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Putin to reveal existence of Planet X / Nibiru to world, possibly causing World War 3

By Staff Writer David “Doomsday Dave” Hines
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Could the sun be responsible for our demise? Could a solar flare wipe out the grid, leaving us helpless? Check out the video below which offers up some good information.

I read this article by Robert Walker and in it he says that we have predicted that Nibiru will hit Earth. Well, I have not seen an article that say that. It seems to me he is just writing what he believes which is his right but please do some research first before spouting off and making yourself look like an idiot. I know I am being very critical but I do get upset when people write stuff without any facts as to why our planet and others are going through turmoil and everything else that is weird. Not all the pictures of Planet X or whatever it is out there are fake. Some people have captured some very compelling still shots and videos.

This article states the opposite of what Robert Walker published. The Russian Slooh astronomer, I think that he has more credibility than Walker in the previous paragraph. Giving credit to EyesOpen YouTube channel and special credit to JayWill7497 for writing a fantastic article, he does not pull any punches; way to go, mate. So I say if you want to be caught with your pants down, then listen to Robert Walker. I don’t even know if he has any credentials to support that drivel that he wrote.

I thought I would do a search of mainstream newspapers and TV, so I Googled it and to my surprise there was only one TV station (CNN – video) that actually believes there could be a brown dwarf lingering in our solar system. I Googled Fox, NBC and CBS and what I discovered is that they do not even want to mention Planet X or anything associated with it. I could not find any news mocking what we believe is forthcoming. I thought that I would find something that was broadcast stating that all us doomsday people are nuts, but nothing. I guess the gag order on this taboo subject is working.

I know that the Discovery Channel showed some interest in this subject and I was interviewed over the phone for more than an hour. The program they were going to air me on was a special on the American Heroes Channel but I think I was cancelled because I was not from the US, so you might want to watch for it coming up. If anyone can record it and send me copy, I sure would like to see it as we can’t get it here in Canada.

This next link is for all those debunkers and all I have to say to them is go and suck eggs and try and debunk this one. Once again, it was sent in by Omar; he is a great asset to the cause.

Must read

I have saved the best for last: Putin is about to blow the whistle on the US covering up the arrival of Planet X. This could mean war, folks. This article was also sent in by Omar.

Stay safe. DDD signing off. May God be with us.

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  • Mars Man

    People seems sick and they really needs a cure of peace and happiness. I wish if we could confess and stop / quiet this scientifically non existence hoax. Do you think PUTIN Love humanity or something alike. I don’t think so. Have a happy and joyful time Dear DDD.

  • This shows you never read the newspaper article I link to in the first sentence of my article. It’s a Daily Telegraph story which says “Terrifying stuff. Apparently, the planet due to collide with us is often visible, you may have seen it already. If you spot a blob next to the sun when you take a photograph, it could be the deadly planet, not a reflection.””

    Follow through the link and you’ll see that it does indeed say that Nibiru will collide with Earth. I’ve seen both collide and flyby type stories, but wrote that particular article in response to a collision story. Both are equally preposterous. It’s just as impossible astronomically to have a planet fly by Earth unexpectedly.

    For astronomers to find a new planet about to hit Earth is as likely as you waking up one day and finding a tall mature 100 year old oak in the middle of your front lawn that you had never spotted before. It’s impossible.

    Yes, the Oort cloud stretches to well over a light year away, half way to the nearest stars – and though we know our sun doesn’t have a companion red dwarf star, it would be discovered already, there just possibly could be an unusually cold brown dwarf (though probably not),

    It’s not ruled out, but it would have to be very very far away. Call that Nibiru if you like. If it exists it is absolutely no threat to Earth.

    As for the idea of a gag order, do you know how many astronomers there are in the world? Many people I expect would be surprised to find out. .Over 10,000 registered professional astronomers with IAU, and several times that number most likely, not registered with them as many pros don’t register with the IAU nowadays. So tens of thousands of pros.

    Estimated 200,000 to 500,000 amateur astronomers in the US alone. Millions surely world wide. Do you really think its credible that someone is enforcing a gag order on all those people?

    For more about this see my simple ways to see Nibiru is totally nuts

    Imaginary Bullshit Planet Nibiru

    No, There Isn’t A Planet Called Nibiru, Soon To Hit Earth, And Often Visible In Your Photos Of The Sun 🙂

    Why This New “Planet X” Is No Threat To Earth :).

