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If Planet X / Nibiru doesn’t exist, how do you explain all these anomalies?

By Staff Writer David “Doomsday Dave” Hines
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Planet Earth seems to be proving our scientists wrong about pole shifting. The poles are moving more rapidly than previously predicted by our so-called experts. The poles are moving 10 times faster right now but could increase to the point of a pole shift in as little as two years. This article gives a good explanation of what is going on with our planet and, quite frankly, I think these scientists are concerned, as you should be.

I think we are moving into a traumatic era but some would say I am just blowing smoke. Take a look around you at countries that are getting snow for the first time, and the extreme weather. There is definitely something going on but there are no clear answers from our scientific community.

Some people have posted that there is no conclusive evidence that Planet X is here, which may be true but that does not mean that it is not here. Obviously, something is happening and if the scientific community and the government know what is going on, then they are keeping things under wraps. It is difficult explaining why sometimes we see another planet in the sky and in the next breath it is gone, but I am sure there is an explanation.

This article was sent in by Omar and shows a photograph of what could be Planet X; it can’t be lens flare as the clouds are passing in front of it. The video that accompanies this article goes into Biblical signs and prediction that seem to be coming true. We live in a life of disbelief where most people think that status quo will be forever.

I hate to say it but it will change, even if you bury your head in the sand and blurt disbelief, as some do. Like I have preached before, it is better to prepare and have nothing happen than not prepare and the worst happens. Sure, there have been many people who have predicted the end of time as we know it but then is was not based on any changes like we are seeing today.

This article suggests that Planet X is just a myth, but my question is, why is what I believe to be Planet X getting videotaped all over the world? Despite the fact that it is very intermittent is a bit confusing but people are capturing some other celestial body out there. We have to remember that something came by millions of years ago and wiped out the dinosaurs, so why could it not be possible for this to happen in our near future?

I know many have made predictions that told of its arrival and nothing showed up, but that doesn’t mean that it couldn’t shortly. I guess we will not know the truth until the truth slaps us in the face. I keep writing because I have a gut feeling that Planet X is inbound and I think one day this beast is going to parade itself in front of us in the sky, which will send the world into chaos.

In one way, I wish Planet X would show up so I can write my final article and tell all those debunkers, “I told you so.” But, on the other hand, I am wishing I am wrong and that we carry on as normal.

All those debunkers keep telling me that Planet X is not real and a fiction of my imagination, and God love them — I hope they are correct. The problem is, they offer up no explanation as to the massive changes around the world. So my challenge to all the debunkers is, offer up a scientific explanation of all the extreme changes — not only on our planet but to all the surrounding celestial bodies also.

DDD signing off. Keep your eyes on the skies and join us in the forum.

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  • How do you explain all the anomalies? Well, the ones in that article seem to me as though they have been written with just a tiny (by which I mean a lot) of paranoia by someone convinced there is something more going on than can be explained by normal science. If something is naturally biased by nature, it is a safe assumption that it will be written in a way that would leave little room for another interpretation. It’s not to say you should discount the whole thing, but it’s safe to say that there is probably a much more rational, and more impartial explanation than a biased one. It should also be noted that, while science knows for sure that our magnetic fields do shift: and not always in a regular pattern, they have never actually recorded one. This is something they admit. As no one has ever recorded one before and, therefore, there is no 100% factual science to back up what is happening – but that is no reason to assume that it is being caused by Planet X. Things aren’t happening exactly as theorised… that’s why it’s called a theory and not a fact. What is more likely? Exactly! RE: the photo: one of the interesting things about sun flares picked up by a camera is that the flare can actually be the thing that appears to be bigger than the sun. In this instance I am not sure what is going on… it doesn’t look like such an obvious sun flare as they usually do; that being said there is absolutely no reason it couldn’t be faked. I haven’t checked it in Photoshop yet, but there are a few small things that make me think this isn’t real. The biggest issue I have with this is that the second image (whichever one you assume to be Planet X) is as large in the sky and burning as bright as the sun. If that was the case (as I have said so many times before) you would know for sure: it would be obviously visible to every single person on Earth, all the time, every single day. It’s no good saying that its orbit obscures it from sight as otherwise you wouldn’t be able to photograph it as people claim – equally if it were following a different orbit, the chances are that sunrise and sundown is being affected for billions of people… I”m not aware of anyone mentioning it. I’m pretty sure people would have noticed. As for the last article: well, making a mockery of something is just what people do when it’s an extreme fringe science without any… well, science. As for debunkers not offering any explanation: we do, all the time, from outright fakery to biased stories, from bas science to things that have scientific consensus globally. As an example: global warming being one, yet for some reason Planet X-ers find it easier to believe in some fantastical story with no science to back it up, than they do in a much more likely explanation with science to back it up…

  • David Hines

    I had a chuckle on that one Jean but we still need to play nice, he is entitled to his opinion even if he is wrong


    • Lori Thompson

      Dear DDD,
      It is directly behind Venus.

      • David Hines

        Hi Lori

        I wish I knew where it is, all I can say is I believe it is in our solar system ans we will feel greater effects towards the end of the year.


  • Richard Neva

    Planet X does not exist! Just more hype!

    • donny

      u got any proof to that?

      • Phil

        Do you?

  • David Baker

    Let’s see, first Nibru was supposed to hit Earth in 1996 (as you idiots hyped and screamed for 10 years prior), then 2001, and then 2012……….. cry wolf much? 7 billion people on the planet, 1,000’s of professional telescopes, 200 Million Ametuer scopes all looking at the sky for BILLIONS of hours per year and NOT ONE SINGLE sighting of a rogue planet that would be visible to even a 2 inch lens scope 10-20 YEARS before it ever got close to Earth. Learn some basic astronomy or STFU cause frankly the only thing you idiots are doing is building a case for forced birth control.

    • Mars Man

      Although you disagree, but aren’t you too harsh? Have you heard the term “fool’s heaven”? safest place to keep and grow such thoughts and IDEAS.

      • Phil

        He was short, sweet and to the point. Wished I had wrote it.

  • Mars Man

    Can scientist really hide a Planet 10 times larger than Earth? Do you really believe that all Pyramids around only built to hide from such a fake Planet? Mayan might have not their calendars really ending on 2012, that could have been made that way, we need to find the new one starting 2013 and onward till 2600 etc? Mass die off happening due to increase of CO2 anti Oxygen agent. The weather is extreme because we disblanced it very badly and need to fix, but not sure if we are interested. What new animals, if you are talking about new deep Sea creatures, those were never Public rather classified.

    Be very sure and start believing that our SUN might have Twin but yet not discovered. Also PlanetX aka. Nibiru is only on YOUTUBE and some conspiracy news, in real time it is impossible to have such an huge Planet in out solar system and not visible to us. Nature is pretty beautiful so just enjoy it.

    Chem trails may be science experiments, as some time hiding our movements from 1000’s of satellites etc. We do have aliens in the same universe but we can’t reach them or contact them, so no need to worry about them.

    Let’s make this earth more peaceful and beautiful for our future generations.

    • Phil

      They cannot hide it…Fact of the matter is there is no Earth ending planet lurking behind our Sun only popping out when it feels like it…..NASA or any other scientists does not have control over how a planet moves around our Solar system….

Urgent info only

All the latest stories from the best alternative news sites, updated instantly

Let others review your possible Planet X / Nibiru photos

... of Planet X / Nibiru for peer review

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