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Government doomsday prepping means Planet X / Nibiru must be near

By Staff Writer David “Doomsday Dave” Hines
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Well, here we go again with the so-called Planet 9. It does not matter what they call it, even though there is a stigma associated with the name Planet X. The idea that there is a rogue planet out there can be somewhat alarming, even though they say it is way out there.

There are still people who write in and say we are all crazy to think that a planet can exist, let alone fly by and create an apocalyptic event. Well, now we have proven that there is a rogue planet out there, I am sure those out there who don’t believe will offer up some explanation that it will never come close to us; they will deny it until the day it does fly by.

Italy’s earthquakes

Could this be the beginning of the end? Fortunately, no one died in these rash of earthquakes that hit Italy, not like previous quakes which are depicted in this BBC report. Things have been relatively quiet for a while and I am wondering if this is the calm before the storm.

I would certainly pay close attention for any other potential signs that Planet X is nearing and I think that these sort of events will increase in the near future. Having said that, it may just be coincidental and just an isolated event but one never knows.

Many people ask me what they need to do to prepare for an apocalypse and it is very hard to explain all the things you will need to do, so this site will be a very helpful site for every one of you to visit.

Two suns

More reports of two suns in the sky over Columbia. This was reported by a British newspaper back in June. I keep looking but to no avail. I guess I live too far north to catch sight of Planet X, but I am sure I will see it one day in the near future.

Planet X location just guess-work

Unless you are high up at NASA or the government, the predictions as to the whereabouts of Planet X are just guess-work. I have searched the Web to see how many predictions I could find and there are more predictions than I have change in my pocket. The predictions range from 2012 until present day but Planet X still eludes us.

I am sure that most of you out there are wondering if it will ever arrive and I for one hope I never see it. However, be assured that it is out there heading our way. I can’t imagine with all the recent preparations by our world governments that Planet X is years away. I would think that we are in the final phase of its arrival and I am so convinced that I am moving my family to another location in the country (Canada) with only 4,000 population. I know that this idea that a rogue planet is lurking in the distance to deliver our virtual demise, but just how much damage will it cause, I don’t think we really know, but I am not taking any chances and plan for the worst.

I am sure that some of those who have predicted Planet X’s arrival have done it with conviction, even though the prediction dates came and went without incident. Each prediction that comes and goes leaves one complacent and eventually a non-believer, which could be a mistake. I think that those who write for Planet X News are more cognizant of how bad information can affect you the general public; that is why I have never made any prediction as to Planet X’s arrival. I just don’t know and I’m not afraid to state it. Period.

I for one am watching the signs of increase in earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, etc., as an indicator as to Planet X getting closer, so don’t always believe those YouTube videos of two suns in the sky. I have read that some people are being affected by these rogue predictions and end up in a panic and I want you to remember that not all of what you see and read is the truth. Just stick with the facts and observe what is going on around the world. Our aim is not to set in panic the readers but just to inform you of what is going on around the world that the mainstream media does not cover.

Stay safe. DDD signing off. Keep your eyes on Planet X News for updates.

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  • rh

    5.5 earthquake in plains a couple days ago . .. just saying

  • Mike Bennett

    Two suns…..each article you write your credit dwindles. Get real and really think about that. Is it was over Columbia millions of people would see this and it would make headlines everywhere no matter how desolate the location is. Just like all the retards posting Planet X by the sun at sunset. I live in Arizona where the sky is clear 99% of the time. Never once have I seen anything resembling a planet or two suns. And obviously non of you have any knowledge of astronomy from your articles or you’d know these sunset planet sightings are complete BS.

    • Mars Man

      Absolutely Agreed.

  • bobcat

    People show video’s on you tube of two sun’s already but I can’t see it an if it was that close stuff would be happening but nothing so far .

  • Just FYI: The Mirror in the UK is considered a joke newspaper which no one takes seriously. About 3 times a year they’re court ordered to print retractions. Not corrections, retractions. They’re one of the only publications in the UK who have been court ordered to post a front page retraction stating that they had entirely invented an entire story. Incidentally the video is just a phenomena known as Sun Dogs.

    The biggest threat to the planet right now is Donald Trump.

  • Yes it’s possible to have a new planet way beyond Neptune. “Planet X” is the generic name for any undiscovered but theorised planet. So “Planet 9″ is also”Planet X”. Pluto was the first “Planet X” before it was discovered. They are often given other names, e..g Tyche, Nemesis, and this time “Planet 9” – it helps to distinguish between them – if someone says “Nemesis” has been disproved, you know which planet X candidate got disproved.

