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Is Planet 9 really Planet X / Nibiru?

David Hines aka Doomsday Dave - Guest Writer for

David Hines aka Doomsday Dave – Staff Writer for

By Staff Writer David “Doomsday Dave” Hines
(bio and articles / forum)

I absolutely recommend you read this; it really spells out what I consider the truth and much of the info I have posted in my articles at some points in the past. They explain the Planet 9 decoy and that is exactly what it is and all the powers that be are trying to distract those of you who believe in Planet X to believe that Planet 9 is your Planet X and it is far away and will never come close and affect the earth, which is all a big lie. Well, you decide.

Could Russia be the ones who will spill the beans and come out with the truth about Planet X? The outer reaches of our solar system has spawned what the news is saying is the ninth planet. You can call it whatever you want but I think if it is Planet 9 or Planet X the effects will be the same — total chaos for all of us. Check out this article sent to me by Omar.

This video, also sent to me by Omar, shows Planet X but I can neither confirm its authenticity nor deny it. All I can say is I believe it is coming and we are going to go to hell and back and all those who laughed at you will laugh no more.

Enough is enough. You people who don’t believe need to wake up and stop being zombies, just like the government wants you to be. Look around you as to the earth changes, the weather, the volcanoes, the increase in earthquakes. Do you think that this is a naturally-occurring event? Well, if you do you are an idiot.

Oh, I know all of us who believe in Planet X need to be certified and locked up. Well, let me tell you this: We are the only sane ones and the rest of you have been cleverly manipulated into believing that everything is cozy and nothing is going to happen. I know you will refer back to Y2K and 2012 and say that nothing happened then as predicted. Well, I have news for you: I knew nothing was going to happen then because that was part of the manipulation that you maybe bought into. Total brainwashing of Earth’s population was the powers that be‘s goal and they have done a hell of a job of it, except for a very small percentage like you and anyone with credibility who tries to have the truth exposed is immediately eliminated. For those of you who know the truth and try to share it, it is an almost impossible task and all I can say to you is don’t let that slow you down in preparing for your self-preservation. I am the type of guy who hates being wrong and this is the one time that I hope that I am but, unfortunately, I know I am right.

When I started work back in January, I had several conversations with some of the employees but with only moderate success. The picture to the right is Jeremy Hein (left) who works in the shipping department and to the right is his friend Ryan Vidan (right). Jeremy was the one who struck up a conversation with me about how bad things are and he started to tell me about Planet X. I kind of chuckled to myself because I don’t think he recognized me, even though he had visited I asked him if he had heard of Doomsday Dave and he said he had, so I pulled out my phone and showed him the picture that accompanies my articles. I thought the guy was going to have a heart attack when he realized who he was talking to. He started talking at a rather rapid rate as I think he was pleased to have me as his captive audience, so I just kept nodding and smiling because he did know quite a bit and I was impressed. I ended up taking both these guys to the gun range where I shoot and I think they had a blast. Both these guys have it together and for young people that is amazing. I am sure they will have more questions as months go by and things start getting even rougher.

Today, while walking through the plant, a guy named Peter Skrepnechuk was working on the bench next to his machine asked how I was doing, so I approached him and we started up a conversation. He proceeded to inform me that he was looking to move out to the country and wanted to be self-sufficient, so I asked why and he said, “You will probably think I am nuts, like a lot of people do.” He piqued my curiosity and I knew what he was going to say, but before I could continue the conversation he said that I looked awfully familiar, so I pulled out my phone again and showed him my article picture and his reaction was priceless. He said, “I don’t believe this! I have read some of your articles. Wow, this is unreal.”

It is a strange feeling having these people recognize me. I sort of felt like a celebrity but I tell them that I was just like them, searching for the truth and the only difference is I write about it. This young man Peter said that there are quite a few people in his family who know about Planet X, so I offered to go to his home and meet with them and from the sounds of things I could learn a lot from him and his wife with the things they had prepared, so I am looking forward to that in the near future. I know once we get together we will talk for hours. It seems that a lot more people are waking up to the reality that our planet is going through some major changes.

Stay safe. DDD signing off. Keep an eye out for more earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. I just read a report that there were 40 active volcanoes along the Ring of Fire.

