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Planet X / Nibiru deniers and my near-death experience

By Staff Writer David “Doomsday Dave” Hines
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There are a lot of comments that Planet X / Nibiru does not exist and I for one hope that this is the case but I have my doubts. I wonder why these people feel compelled to visit sites like to post comments and try to cast doubt in the minds of people who truly believe in the existence of Planet X. I believe that even if Planet X does not show, some sort of catastrophic event is pending, whether it be a massive earthquake or volcanoes, so there is nothing wrong in being prepared.

Check out this link out sent in by Omar about Voyager.

It is easy to explain away what is happening around the world and I wonder why people absolutely deny the existence of any new planet out there such as Planet X. It seems these people are investing a lot of their time to debunk the theory of Planet X and it makes me wonder why because if I did not believe in Planet X I would not waste my time trying to convince people of it. If they believe the governments of the world and the scientific community, then they have truly been assimilated into the brainwashing of our society. I cannot say with 100% certainty that Planet X exists because I have not witnessed it myself firsthand, but there seem to be many signs supporting the theory.

One guy had commented that a gag order could not be imposed on all the professional and amateur astronomers around the world. He is correct but my argument is that there are only a select few who have the infrared capabilities to observe Planet X, so it would be easy to silence them on reporting their findings. I know for a fact that the planets in our solar system are acting strangely and those facts are a matter of record; even the moon is dancing around and rotating.

Maybe those who doubt the existence of Planet X can offer up an explanation on what force could be causing all this turbulence in our universe. Please don’t tell me that this is natural because it is not.

Something out there is creating this activity and I would assume it is something very powerful, like the saying goes, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” How easy it is for those who comment that everything is OK and all I can say is thanks for your comment but I challenge you to come up with a solid scientific explanation with concrete facts to back up any further statements.

Do you trust your government to tell you the truth?

Why has NASA sent so many probes in the direction that Planet X is supposed to be coming from?

Why are we having extreme weather conditions worldwide?

Why are there so many dormant volcanoes coming to life?

Why is there a massive increase in earthquakes over 6.0?

Why have sinkholes increased so much? I can go on and on, so please don’t tell me this is global warming.

My near-death experience

I want to share this personal experience, just as a warning to you and your kids as this scared the hell out of me.

My wife and I went on vacation on the July 4th weekend and on the second day I was not feeling very well and did not realize I was in the early stages of pneumonia, but being a trooper I was not going to let being somewhat sick ruin my vacation. I was out body surfing the big waves in the ocean, being a kid again, but I was only in the ocean waist-deep; there were only a few people in the ocean in the afternoon.

The waves were about three to four feet high but suddenly my feet were swept from under me and I got caught in a strong undercurrent that took me farther out to sea than I was comfortable with. I could not touch bottom and the current was taking me out farther, about 40 feet from shore. I struggled to swim back to shore but being older I did not have the strength I used to have when I was younger.

While I was swimming, I felt my strength leaving me and my left leg began to cramp. Now I knew I was in big trouble. My arms were getting weaker and I had swallowed some sea water, as it was rough out there. I was struggling swimming with only my arms, trying to keep my head above water and telling myself not to panic. Many thoughts raced through my mind, such as how was my wife going to get me home in a body bag? And I was thinking, is this the way I am going to go?

The feeling of helplessness was horrific. I thought of just inhaling the water quickly to get it over with. I was about ready to succumb to the ocean.

When I was first swept out that far, there was no one around and then I looked to my right and about 10 feet away from me there was a guy with his girlfriend or wife and I have no idea where they came from. This was my last-ditch effort to get saved. I managed to get close and ask for help, which they kindly did. He grabbed my arm and helped me get back to shore and in between me panting from complete exhaustion I managed to thank him.

It turned out that he was a lifeguard in his youth. If he was not there at that point, I know I would have drowned. I guess God was there for me that day.

Once I arrived back home and this horrible experience sank in, I ended up with post-traumatic stress, which I have to get help with. I am better now but have certainly a better understanding what our brave soldiers go through when they come back from war.

DDD signing off. Stay safe.