    So anyway – we can’t possibly miss a planet in the inner solar system. All the other planets go exactly where predicted, ever since Myles Standish recalculated the mass of Neptune in 1983 using the voyager 2 flyby data. Our spacecraft also go exactly where expected. We now know that if we were missing as much as 1/500th of the mass of the Moon in the entire solar system inside of Saturn then our spacecraft would be deflected away from their expected positions in a noticeable way. And we’d spot a planet sized object easily way beyond Neptune. And it takes ten years for any solar system object, e.g. a comet, to get from Neptune to Earth’s orbit. If it goes any faster, it is going too fast to remain bound to our solar system, so can’t be a planet or comet.

    But it is easy to miss a planet way beyond Neptune. If it is ten times further away, then it is visually 100 times smaller and it is also 100 times fainter which makes it 10,000 times harder to see. So it is no surprise at all that we can miss planets way beyond Neptune, say ten times further away – and yet, there is no chance at all of missing a planet inside of Neptune’s orbit.

    Take a look at my doomsday debunked blog, it might help:

    • Mars Man

      Excellent explanation. Keep it continue Sir.

  • I am still trying to figure out how you people come to the conclusion that some rogue planet never seen before is causing earthquakes and volcanic eruptions here on earth…News Flash for ya “It’s not!” This is as goofy as people thinking planetary alignments cause earthquakes, they don’t! The Moon has more pull on us than any planet in the Solar System and it has very small affects when it comes to earthquakes.

  • David Hines

    From my understanding coronal holes on the sun is connected with earthquakes according to suspicious It is easy to dismiss that a rouge planet is affecting the earth or any other planet in our solar system but the fact is that all the planets in our solar system are being affected by something. Maybe you could explain the reason for this. Ordinary people have to rely on researchers to offer up some explanation of what is happening on our planet and our universe. We don’t always get things right but we know that things are not normal and we all want
    answers and a heads up if something catastrophic is going to happen. I am always interested in those that criticize as to what qualifications they have to dismiss everything as bunk.

    • Selling and inciting fear is not what I call giving people a heads up…..Secondly there is no rogue planet affecting earth…..What some fail to realize is that if a planet the size of say this fake Nibiru were entering our solar system it would have been seen years ago….Has it been seen? Nope. No one gets everything right but apparently no one who runs this site bothers to read the comments if they did they would see people are ignoring this crap….Its dismissed as BUNK as you call it because people that buy into this cannot prove it….People that predict time and again that this Nibiru is coming and then it fails to materialize…You can only cry wolf so many times and people start to ignore it just as many are ignoring this. I have not seen any proof of all the claims made here only conjecture.

    • Mark Dunkley

      Hi again.
      New thinking has hit me and I’m thinking. The arrival of the system that supports nibiru will arrive but all have got it wrong in the past.
      We have an increase of orbiting planets (smaller justnow) like snowwhite, Niku and the other 4.
      Basically we have over 25 orbiting planets with around 10 of them being in a reverse nature to our own normal planets.
      I believe this shows that Nibiru is closing in on our main centre of gravity (THE SUN) and keeping in mind that our universe is massive and things happen slower than we would expect.
      All our normal planets have changed ither colour, position, speed or orbital paths and with the arrival of our new visiting reverse spining, orbiting planets it’s ovisley closing fast or past the sun and working it’s way back to us.
      In the end tho we have little chance of survival, what will be will be so just enjoy life and enjoy what’s bound to be a spectacular event when it arrives.

    • Phil

      Don’t take qualifications for this. Any 6th grader with a computer and common sense can figure out this is all fear mongering…..Won’t go into a lengthy post since my last reply was removed……Secondly there is no direct evidence that coronal holes or the Sun have any impact on earthquakes here on earth…..Your taking coincidence to a whole other level with that theory.

  • Andrew Zerphey

    I have to say i am thinking of this like a weather forecast. How many times are they right and how many times are they wrong. This is even a slimmer chance at being right….but that one small chance….As i once heard in a movie…I’d rather have a gun and not need it then need a gun and not have it. the question is do you want to take the chance at the predictions being wrong….and then the possibility that you are wrong.

Urgent info only

All the latest stories from the best alternative news sites, updated instantly

Let others review your possible Planet X / Nibiru photos

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