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Israel and Planet X / Nibiru are the two reasons Hillary Clinton eluded indictment

By Guest Writer Christian deBlanc
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In a quintessentially corrupt decision of the Justice Department, Hillary Clinton will not face indictment for the multiple crimes she committed in mishandling classified and top secret documents. Indeed, by placing them on multiple private servers, Clinton’s actions, which she has admitted she will not repeat because, she says, it was a “mistake” to expose these classified top secret documents to hackers, Clinton violated several criminal statutes due to her “extreme carelessness.” Of course, that’s not to mention the fact that she deleted thousands of emails, which is a criminal act in violation of FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) because those documents are meant to be a matter of continuous public record. The larger question still remains: Just what kind of top secret documents were so sensitive that Mrs. Clinton felt that the wiser course of action was to delete them? Indeed, the State Department, as well as the Justice Department, have made it clear that they will wait 27 months to make public a series of additional Clinton emails that have been requested under the FOIA.

FBI Director James Comey has stated explicitly that “no reasonable prosecutor” would seek to pursue criminal charges against Hillary Clinton. Though he certainly gave her, according to ABC News, a “blistering review,” deeming her actions, as earlier stated, “extremely careless,” he, nevertheless, ultimately exonerated her. With regard to the law she broke by mishandling classified information, the law in question states: “It is not necessary to establish criminal intent” in order to face potentially 10 years of incarceration.

To be certain, General David Petraeus was given two years of probation and a $100,000 fine for sharing classified documents with his mistress, the quintessential honeypot spy narrative. Moreover, Bradley Manning (now Chelsea Manning) was given over 30 years hard time for exposing army misconduct—for the public good under the Whistleblower Act—and now has reportedly attempted suicide as he/she has found out that Hillary will not be prosecuted; and Manning will not be set free, barring miraculous intervention, anytime soon.

Now, as far as why Clinton won’t face indictment, even though Comey admitted in his press conference that if someone else would do, or had done, the kinds of negligent acts that Clinton performed upon the public stage, they would indeed face indictment, well, one can only perhaps speculate. Of course, it has been reported on Fox News and Politico that Israel was likely involved in the email chains of Hillary Rodham-Clinton.

That is to say that Clinton was potentially sharing top secret classified information with Israel. Understandably, Benjamin Netanyahu is someone with whom the United States wants to stay on good terms; and now is not the time to be interrogating sitting prime ministers or presidents (for that matter) to obtain their testimony. Indeed, who would be that naïve as to assume that in this era of economic war with China and imminent global collapse, the Justice Department and the FBI would be interested in engaging in deposition theater for the public’s consumption?

The Clintons have always been “above the law,” to use the cliché. CFR insider Rockefeller was a protector figure; and Hillary’s “will to power” has always been the force supporting their success, so it is no wonder that Hillary is ascending toward the “highest of all glass ceilings,” which is commendable, except for the fact that she has broken the law and has been a laughable excuse for a public servant.

She has served to enrich herself, much as Donald Trump has, except for the fact that Trump is presumably for profit and the Clintons are, presumably, for the people; but, only foreign interests and the corporate insiders have actually benefited from the NAFTA deal that Hillary Clinton touted and Bill Clinton signed (despite the fact that Ross Perot had warned that NAFTA would only lead to a “great sucking sound” as the jobs would be taken out of the country). Then, there was China’s entry into the World Trade Organization, which the Clintons shepherded into being—another economic game-changer. Sadly, the trade imbalance is in China’s favor; the Clintons have always been better friends of China.

Okay, so the question remains, what information was in those email chains? The FBI has stated that 110 emails were top secret, so she should face indictment; but, according to Comey, “no reasonable prosecutor” would seek to indict her. Why not?

Well, because Planet X’s documented existence is in those email chains. Moreover, secret assurances have been made for the secure evacuations of the elite government of the Anglo-American establishment to the Denver International Airport, while the 10 FEMA Regions simultaneously become activated and UN, Israeli or Chinese soldiers help round up citizens—not to mention the fact that the United States’ military has prepared to engage with its own sovereign citizens.

The CIA is aware of the threat of Planet X.

It sounds ridiculous; however, forecasters are suggesting that an economic collapse is imminent. Moreover, United Nations Humvee vehicles with bulletproof glass have been documented in Virginia. Let’s not forget the thousands of plastic coffins being reported in multiple states, as well as the FEMA camps. Again, this is not conspiracy. The government and the elites are preparing themselves by building armored compounds and giant underground bunkers. Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs) are already in activity, thanks to the billion-dollar black budget funds.

ISIS is the cover story; and, yes, they are barbarians. But, there is a conspiracy to cover up Planet X with chemtrails and disinformation campaigns. Russian news anchors have made it clear that Planet X is a reality and that, ultimately, we have more questions than answers. I have personally heard Joe Rogan mention “Nibiru” in his podcast; and, all I am saying is that no one in the governmental class or in the Illuminati establishment will let it drop that Planet X is a reality and that a pole shift is imminent, followed by a new ice age, not warming.

No one exactly knows when Planet X will make its move, as its orbital circuit is greatly affected by the Sirius System. As ludicrous as it sounds, this system of moons, seven planets and a brown dwarf known collectively as Planet X orbits between Sirius and the Sun from its position past the Kuiper Belt.

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