The views expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not necessarily represent those of nor its parent company, XmediaX. If you are interested in writing one or more guest articles for, please email [email protected]

  • If that ever happens to you again, you have to swim parallel to the shore. If you try to swim directly back, you will exhaust yourself fighting against the rip current long before you even start to close any distance (as you probably figured out). Swim parallel, you won’t be fighting the strength of the ocean and you’ll make it out of the trap and then you will be able to swim back to shore. I grew up on the coast with treacherous rip currents and it was always common knowledge. I forget that it really isn’t if you grew up inland until I hear a story like yours. Just thought I’d pass on the info.

    • David Hines

      HI Jennie

      People did tell me this after the event and it is ingrained in my brain, I am hoping that this does not happen again. I think because of my age I will use a life jacket next time, just glad to be alive.



      • Adam wital

        Your experience is like good happy ending story 🙂

    I can answer some of these questions: I come here and pick apart the inconsistencies with logic, because this fairytale is scaring people. In almost all cases this is easy to do because a 5 minute internet search can establish where the science is wrong, and most of what I ‘debunk’ isn’t even the science: it’s the glaring errors and contradictions which shouldn’t exist. If it wasn’t so easy to do, I wouldn’t do it.
    I am not doing it to piss you off, but to make you and other people think. In essence, I am doing the opposite of what you’re doing, but for the same reasons you do.

    I have never once said that another planet couldn’t be in the far reaches of our solar system: I personally think the science of Planet Nine seems perfectly reasonable; however, in that instance we know from physics and maths whether or not it would come close enough to Earth to have any discernible effect.
    I have also never said that, one day, a rogue planet may come wandering through the solar system and cause merry hell. We know that rogue planets wander freely through the galaxy, and I dare say from time to time these wander through solar systems and collide with other planets. But if that does happen, it’s not going to be because Planet X-ers correctly predicted it, it’s because of coincidence and statistical probability.
    Allegedly Planet X should have been arriving at least once a year, every year, for the last 30 or so years… so where is it? So far there have been 2 predictions that it would arrive this year which have come and passed, and nothing. Again.

    You make comments like: “Maybe those who doubt the existence of Planet X can offer up an explanation on what force could be causing all this turbulence in our universe. Please don’t tell me that this is natural because it is not.” Please don’t tell you it’s natural because it is not? Really? And how is it that you know that? Unless you’re telling us that you alone have more knowledge and are more intelligent than every single scientist on Earth, I think we can safely tell you that some of these things ARE natural, or that they are likely to be due to much more rational reasons. You’re statement alone suggests that you’re the one unable to accept the truth.

    “Do you trust your government to tell you the truth?”
    Not all the time, no. But if you think for a moment that they could hide the existence of a giant planet that (allegedly) can be photographed in the sky, then I think you’re either out of your mind, or a bit stupid. The funny thing about this is that you have inferred in this article that there are only a few people who have this knowledge because they have access to infra-red equipment (thus meaning it can’t be seen with the naked eye). A few days back you wrote and posted an article with photos, claiming it could be seen in the sky. As I have repeatedly pointed out: it can be one, or the other, but not both. It seems that even you are starting to get confused by the subject matter – and if you’re starting to contradict even yourself as someone who apparently knows the truth and knows ‘it’s not natural’, why should you be believed?

    “Why has NASA sent so many probes in the direction that Planet X is supposed to be coming from?”
    Have they? Which ones? According to who? We keep being told Planet X is either behind the sun, or under it… another inconsistency. Is there no possibility at all that they’re actually just sending probes for the reasons they say? Does it have to be so elaborate?
    Also, where exactly is this planet coming from, because in reading this site I have read several different things. As I have also said repeatedly: if only you guys know the truth, you’d think you’d all be presenting the same consistent story, not one that changes all the time.

    “Why are we having extreme weather conditions worldwide?”
    Global warming. It’s global warming – backed up by science that can be proven in a lab, and that all scientific agencies agree with. Why you can’t accept scientific fact in place of an elaborate, and inconsistent story which has been wrong again, and again, and again, only you can say.

