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Christian deBlanc – Guest Writer for

Christian deBlanc – Guest Writer for

By Guest Writer Christian deBlanc
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If you have been drawn here, or have driven yourself here in a frenetic search for the truth, look now to the stars. You have come here to help Mother Earth, Gaia—the eighth sister of the Pleaides. This is where the Christ / Sophia story of the Gnostics comes from. The Archons are hiding in the lower fourth dimensional aspect of the holographic matrix of Gaia.  They need the vibrations of human DNA (and apparently gold) to keep them stable enough to maintain their connection with the third dimensional matrix of Gaia that we call Earth. Informed people like David Icke say that the Reptilians wear holographic humanoid bodies (or that, in fact, they have several different bodies—multi-dimensional selves, if you prefer); it’s just that their goal is to keep humanity from realizing that both ourselves and Gaia are able to resonate at much higher frequencies, if we only let go of fear, guilt, shame, anger and depression, as well as restlessness, boredom and ennui.

The contacts people are having with Arcturians, Pleaidians, Blue Avians, etc., are real. They are more real, in fact, if you accept the fact that multi-dimensional existence is the true reality and remaining focused entirely within the third-dimensional reality provided by the Saturn-Moon matrix is the illusion.

The fact is that Planet X is the wake-up call—the rooster, if you will. But Planet X is also the bowling ball or the stone in the hands of King David, as it were. Humans have an amazing genetic heritage related both to our life forms on Gaia as well as to other star systems’ civilizations.

Hathors built Egyptian pyramids using sound. Sirians taught the Dogons. Pleadians helped with the Ark of the Covenant. Reptilians are the adversary in common, but it’s not even all Reptilians. Most Draco-Orion Reptilians, though, have chosen the dark side and are an enemy to third dimensional humans because they are the ones sucking our fear. They have their avatars in this reality. Bushes, Clintons, House of Windsor, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Duponts—the real elite Bilderbergers & Illuminati sorcerers.

Wielding influence from the dark side, they have kept humanity imprisoned by using our own best and brightest lights as means of division, such as Jesus-Christianity vs Muhammad-Islam vs Buddha all being used to divide the people into different camps while all are being poisoned regularly. An entirely different species is behind the transgenderism and gender-bending estrogen mimickers creating hopeless confusion as to what is the plan for humanity. There is no reason to get mad, though. Gaia is ascending into her rightful five-dimensional paradise. Those of us who have integrated ourselves at least into a four-dimensional vessel can make the journey, as Gaia is not yet jettisoning off the fourth dimensional aspect of her body. Obviously, this sounds ridiculous, but that is the basis for HBO’s show, Left Behind, as well as a host of other otherwise weirdly timed rapture / end of days / alien disclosure or invasion movies floating around in the Ether, as well as the X-Files calling out those elements of the rogue government / technocratic elite who have sold out to the Satanists.

While we see the New Jerusalem descending like a golden cube of awesomeness, Satanists will be melted within the karmic forces of Saturn’s hexagonal vortex and disembodied so that they get to feel some of the purest suffering and enlightening pain before their personalities are disintegrated in the second death for their unrepentant transgressions against Creation.

Honestly, most of the UFOs turn out to be fifth dimensional new Earth allies and we can travel to some of their ships if that is our destiny, or if it turns out that we are part of their consciousness.

This is the mystery of the Elohim as a group creative consciousness that can get mad or express human feelings or travel as a cloud-ship. UFOs have been around and most of these beings are not truly comfortable on the third dimensional Earth plane, so they use channels to communicate.

We can become channels either between ourselves and a Pleaidian, Arcturian or Blue Avian consciousness, or just between ourselves and our fifth dimensional higher selves who agreed to participate in this journey upward. Just as Gaia agreed to leave the seventh sisters and to become an outcast eighth sister.

This is why the Christ Consciousness is a group consciousness or an egoless existence—oneness with the Father / Mother God.  Planet X is just one way of awakening your consciousness that both your soul and Mother Earth / Gaia have had enough of the third dimensional existence. A lesson has been learned about free will, as well as about right and wrong. Karma links these two disparate ideas.

Have you ever heard “what goes around comes around”? Planet X is coming back around to wake you up like a rooster. Remember the rooster that crowed to remind Peter that he had fulfilled Christ’s words perfectly. Now we will all feel like Peter when Jesus returns like a thief in the night and descends to Damascus to fulfill Muhammad’s words.

Then we will see that the message was always about oneness and transcending the reptilian complex of the human brain that keeps us in repetitive patterns, territorial displays of dominance and lust, aggression and fear impulses. Really sickening to think how much of humanity is still hopelessly trapped in the reptilian complex without even realizing it. David Icke calls it the Saturn-Moon matrix, but really it is not evil. Saturn captures our karma and gives it back to us slowly, thank God, so that we can truly experience the effects of our actions and, therefore, never ever do them again. Unfortunately, at the end of a period of time (known only to the Father), the Judgment / Harvest or Ascension occurs. This is coincident with Gaia attaining her light body, so to speak, as we attain ours and Jesus reigns on the New Earth for a millennium.

I assure you, you are dealing with all of this in your unconscious and your sub-conscious and the goal is to realize it consciously so that you can have gratitude to the dark tee-shirts, or the reptilians, for truly awakening in you the knowledge of right and wrong. It is right to merge your consciousness with the consciousness of humanity as a whole to become a group consciousness that can begin to help Gaia achieve her goal as we achieve ours in simultaneity and synchronicity. I leave you in the love and the light of infinity.

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