyfold and Planet X / Nibiru

By Guest Writer David Meade
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To fully understand the vast implications of the 2017 Arrival of Planet X, you have to understand how the Intelligence community operates. When Eisenhower warned of a “vast military-industrial complex,” he wasn’t kidding. Of course, he provided no detail, but he was fully aware of it. Case in point: he authorized Area 51, but then received absolutely no information from it. He finally had to send two representatives out there and threaten the base with an Army invasion if they didn’t disclose what they were doing. This has now come out as common knowledge.

What happened is that they immediately “compartmentalized” the operation on a need-to-know basis, restricting total knowledge to only a few people. Nothing was produced in writing, of course. This is how the Intel community, which is a generous name for them, operates. They have a $6.5 trillion black-ops budget. That’s the latest number for missing money from the Pentagon.

How do they use it? Well, first and foremost, Deep Underground Bunkers for the elite. Secondly, they use it for special operations―often the CIA and the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) operate in tandem. The CIA sets up the operation and the DIA covert or black-ops people run it. These are not people you’ll see on TV or in uniforms. They wear suits, blend in and when operating do not even use their real names.

They operate, many of them, out of sub-level offices in otherwise innocuous-appearing office buildings around Virginia and Washington. They have no accountability. They have access to special units of contractors for whatever they need.

Let’s look briefly at just one example. This is the mother of all black operations―Indigo Skyfold. Its purpose―weather modification and warfare―and the cover-up of the second sun, Planet X. They accomplish the latter by aerosol spraying at sunrise and sunset, the two times of the day when Planet X can be observed. They concentrate their operations in highly-populated areas.

The aerosol spraying is called chemtrails. These are different from contrails, which are created by commercial aircraft. The pilots are told a cover story; it’s a greenhouse gas/global warming mitigation strategy. If they delve too far or ask questions, they risk court martial. They prefer keeping their salaries.

What do chemtrails consist of? Primarily selenium, aluminum, thorium and barium processed into sub-micron particles and ionized with a special electric charge.

Some hypothesize that chemtrail spraying is used with HAARP to create weather modification as a military tool. HAARP is a system that transmits microwaves, ELF and VLF waves into the atmosphere―primarily the ionosphere―to move jet streams from their normal positions. This changes weather patterns. Weather warfare can create droughts and flooding in enemy countries.

What I find so strange is that Russia is quite open about Planet X and has programs on Russian television about it. They’ve protected 50% of their population with shelters. But the New World Order people in the US have only protected the elite. But going back, the main purpose of chemtrails at sunset and sunrise is to fog the atmosphere and cloak our second sun, Planet X.

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