    • David Hines

      It is easy to deny the existence of Planet X and I for hope you are correct but please explain to me scientifically the reasons for the extreme weather on our planets in the solar system and the fact that the moon is rotating 90 degrees quite often. We are experiencing extreme weather on our own plant with dormant volcanoes erupting on the ring of fire. A massive increase in sink holes and an huge increase in earthquakes over 6.0. I understand there is a lot of bogus reports on this subject and all I am trying to do is get to the truth. Denying the existence of Planet X or any rouge planet existing close to earth is like saying we are the only life in the vast expanse of the universe. There are many people that visit this site to dispel the existence of any new planet entering our solar system and I think that this is very narrow minded.
      Maybe you can explain why Russia, China, US and many other countries are preparing for some sort of catastrophic event, can you enlighten our readers as to why these countries are doing this.
      Reading newspapers or listening to news media is useless as everything we are exposed to by them is never the full truth. A good example of this is CNN using actors to interview when ever there is a crisis such as 911. People who come to this site are looking for answers, I unfortunately don’t have all the answers, I just pose possibilities and I do not think it is wrong to prepare for some catastrophic event.
      For over fifty years governments have denied the existence of aliens which I am certain is a big lie so why would I put my faith in what the government tell me or the controlled media.
      What was it the destroyed the dinosaurs? What created the great flood? All these things are part of the earths history that can not be denied so why is it so fantastic to believe that there may be a celestial body out there that can create havoc once again to our planet.
      I believe the only people or astronomers that can see a brown dwarf would be those that have the capabilities of infra red which means a very small number of people.
      It certainly makes a lot of sense to keep something like Planet X quiet otherwise the world would stop, people would not go to work, there would be
      Uncontrollable chaos in the streets and governments would lose control, so I know why there are keeping quiet.
      I have always wondered why people that think we are nuts believing in Planet X visit and write on this site, what are you trying to accomplish. The fact that people like yourself go the great lengths to dispel what we believe to be true.
      If I was a non believer I would just laugh and move onto something that I was interested but there are those that are compelled for some reason to debunk all what we believe if possible.

      • Okay first the reason I commented here is because you are writing about my own article, otherwise I wouldn’t. So, if you are interested I can answer your questions / points. First on the extreme weather, this is one of the predictions of global warming. As the planet warms up, there is more heat energy in the lower atmosphere. As a result there’s more energy to drive the weather systems, so you expect more violent weather such as hurricanes, tornadoes, etc. Not hugely many, and with the more accurate climate models they have now, the predictions depend on the region, and you can look up the climate change prediction for your region. For instance I’m in the UK and the prediction here is warmer and wetter winters and flooding, and more heat waves in the summer and this is what we’ve experienced. But you can’t say any particular flood or heat wave is due to global warming as it is a statistical increase.

        On the earthquakes, then we haven’t had significantly more magnitude 6 earthquakes than in previous years. They are just reported more – when you have a recent human disaster then you get more reports of earthquakes of all sizes. The largest number of magnitude 6 earthquakes in recent years was in 2011 with 204 of them. They are quite common, on average they happen somewhere in the world every other day. The most magnitude 7 was in 2010 with 21, and the most magnitude 8 in 2007, with 4, that’s in the last ten years.

        Yes an asteroid combined with eruptions from the Deccan traps destroyed the dinosaurs. That asteroid was an estimated 10 km in diameter, about the size of New York. We can also tell from looking at the cratering record – there are many craters from impactors of 100 km or larger, yes, but they all date from the early solar system, most due to the “late heavy bombardment” that happened possibly as a result of Jupiter and Saturn swapping places as the solar system settled down. Whatever the reason, that’s well over 3 billion years ago. There may well have been planets like Nibiru back then, but if so its orbit was unstable. After all, every time it did a flyby of any of the other planets, its orbit would change as a result of the gravitational interactions. And it would normally do many flybys of Jupiter or Saturn or Uranus or Neptune for every single flyby of Earth because Earth with it’s small size and weaker gravitational field is a much smaller target.

        A brown dwarf is just a very heavy version of Jupiter. It is not invisible. If it is in the depths of space, far away from any star, you will only see it by the infrared. But Jupiter also doesn’t produce any light of its own,it only shines by reflected light. Plus some infrared of its own.

        Some brown dwarfs are very dark, but so also is our Moon and it is easy to see. It’s as dark as worn asphalt as you can tell from the moon rocks. Some brown dwarfs are darker than our Moon but the very darkest, I calculated, at the distance of Jupiter, would be as bright as the bright star Betelgeuse, in Orion. So easy to spot by naked eye.

        There are 200,000 to 500,000 amateur astronomers in the US, and 10,000 professional astronomers, in the IAU and probably several times that number not registered with the IAU world wide. Asteroid detection and trackign is not done by NASA. It’s an international collaboration involving astronomical organizations from many countries. Big telescopes are used for detection while smaller ones, many of them owned by amateurs, are used for the tracking. It’s not possible to just see an asteroid in a telescope and tell what its orbit is, you need to track it for several weeks, and ideally, for years. Amateurs world wide are involved in doing that as well as the pros. And the tables for asteroids are published openly, and very occasionally we do get one that on discovery has a small probability of hitting Earth, a decade or so into the future. When that happens, it gets into the news, and everyone knows about it, who is following the topic – perhaps if you have been following this for some time you remember some of those stories? They tend to be way over hyped by the journalists, but those ones are true. However they involve tiny probabilities, the ones so far, and it is no surprise that we quickly find out that the objects are not headed for an Earth encounter, as the chance of that at the outset was tiny. If we did find one headed our way, it would be like that, except that as they refined the calculations they would find that it is still headed our way and the probabilities would go up rather than down. It would take some time before the astronomers were sure. All this is done openly, with the results published for other astronomers to check, and it couldn’t be kept secret even if someone wanted to.