    “Why are there so many dormant volcanoes coming to life?”
    We know that volcano activity on Earth can be cyclical, admittedly we’re not necessarily sure why. One of the theories is that other volcanoes sometimes come to life if a super-volcano is getting ready to erupt. Maybe that is the reason – we know it happens. That does indeed pose a threat to all life on Earth… but it doesn’t have anything to do with a mystery planet, it’s just the geology of Earth – and other planets.

    “Why is there a massive increase in earthquakes over 6.0?”
    Volcanoes, particularly super-volcanoes can cause this… simpler explanations, again.

    “Why have sinkholes increased so much? I can go on and on, so please don’t tell me this is global warming.”
    Increased sinkholes can be explained by global warming. Most sinkholes are the result of underground cavities collapsing; however, other sinkholes open up due to erosion of the dirt underneath the surface. If you have a burst water pipe underneath your house, this can cause subsidence on your house, because the ground is being eroded. We know that global warming causes climate change, in turn we know that this is predicted to generate much more rain. As the additional rainfall seeps into the ground, it is therefore feasible that over time it washes away and erodes the land. As a result: more sinkholes. So what is more likely? Scientifically validated natural geology? Or the largest conspiracy ever known to man?

    I dare say countries are building underground bunkers, and preparing for disasters, but not for Planet X. If Planet X came as close to us as the moon, an underground bunker isn’t really going to help you in the long term. Particularly not if Earth is thrown off its orbit (really quite likely in this scenario). Also, it should be noted that, if Planet X passes by quite regularly, we wouldn’t be here in the first place.
    If it gets close enough to so much as ‘bounce’ of our atmosphere, or even collide with us: a bunker definitely won’t save you, even if you’re 10 miles down. So what would the point be in building hideouts for those reasons? Again, think rationally.

    • David Hines

      Hi Andy

      I hope you are correct with everything you have explained, I really hope that Planet X does not exist and as I said before I am going to give it until October 2017 and if nothing happens then I am going to quit writing. I am not an expert but I have doubts as to what is transpiring now and the causes of this, I guess time will tell, so it is a wait and see scenario. We can banter back and forth which I am ok with and like I have said previously I am not an expert in this field and all I am trying to do is to get to the truth wether or not Planet X exists. I know there are some that write about Planet X to make money so I am wondering if you challenge people like Marshall Masters or John Moore etc etc. I would be interested to know if you do that or am I the only one you question? If you don’t question these people who are so called experts then I will be disappointed as I am sure others readers would be also. If you do not write to these people then all I can say is that your credibility would be in question. I would also be interested in your discussions with these people if in fact you do go after them. As I have stated before I do not make a single cent for what I write like other so we all would be interested in your reply.

      • Hi David,

        Firstly: I don’t think you should stop writing about it, I just think it should be based on an actual scientific basis – and if you find an official document (with irrefutable proof of authenticity) which reads “By the way, there’s an enormous planet (or solar system etc.) that is about to raise merry hell and wipe out life on Earth”. Then I’d like to see it, too. I think. To be honest, having seen the movie Melancholia, I’m not entirely sure I wouldn’t react with absolutely terrified hysteria.

        I have never had any interaction with those two particular people, but in knowing they are out to make money from the subject, I’d instantly dismiss anything they said as being invalid – or extremely skeptical at very least. I believe Mr Masters was even once accused of fraud? I am more likely to listen (or read as is more accurate) to your posts than I would be to theirs… although I have never made any secret out of picking apart the inconsistencies. And as I have said before: if there was a more consistent story, I would be even more likely not to dismiss it. However, in the last few years Nibiru has been a planet, a moon, a brown dwarf star, a red dwarf star, a comet, and now an entire solar system. Initially there was no real connection to any Biblical ‘prophesy’; however, this story in the last few years has been adapted again and again to relate back to religious beliefs (of various religions) in order to accommodate the adaptions as needed.
        Also, rest assured that you are *not* the only person I question. I think I’ve responded to at least 3-4 authors on this particular site, and plenty of others on various other sites (YouTube, other conspiracy sites, discussion boards etc.. 🙂

