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The Planet X / Nibiru killshot scenario

David Meade - Guest Writer for

David Meade – Guest Writer for

By Guest Writer David Meade
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What if an X-60 solar flare leaps from the sun when Planet X approaches?  The coronal mass ejection (CME) heads straight toward Earth.  What will happen?  How much warning will we have?

This type of event may be our first overt sign of the nearness of the approach of Planet X.  The CME is a slow-moving cloud of charged particles.  It is accompanied by an X-ray burst.  Both have devastating effects.  The X-ray burst travels at the speed of light and would reach Earth’s surface in eight minutes.

The result

The X-rays would affect all Earth-orbiting satellites in line of sight.  GPS communications would go down, and so would communications satellites.  That would be your first warning and an obvious signal to those watching.

This would be a one-two punch.  The second would be the CME (arriving 3-4 days later) that would cause transformers (which operate with copper wiring) to heat up and overload.  As design capacity is overloaded, they burn up.

What then happens to the 440 nuclear power reactors?

Most reactors require electricity to operate the cooling systems.  Huge levels of radioactive fuel are on-site.  Cooling on a continuous basis is the only way to prevent a meltdown.

This apocalyptic scenario is probable, if not guaranteed. If the reactor cores are not continuously cooled, a catastrophic reactor core meltdown and fires in storage ponds for spent fuel rods is the imminent result.

Nuclear meltdown?

With a widespread grid collapse, in just hours after the backup generators fail or run short of fuel, the reactor cores melt down.  Within a couple of days without electricity, the water bath over the spent fuel rods will “boil away” and the stored fuel rods will melt down and burn.

Transformers are made to order and custom-designed for each installation. They weigh as much as 300 tons and cost more than $1 million. Given that there is currently a three-year waiting list for a single transformer (due to recent demand from China and India, lead times have grown to three years), you can begin to grasp the implications of widespread transformer losses.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission only requires one week’s supply of backup generator fuel at each reactor site.  The public will have one week to prepare for Armageddon.

Intelligent control?

Major Ed Dames was part of a CIA and Pentagon jointly-sponsored project involving remote viewing.  He stated that this project saw the “End of Days” as being tied to a series of major solar flares over a one-year period. Earth was totally unprepared.

In a recent interview, he was asked whether Planet X or Nibiru may have been the cause of the solar activity and flares that devastate the earth (right after the 7-minute point). He was not certain but implied it was possible.

One of his callers on the program makes a very interesting observation: The viewer, during the 11 minute, 50 second segment raises a fascinating point.  He states he’s with the military.  He ran across a document a few months ago (partly classified, partly unclassified) of a “very large object, moving through space – toward Earth – but the weird thing about it is that it’s changing speed, it’s changing vectors, every aspect on a daily basis – and they can’t get a handle on it.”

Is Planet X under intelligent control?  The military knows about it – serious researchers know about it.  We are facing environmental risk and destruction on a scale we’ve never seen before.  The world is drifting along.  The question is, are you prepared?

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