        In any case it is just impossible to have a planet hidden at the other side of the sun. Because if so – where was it half a year ago, in winter, when Earth was the other side of the sun itself? You can’t say this side, because then it would be in a one year orbit too.

        Hope this helps. There are many things that astronomers don’t know, and many mysteries. There may even be large planets in the distant reaches of our solar system way beyond Neptune. Those could exist. But this, no, it can’t, it’s just impossible. See also my “Why An Extra Planet Can’t Be Hidden Behind The Sun Or Above The South Pole”

        Hope this helps and thanks for being open minded to discuss this.

      • jake riley

        this guy is full of poop. hes gonna give some bullshit reason why our climate is changing. how about this question. why is the northern and southern hemisphere jet streams mixing? and there north to south and south to north flows happening? this is to me a possible clue that we might be seeing the beginning of a pole shift.

      • Jeffreies

        I’m not making any predictions, but there’s a part of me that wonders if this is actually a much larger plan. Announce the planet (and the global destruction) while the elites take shelter and the rest of humanity goes to war thinking it’s the end of days… except, it’s not. Major population reduction… It kind of follows the idea behind the Georgia Guidestones, meaning the part about reducing the population to one-half million people. Just a thought…

      • Lori Thompson

        PLEASE TELL ME YOU KNOW ABOUT CAL TECH’S RESEARCH AND DISCLOSURE????? Mathematically it has been found!!!!

  • jake riley

    fox news has done some reporting on the topic and recently msn

  • jake riley

    just recently, mike brown and two others from cal tech are now saying that there is a 99.993% chance that planet x does exist. theses guys are putting their careers on the line. there has been alot of disclosure in my opinion this year

  • So we’re now seeeeeeeveral weeks past the ‘deadline’ by which Putin was allegedly going to reveal this information… and yet nothing. Let the reason behind this be forever shrouded in mystery.

  • Tom

    In 1983 an article appeared in the Washington Post stating that NASA’s IRAS satellite had detected an incoming planet coming towards the inner solar system from south of the eliptical planetary plane.Since then there has been a virtually complete news blackout from NASA and most other astronomical societies and government-funded space agencies.
    In the meantime the Continuity of Government in the United States has been building an extensive network of Deep Underground Military Bunkers(DUMBS) and ‘Ark cities’ including a huge underground base beneath Denver airport. According to Philip Schneider a former Continuity of Government employee who worked on the building of the monorail tunnels built using nuclear-powered drilling machines,the underground monorail tunnels criss-cross the United States connecting the underground bases some of which, for example Dulce, have a capacity for over 50,000 personnel and are over two and a half miles deep.
    Philip Schneider says that these underground cities are funded by the US taxpayer under the Black Projects program that cannot be discussed by Congress and their budget runs into the trillions.
    What are these underground projects for?
    Are the governments secretly preparing for a pole-shift that the inbound Planet X could trigger some time in the near future?
    Maybe this is THE biggest conspiracy in the history of civilisation,one that would explain the timing of false-=flag events like 9-11 and the recent escalation of tensions with Russia .
    Are the overlords of the Western hemisphere preparing to survive a sudden series of apocalyptic events including nuclear war whilst keeping the general public in ignorance?
    Sadly Philip Schneider died in January 1996.
    Murder is the probable cause of his untimely demise.

  • Danny Rogers

    If you think this is real please contact me I have a slightly used flying saucer for sale only has 65 light years on it and comes with a operations manual… All for the low price of just $5 Dollars!

    • disqus_rR7EO4yi71

      Let me guess… you also think that Hillary Clinton is honest, right?

  • disqus_rR7EO4yi71

    Anyone who believes that the government EVER tells the truth about ANYTHING is an idiot !!! From aliens to JFK to the U.S. government creating AIDS to fluoride in water, lying to cover things up is ALL they do and have ever done. There are so many unanswered questions about whether Nibiru is real or not, however, the only question that you should be asking yourself is: If it is total nonsense, why aren’t they debunking it? If the POTUS has the time to go on national television and talk about how “The Cambridge cops acted stupidly”, and “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon Martin”, he certainly has the time to tell us whether the Nibiru is fact or fiction. If it is real, they will NEVER tell us until the last possible moment. The Country and the world would collapse into total chaos !!! You have people who burned down their own community because a thug criminal attacked a police officer and lost the fight. What do you think will happen if the President tells us that an extinction level event is a year away?

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