        “If you do not write to these people then all I can say is that your credibility would be in question.” – I’m not sure why that would bring my own credibility into question? Credibility isn’t based on who or how many people you interact with, but the content of what you’re saying, and the rationality and logic with which you say it. As an example: you can have one genuine and logical person interact with only one other person and be credible, or you can have a compulsive liar who interacts with 50 people. I hope that makes sense… either way, you cannot question someone’s credibility based on the frequency or quantity of interaction.
        If you did questions someone credibility based on something as how many people they interact with, I would say that would more likely call into question your own credibility than theirs. The reason I would say that is because it would suggest that you’re not thinking logically about the possibility of someone lying to many, or being truthful to one. If you’re not logically questioning theories and ideas, that would call into question your accuracy because in science you have to rationally and logically look at theories and eliminate things that don’t make sense. 🙂

        I would also put this forward: who would seem more credible? A person who puts forth the most logical and scientifically based arguments, while highlighting what are obvious inconsistencies, or a person who one day writes a story claiming “XYZ” and then the next posts a story that would appear to completely contradict that? Who seems more credible? Someone who says they are open and receptive to scientifically solid theories and evidence to support something – while pointing out others’ errors, or someone who instantly dismisses a much more ration explanation which is supported globally by the scientific community in favour of an extremely elaborate and fantastical theory which is continually proven to be wrong and/or inconsistent?

        That’s not intended as a dig… just saying it’s something to think on. 🙂


        • David Hines

          Hi Andy

          I don’t think I have made a claim that Planet X actually does exist I only go on the information that others more versed in this subjec than I. I do keep an open mind and like I have and many times I am just searching for the truth. I guess over the years I have become very sinical of government and leaders and those who lie to make a buck. Like most of the people that read my article are ordinary folks like myself looking for answers. It is hard for us to determine who is credible and who is not and most of the time when I post stuff I tell everyone that they can be the judge as I am not always right. I have contacted other people that are so called experts and I was very disappointed with the replies I got and gave up,that quest as it was futile, that is why I wondered if you had had a similar experience. In one case I actually called a guy out and boy did he get pissed but I figure I must have struck a nerve. I am now at the point were I am not sure who to believe but I still believe that some catastrophic event is pending. Honesty and integrity seems to be a thing of the past which is a shame as I still hold those principle even if you fought it but I made a promise to myself that I would quit writing on this subject of Planet X by October but may start writing about aliens as that subject is dear to my heart also. Maybe you can have a go at me over that subject as I am sure you would be disappointed if I just quit altogether.


          • Okay, so perhaps what I said was a little inaccurate, and I apologise. What I meant was: as a sceptic – why would I really buy in to a story when the same person posts information (even if they themselves do not necessarily believe it – or are not certain, which I was not aware was your position prior to now) that continually contradicts itself. To me, that is why you logically rule it out: it can’t be both, so which is it? Or is it actually more likely that it just doesn’t exist at all? I’m guessing you know what my position on that is.

            I’ve had people call me all sorts of stupid names, and really take a dig at me – although for me it’s somewhat water off a ducks back, as they say. I can give as good as I get. I’ve been banned from forums, tweeted abuse, I even had one death threat via Facebook!

            I’ve tended to find that when you post a comment that challenges someone’s perception, or contradicts what they’re saying, or quite clearly points out contradictions based on logic, the comments are simply deleted straight away. Climate change IS a thing, it IS real, and it IS supported globally by the scientific community. In fact, the only articles or papers that you find that say it is not real are the ones written by people told to contradict it – or by people that don’t understand the science very well.

            If you’re after something to ponder: 2016 so far has taken the climate change community by surprise; it appears that global warming is happening at a much faster rate than originally modelled for. So much so that it has lead scientists to wonder if we have already created a runaway greenhouse effect within our atmosphere. If that is true, then the question becomes “how long does the human race have left?”. That terrifies me much more than a rumour of a planet/planets/solar system that, by using logic alone, cannot be true.

            I think finding alien life will be a mathematical certainty. I also believe that if we do manage to get into the oceans of some of the moons in our solar system that we’re likely to find some form of life. In addition, I also believe that Mars was probably much like Earth once: not just with oceans, but with life too. Maybe humans actually come from Mars and we moved here when we realised we’d fucked that planet up with pollution? That could explain at least a marginal amount of anachronistic things. Although it also makes me wonder: we build museums for all sorts of things on Earth, so if we were so advanced in the path that we had the ability to move planets – where’s the gift shop?