The views expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not necessarily represent those of nor its parent company, XmediaX. If you are interested in writing one or more guest articles for, please email [email protected]

  • PavelSmutny

    Hi, There should be two heavy outer bodies behind Neptune,.. If I am
    right , places which I recomended for P9, P10 are correct. Those
    places-hot spots from Milagros cosmic rays survay-identical with
    those my Atlant. sources,.. are places where planetoids with long
    main axes, behind Pluto were found.

    Place B cca near Aldebaran, place A cca
    on border between Libra and Virgo,… I think, if I am correct that
    protons can’t be accelerated on such high speeds by planetoids. There
    must be heavy objects in those directions, ‘prolongating’ orbits to
    their directions and must be very massive, how it results also from
    those ancient sources. So there could be closer P9 accelerating,
    prolongating planetoids (their orbits) to it’s direction. (P9 is
    lighter, closer,because hot spots were moving quite quickly in last
    years) and P10-heavier (static hot spot) and much more distant-in
    direction Aldebaran,…
    There are various theories about Planet
    X, Planet 9, Planet10, Nibiru, Nemesis, Vulcan,… When we look on
    orbits of those 6 Planetoids (behind Pluto) with very prolongated
    orbits (also on half of heaviest centaurs, which go to orbit of
    Neptune, or behind,.. Pholus, Asbolus,… Halley comet
    153P/Ikeya-Zhang-go also behind Neptune), so it shows that there are
    two directions of pull. One direction is toward Leo-Libra/Virgo, the
    second is cca Aldebaran. It looks so also from my calculations,
    comput. from ancient sources (astronomical Egyptian Senmut map,
    Narmer palette, Chinesse banner of Mark. Tai, from even more ancient
    possible Atl. sources-carpet,..). This is also cca the same what
    shows Los Alamos Milagro’s cosmic rays survay, comput. of Robert
    Harrington from deviations of Pioneers,… Brown, Batygin suppose
    that P9 has orbit cca till 20000 and is 200,400 or more AU from us.
    This is cca the same what shows Atlantean source for Nemesis- till
    26000years orbit, with 1000AU and 500AU axes, but much more massive
    than Browns 10Earths. From that ancient astronomical depiction it
    looks on mass even 30- 40Jupiters. Brown, Batygin don’t suppose
    another planet, but My conclusions, those sources of pull,.. show
    also existance of very massive Planet-Nibiru with orbit
    1300-2100years. This could have perihelia somewere behind Pluto, but
    also even in, over Band of Asteroids between Jupiter and Mars,..
    Pavel Smutny

  • David Hines

    Wow now that is some technical info and I thank you for that. I am just wondering if this is what you do for a living? I am also wondering if you have calculate the speed and the arrival time of Planet X/Nibiru as I am sure that is what all the readers are wanting so they can prepare. By giving out such information could be life saving for many people and if you are as smart as I think you are I bet you can give at least a good estimate.

  • PavelSmutny

    Hi,..some aphelia of P9 are close to indoor planets, some could be behind orbit of Neptune,.. it looks,..from those Milagro,….results so, that P9 is close to aphelia 5-10billions km or closer,..but there is gravit influence of that farther and heavier P10 and those igravit. influences mix together so there is problem to determ. which is greater,… Only some people-scientiests have access on the biggest telescopes, so I can only recommand where to look for,.. The tried it, but weren’t succesfull (?!) till now. P9,P10 should be more than +20 mag (Pluto is cca +15mag) so only those big teescopes. are able to find,..

  • WhoUTalkn2

    LoL!! Get over yourself, seriously.

    • David Hines

      Well obviously by your intelligent reply you must be well versed on the subject of planet X, maybe you would like to offer up a good scientific explanation and post it.

      • WhoUTalkn2

        Well in that case you should go first. However, I wasn’t even referring to whether Planet X had or didn’t have any scientific explanations. I was referring to how you speak of yourself in your writing. However, I haven’t read anything from you that was backed with any scientific sources and since now you have peaked my interest by all means have at it Dave…after all I am here on Planet X News. So I’m all ears but I do request that you keep the stroking of your ego to a minimum so I can take you more seriously. That was what I was initially referring to.