            When it comes to alien conspiracies:

            Do I think aliens have come and abducted people? No, not really. I believe based on our own history of vivisection and a desire to study anatomy and acquire medical knowledge about both ourselves and other species that it is a reasonable assumption to think that they may do the same if they considered us lower lifeforms, in the way we view animals. But I don’t think they’re doing it yet?

            Do I think aliens live on the moon and that is why we haven’t been back? Nope, only in SciFi movies.

            Do I think there could have been some form of humanoid or animal life on Mars? Yep.

            Do I think there is life out there in the universe searching for other forms of life? I think it is possible; it depends whether or not they are at a point where they are even pondering the existence of others. Or perhaps they have even gone past that point where they stopped caring, or gave up looking.

            Do I think there is some kind of X-Files type conspiracy to cover up alien technology and life? Nope. Largely because I just don’t see what the point would be in covering that up… also, it doesn’t make sense to: if they are here and we know about them, it means that they are far more advanced than we are – so why wouldn’t they just show up and announce themselves? Who is going to stop them?

            I’m also an avid believer in Multi-verse theory. Although I don’t believe we’re anywhere near close to being able to jump between them.

          • David Hines

            This is were we can have some good debates because I believe not only have we been visited by aliens they are here right now. I do believe that people have been abducted, take Travis Walton for example.
            In regards of me contradicting myself in my articles there is one thing you have to understand, the only info I can get is from the web and sometimes it is contradictory but I publish it anyway and let people decide if it is A or B. Information changes all the time and the only thing that annoyed me was those so called experts who predicted the coming of Planet X and low and behold it didn’t show up so they made a new prediction based on what ever. These people as far as I am concerned just shattered their credibility. I for one have never made a prediction simply because I have no clue, but I do not let this consume me as my wife and I make plans for the future in any case, if it comes I will be ready if it does not come I am ready.


          • RE: Planet X, that is fair enough, and I apologise if it seemed that I was personally attacking you as that was not my intent. I was questioning the content more than the person… although there are some people out there who I think churn out more BS than a dairy farm.

            I don’t want to cause any unnecessary alarm, but if Planet X does become visible in our sky in the way the moon is… based on what I understand about planetary tidal forces (although I am no expert) I don’t think any amount of prepping is going to save you or anyone else for very long – even in a bunker 10 miles down! Sorry! The moon exerts tidal force on our planet which can create giant waves in our oceans and may even have some effect on geological events and the moon is far enough away that all the other planets could fit between us and it. So imagine what a planet 4 – 10 times (never sure what measurement to use as I have read so many different versions of that story!) the size of Earth passing between us and it would do…

            RE: aliens: I’ll have to look up Travis Walton because I have never heard of him.

            I can’t completely discount the fact that aliens may have done a drive by (as it were) and as I said previously – I don’t think it’s inconceivable that they would study us, or want to learn our anatomy.
            I’m sure we’d do the same, although I’d like to think we’d do it openly and with their permission… that being said, look at the Nazi and Japanese war crimes files, and how we tend to treat each other anyway. Maybe they would treat us the way we would an insect. All that aside, however, I just don’t think I have seen any convincing evidence of it. I know a whole bunch of ‘abductees’ have been caught in lies, etc.

            Interestingly enough, I have my own 2 personal UFO stories – which you are more than welcome to use, and I can elaborate and expand on the stories even further if you do wish to use them for your writing. I promise that these are the God’s honest truth, even though I admit to being a sceptic and you might think I am making them up to tease (I swear I am not):

            1) When I was a kid we had some family visiting and we were playing in the back garden when my father and uncle looked up and pointed to something in the sky that appeared to be flying very slowly over the estate we lived on.

            The thing about the estate I grew up on: it’s called Benhall, and it’s in a town called Cheltenham in the UK. The road that we lived on runs parallel to the UK spy agency called GCHQ. This was back in the days (I’d guess this was the mid to late 80s-ish) before it got it’s fancy new ‘donut’ re-fit… proper 70s style concrete monstrosity. It seemed like a convenient location if you ever were going to spy on humans…

            Anyway, I digress: we all looked up and there was a dark, triangular ‘ship’ moving very slowly relatively high in the sky, but it was a fairly clear day so you could easily see it. Maybe it only appeared to be travelling slowly because of the height? My father and uncle joked about it being a UFO, at which point we’d realised that several of our neighbours had also noticed this odd thing and were pointing at it and claiming it was a UFO. In my opinion, if I picture it now, I would say it looked like a stealth bomber… but those didn’t get introduced until a decade later.

            It hung around in the air for about 3-4 minutes and then shot off like a bat out of hell towards the hills that surround the town and that was that. The sceptic in me says early stealth bomber prototype? If it was supersonic, there was no sonic boom, but it really went *fast* when it went!

            2) When I was about 22(ish) I moved to a city called Bristol. One winters night I was standing outside my apartment watching the sky (I’ve always been a sky watcher, I think there’s something magical about the stars, I’m obviously a bit of a day dreamer) and I saw what I assumed was a shooting star.Like everyone I did the “Quick! Make a wish!” thing.
            A second or so later I noticed another white dot shooting past in the sky, in almost the same place as the other one. I thought “That’s odd, what are the chances of seeing two shooting stars in the same place in one night?” and assumed I had just lucked out.
            Then I realised that these two ‘shooting stars’ were moving about in the sky, looping, and circling each other. It seemed they were interacting with each other. After perhaps a minute or so they both shot directly up and they either left the atmosphere or went behind some very high clouds which obviously weren’t visible to me.
            The sceptic in me says they must have been military planes on some kind of training exercise. I do concede, though, that if they were planes: I have never seen anything like it before or since… and I didn’t/don’t know of any planes that can manoeuvre like that – or go as high as those two things did.

            Incidentally, I also have an abductee style ‘flesh scoop’ on the left side of my body, about halfway up my ribcage. Who knows, maybe the reason I don’t believe in abductions is because I’ve been abducted and brainwashed into thinking they can’t be real?

          • Adam wital

            I totally agree with MOD, I dont wanna write long.. so.. i have done my research both alliens and nibiru …………………
            may be piramid might be true as well.
            they are all linked..


          • There’s not a single word of that which made sense to me, sorry.

    • Natas Reficul

      Hi Andy Roo. I am a lil late to this party, but I must say in your rambleing lets convince the poor morons of their folly speech you have multp inconsistencies, and out right lies. Chiefly that global warming is anything more then the end of the interglacial period of our current ice age ( ie there is ice at the poles, so wer in an ice age), and for the record global warming has not been proven in a lab. As a matter of fact its all predictive models that continuously turn out false. Such as all ice will be melted from the artic by 2017, and there is actually more ice in artic then has been in centuries. Super volcanoes as the cause for incraesed earthquake activity, where exactly is the science to back up that??? Your explanation of sinkholes is lacking, as in wrong by omission. So there is also science to back up your claim that world wide volcanic activities work on a cyclic type schedule??? Furthermore your assertion that no bunker could survive a close approach from rogue planet, well I retort that we have deep cave systems that are as old as the earth. Millions of years ago a large body hit the earth and created the moon. That is the prevailing accepted scientific theory on the formation of the moon. Those deep,underground cave systems survived that, so why not another close approach from rogue planet? You say increased extreme wheather events are due to global warming, ok maybe greenhouse gases caused it on earth, but how do you explain the incresed extreme wheather on Mars, Venus, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune? CO2 retention, especially on mars, has exploded on these planets, and there are certainly not SUVs on any of those planets. I do not know whats going to happen on Earth, but trying to convince ppl of anything based on personal beliefs, speculation, and down right false info will not convince anybody of anything except you like to run your mouth…

      • I’m going to go ahead and assume you’re stupid.

        There are *no* lies or inconsistencies in what I am saying, as I say the same things over and over again – which you would see if you had bothered to read them.
        Climate change cannot be proven in test tubes in a laboratory, because that is not how it works. We take a look at the amount of carbon and methane in the air and then look at global temperatures at the time to see the correlation. These can also be run as simulations… there is not a single climate change study that says there is no correlation, save for those paid for by companies who need the studies to say it doesn’t exist. Go and read them, you’d have to be a moron not to understand why it is real… and as I repeatedly point out: how anyone can have a belief in a mythical planet based on zero evidence, without any science to support it, and with continual lies and inconsistencies and failed prediction after failed prediction, yet refute actual science is beyond me.