        • David Hines

          Well if you had read some or most of my articles I have explained many times that I am not an expert and have never professed to be. I offer up my opinion and yes I can be blunt on certain things, and for your information I do not have a huge ego, I am just an ordinary guy researching for the truth to help others that do not have the time. I you happen to be a government troll then understand this, the more you slam me the more I will write as childish or harassing comments do not effect me. We can banter back and forth but I am not here to satisfy you needs. I just hope that others read what you have written and comment also. I have always maintained being civil and respectful, you asked me to go first so now I have, I would be interested if you can qualify your statement and share your technical knowledge on planet X as I am sure the readers would love to hear what you have to say.

          • WhoUTalkn2

            I’m not sure why it would be required of me to read some or “most” of your articles to form an opinion on your writing. Am I not normal enough to have an opinion just like you on what you wrote and shared on a public platform such as an Internet website? I never accused you of being an expert little alone said you weren’t, how the hell would I know either way from reading one article and a reply to my comment?

            You seem to be working hard at attempting to put words in my mouth. I never said you had a huge ego…those are your words, not mine. I merely asked that you keep the stroking of your ego to a minimum if you wanted to have a discussion with me regarding the science or lack thereof (for the record I’m unbiased as of now, I neither accept it or reject it at this point) regarding this Planet X which is why I even came to this site to begin with to see what if any credible data sources, hypothesis, or theories were being presented by others. Apparently you are going to deny me that request anyway and keep on stroking that ego of yours. You’re certainly free to do so, it was nothing more than request on my part.

            Nonetheless, I didn’t come here to get into a flame war with you. I was reading articles on this site and eventually came across your article and commented after I had read it. The only lasting impression left upon my mind was, “Wow this Doomsdayer author sure has a high opinion of his own written contributions. He’s even going so far as telling those of us reading it about how blown away people are to realize they are actually talking to the one and only Doomsday Dave. LoL! I thought this article was suppose to be about Planet 9 possibly being Planet X/Nibiru?” You wrote it and laid a repeated pattern revolving around how celebrated you are. What happened?

            Let’s be real for a moment and call it what it is…you tooting your own horn. They should be writing about you instead of you writing about them taking about you and how celebrated you are. That’s what makes this article and this exchange we’re having so incredulous to me. If you were intentionally being this funny I’d think I may be talking to a creative comedic mastermind. Who can make this stuff up? I am not referring to Planet X at all…I am keeping an open mind as far as that goes but I think your ego is running the show from upstairs is all. You said you don’t have a “huge ego” as if in reply to having said that myself though I did not. It wasn’t even implied but since you mentioned it anyone who doesn’t master their ego then their ego will master them and it takes a huge over-inflated ego for that to take place.

            Do I think that a person iz terrible for having an over inflated ego? No, not at all. I know people who have rather obnoxious overbearing egos that dominate their personality and even their personal views of others are affected and while I can get a kick out of all their ego stroking at times they can be quite annoying at times as well. I’m not saying that I’m annoyed by you Dave, a little perplexed maybe, amusing for sure. I’m always telling them to get over themselves too.

            Now are you calling me a “government troll” because you are letting your over active ego speak for you or were you trying to insult me or make an accusation? Where did that even come from? How does my criticizing your off topic article make me a government troll? What crucial content are you providing to the world that is such a threat to the government? Please do elaborate Dave and enlighten me on where this slanderous accusation is even coming from, if that’s indeed what it is? Do only government trolls have disfavoring opinions of your “scientific” articles such as this one that reads more like a celebrity biography? I may as well just ask if you are actually the government troll? I asked for your sources should you present any claims of scientific evidence but you provided no facts, no data sources whatsoever in your reply, a whole lot of accusations, and several repeated attempts to put YOUR words into my mouth…all in just your first reply. Are you actually an agent provocateur Dave sent to create fear and confusion?