        “Super volcanoes as the cause for incraesed earthquake activity, where exactly is the science to back up that???”

        Go and read about Yellowstone and increased seismic activity and the generally increased activity when a volcano starts to erupt. As per what I say in a bit, we know there are periods in Earth’s geology in which volcanic activity becomes more prevalent and then dies down again. Maybe this is one of those?

        “Your explanation of sinkholes is lacking, as in wrong by omission.”

        I already explained this, but once again for the simple-minded: the majority of sinkholes are caused by collapsed mines or previously unknown cave systems or geological ‘gaps’ beneath us; however, one of the other causes is due to water erosion. In the same way that your house can develop subsidence if a water main or drain bursts beneath your home and washes away the dirt on which your foundations sit, the same can happen on a larger scale due to flooding or increased rainfall. In the case of climate change: the planet heats up causing more water to evaporate and form clouds. As I am sure you know, being the genius you apparently think you are, this water then condenses and falls back down to earth in the form of rain. The more water there is in the land due to bad weather, flooding etc., the easier it is for land to be eroded and form more sinkholes.

        “So there is also science to back up your claim that world wide volcanic activities work on a cyclic type schedule???”

        I don’t believe I ever said that, I think what I said was something along the lines of: for all we know there could be cyclical geological events that cause more volcanic activity than we realise. We already know from studying geology that there are periods in the planet’s history in which volcanic activity increases and then decreases. Not with such regularity that it could be attributed to a planetary passing, however.

        “Furthermore your assertion that no bunker could survive a close approach from rogue planet, well I retort that we have deep cave systems that are as old as the earth. Millions of years ago a large body hit the earth and created the moon.”

        Which cave systems are 4 billion years old? I know this not to be true because over millions of years cave system collapse and re-open with the changing geology of the planet. The fact that there was once a global Pangaea of land mass which has since been split into multiple land masses and continents would suggest otherwise.

        Millions of years ago a large body hit the Earth and created the Moon. Yes, that is one widely accepted theory. If you think you can survive that event, you’re an idiot. By all means, go and ask an astronomer ‘If a large planet hit Earth with enough force to create a large moon, could I survive if I hid in a bunker a few miles beneath the surface?’ and see what they say. Try not to be too offended when they laugh in your face. And before you give one of those ‘My friend is an astronomer or physicist and he/she says we could’, tell them they’re a moron and never listen to a single word they say again.

        “How do you explain the incresed extreme wheather on Mars, Venus, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune? CO2 retention, especially on mars, has exploded on these planets, and there are certainly not SUVs on any of those planets.”

        The theory here is that events within our own Sun affects other planets. Even if that is not true, we haven’t been on any of the other planets to fully study the geology for long enough. So as climate change is often cyclical on Earth, with intermittent periods of warming and cooling, it is perfectly acceptable to assume that the same occurs in other planets in our solar system. In fact one of the theories about Mars is that it was much like Earth until a runaway greenhouse effect destroyed everything, before the atmosphere was stripped away.

        Again, the fact that things are happening on other planets is in no way a definitive proof that another massive rogue planet or failed star exists and as freely floating through our solar system wreaking havoc with everything in its path. If it were, you’d know because there would be no way to hide it.

        And as I always say: the same people who say “it can be seen in our sky and photographed and videoed,” but then also say, “no, no, you can only see it with an infra-red telescope,” are either stupid or lying. Why? Basic logic: it can be one or the other, but not both. You cannot believe both statements to be do as they are polar opposites of each other: it can either be seen and freely photographed, which cannot be true because by now all 7.6 billion of us would have noticed; or it cannot be seen, in which case you have to accept that all the photos and videos are faked or something else…

        So once again: the only reason right now to believe in this is because you want to, not because it is a scientific fact.

        • Natas Reficul

          Wow lead in with a personal attack. Nice you bald headed product on incest. Your mother should have had an abortion you garalous turd. Now in response to your bs science assesment. NO SCIENTIST CAN PREDICT EARTHQUAKES, VOLCANOES, OR ANY DISASTER THAT OCCUR NATURALLY!!!!! Anybody who says otherwise is a MORON. Secondly there is about 50 different ways “sink holes” are made, and the 1 way you desrcibed, in a most remedial way, doesnt prove a thing you said. So be nice or I will take my 8 pack abs to every woman you love, and impregnate them. For the record I do not believe in planet x. I just know a falatious blowhard troll when I encounter one. You just want to fight with people, and due to Mehgans law requirement you can no longer debate your neighborhoods 7 year olds. Seriously I saw you on To Catch a Predator. BTW you started personal attacks, and I thank you for that fat man. I LOVE THIS SHITTE…

          • The truth hurts all fragile egos…
            I never said they could, did I? And this just feeds back into the aforementioned ‘stupid’ comment.
            It’s good to see how quickly someone’s dented ego falls apart as the instantly regress to the mentality of a four year old. I Love that shit. Fortunately for me, you have no power here troll…

  • donny

    Andy aint a aceptic but he is more like a troll. He will only go against any topics. So, keep ur scarstic machine aside n lets debate on how to survive if planet x do comes by thn.

  • donny

    i have seens lots of recent pics peeps claimed to b planet X but tht doesnt meant that its planet X which sud be 9. Lets say its really the rougue planet. so are we still gonna debates n keeps debating??? grow up guys.

  • donny

    Im from manipur, which is a small state in northeast india and is surrounded by 9 mountain, we never had witness strong kind of storms or tornadoes or cyclone but recently few months back it all happned. Even had witnessed an earthqauke measuring 6+magnitute after many many decades. And the climate out here is completely changed. we always had pleasent summer but this summer, the temperature reached 33°c which is quite abnormal comparing with the summers we had. And peoples out here are reporting nausea, dizzyness n vertigo in many, just recently. And no one can explain, we are just a tiny pin point on the face of our earth . And i believes u guys neva heard of my land too. So instead of debating, share us how to overcome the situation which gonna wipe most of us. ty

  • Giancarlo Tortuga

    In 1781 the astronomer William Herschel discovered the planet URANUS… with a 12 inch wide (300mm) reflector telescope that He himself had made. He thought it was a comet. It was identified later as a planet… By many astronomers using 1000 mm wide telescopes (withouth CCD detectors obviously)… Examinating many images made with the ancient methods of silver nitride photography. … According to Avebury Manor crop circle in UK… In year 2012 Nibiru was near the orbit of Neptune (30 Astronomical Units away from the Sun)… If We give a very reasonable radial incoming speed of 3 AU/Years to Nibiru… Now it should be located at 18 AU near URANUS… It could be visibile with Infrared CCD (cost: less than 2000 dollars) installed in telescopes Schmidt-Cassegrain type with 300-1000 mm opening that cost less than 20.000 dollars. It would surely be visibile from mountains higher than 3000 MTS… from tropical locations, in Ecuador, Perù, Bolivia, Cile, Argentina, Venezuela, Hawaii, mounts in Australia and New Zealand, from Himalayah, and also maybe from Africa, Kilimanjaro and many other locations…
    According to the bulgarian blind voyant, grandmother BABA VANGA… In 2023 “The orbit of the Earth will change”… (Without a word about exoplanets, asteroide, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc)………………. This can be caused only by a very big asteroid or by the mareal forces of a big planet (a superearth 5 times the mass of planet Earth ?)… And it implies a very nearby encounter, arround 0.1 Astronomical Units. Earthquakes wouod be felt ONLY IN 2023… due to the Gravitational Equation … F = G . (M.n)/r^2 (Since it is the inverse of the radius squared, the distance should be very short to vive an earthquake… But they would be WORLDWIDE… with intensities depending on the stress in the particolar fault zone: 8 Richter earthquake near Los Angeles, 9 in Vancouver-Seattle, 7 in Rome, 8 in Cresce, Turkey, Jerusalem, ecc. There would be also worldwide tides, maybe in northern emisphere, with many characteristics of tsunami.

  • Carlos Graft

    yes I believe NASA idiot

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