            I’m admittedly remaining unbiased and open-minded , I don’t know either way at this point how I feel about Planet X since I have yet to see anything credible or anything that discredits what some claim to be true. I keep searching and combing thru the data as I find some of it very interesting. I’m not at all fearful of what may be looming ahead or fearful of any government agents, paid shills, talk of criminal activity by government leaders declaring martial law doesn’t scare me, I’m not worried about the economy collapsing, being imprisoned in a FEMA camp, gassed in a chamber, the rumors of earthquakes, volcanoes activating everywhere, Earth suffering sudden pole shifts, demons riding in on a red planet, more world wars, the NSA monitoring my internet activities, aliens possibly living underground awaiting to wipe out the vast majority of humans and enslaving the rest, I’m not even afraid of death, nor am I fearful of judgement day or the so called “End Days” because it’s the end of their destructive world system and the beginning of a golden age.

            There is nothing to fear in the Apocalypse because it does not mean what so many incorrectly think it means. It isn’t judgement day, or total destruction, good vs evil, or God vs the devil like is popular among those who hold tight to their mental slavery and to a system of duality. Where there is fear among them there is little to no faith found at all. What the Apocalypse does mean is to uncover, a revelation, a revealing, laying bare, lifting the vail, disclosure, divine revelation to man from a supernatural agency, divine disclosure of the facts, uncovering of the truth.

            Who could be afraid of any of that except those who live in a state of duality and desire to keep it that way? To keep duality in existence then there must be a dominating manifestation of opposites such as good vs bad, positive vs negative, life vs death, darkness vs light, love vs hate, faith vs fear, heaven vs hell, truth vs lies, etc. but there can be no unity for duality to continue existing as a dominate force in the world. Yet there is no opposing forces in unity there is only what is. In unity there are no opposites to love, truth, faith, etc. This is not to say that there is no positive or negative energy, no fear, no hate, etc in the unified state but they just are. They are not opposites to any other thing and instead are simply one in unity. In duality is where we find destruction of all that exists, where negative energy is unwanted and avoided while positive energy is overly desired to the point it becomes unbalanced and destructive. Yet energy is simply energy, both positive & negative, each having necessary purposes to serve in unity, they work as one but never in opposition.

            So I don’t need for others to govern my mental Dave and I sure don’t need their worthless materials they use to force humanity into placing far too much value into things that keep them unbalanced and manifesting duality which has long forced all to live in that state as slaves to it. But the end days people speak of in fear are speaking of the end of duality and this explains their fear and mourning for a dying and decaying system as unity will soon reach kinesthetic strength, it cannot be stopped, it has no opposing force, it just is and will be and those who want to experience Armageddon, total devastation, death, judgement, condemnation, and burning torturously in a fiery pit because that is what they want for themselves…by the same measure you judge others you will be judged.

            So be careful Dave don’t let your ego run wild and be your master and go about slandering someone you don’t even know from Adam. Rule over your ego or it will rule over you and make a slave out of you until it sucks the very life out of you.

            Now what about those data sources you have? Care to share some and possibly discuss them?

          • David Hines

            This is a much better reply than the first statement and I don’t want to battle with you either. It could be the way I wrote the article that gave you the impression that I had a huge ego which I don’t, but I do have an ego and keep it in check, when those people discovered who I was which to me is no bid deal, they in fact reacted like I was a celebrity which I laughed at and at the time I told them I was just an ordinary guy but for a moment it felt good which I admit. It was the fact that they were followers and could not believe that I was working with them at their place of employment. You are correct in the fact that I do not offer up any scientific evidence and I am envious of those that have that knowledge. The only thing I can deliver is other people’s work that I believe is valuable and credible to a point. Do I have all the answers, absolutely not and I have never taken credit for anybodies work. I have had opportunities in the past to take information and claim it as my own, so if I had a huge ego then I could have possibly done that but I am honest enough not to do that. I hope this clears things up and if you maintain the same opinion of me that is fine, I realize not everyone will like me or my writings. In regards of government trolls they have occasionally attacked me for what I write and judging by your response I believe you are not one of them so I will apologize for the accusation. Unlike you I am afraid of what the future hold but more afraid for my family and friends, if I was on my own I would probably be less afraid I know it is going to get ugly possibly by the end of next year.
            I am curious as to when you started researching about Planet X. Well I hope you find the answers you are looking for

            Stay safe


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