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Planet X / Nibiru is between Mars and Jupiter, photographic analysis shows

David Meade - Guest Writer for

David Meade – Guest Writer for

By Guest Writer David Meade
(bio and articles / forum)

In this article, I’d like to discuss photographic analysis of a couple of videos and still photographs. The photograph is that of one taken by a Glenn Vaughan, on April 11, 2015. It was taken at sunset while flying down the Pacific side of Central America.

Professor Vaughan produced a 20 megapixel RAW file with a Sony digital camera. He confirmed the report by sending it in for analysis. He took it through an aircraft window. An analysis of the metadata indicated it was taken at 240 dpi (high resolution) and the metadata further show the date, time and GPS coordinates. A Sony DSC-HX50V camera was used.

Using an analysis in Starry Night (Professional Version), the analyst in the video below did a field of view analysis. He determined Mercury is above (superior conjunction) with the sun. The object in the field of view is not Mercury. Mercury does not have “wings,” as does this object, and Mercury does not have the brightness or contrast of the unknown object.

The analyst also performed a Gamma test on a paint program. Gamma testing shows if an object is hot or cold. Hot objects generate their own light (like our sun). A lens flare would be a cold object, for example. They redirect light, but do not generate it.

He started with a Gamma of 1, reducing it by steps. At 0.10, the Gamma illustrates stark differences. At 0.01 all we have left are the hottest, brightest objects. He then reduced brightness to a value of -3 and contrast to +2. The hot objects fade in together, proving they are genuine.

Then he ran a luminance test to determine the intensity of the object and he determined it was behind the sun (not a reflection). There are wings on the object, which is clearly behind the sun.

This is, as he stated, “deeply disturbing.” The reason is that gas tails of comets follow the solar winds. They are not visible until the comet’s orbit is inside of Jupiter, at which point the luminosity of the sun makes the tails of the comet (or planet) visible.

The object (which is clearly Planet X by deductive logic and process of elimination) is therefore now between Mars and Jupiter! It is not in the “outer reaches” of the solar system. It can clearly be seen, especially from the southern hemisphere. As of April 2015, Nibiru is now close enough to the sun that the sun’s light is reflected in the tail, making it appearing like wings.


Location: Sanibel Causeway Florida – Melissa Huffman, photographer

The object is interesting – she pans the sky and shows the object and then the moon. It’s clearly a planet visible just north of the sun.

Using Stellarium and knowing the known moon phases (comparing it to her video of the moon), you can go to the derived date and take away the atmosphere and ocean, and you can determine the relationship of the stars to the horizon.

Let’s first determine the date. If you follow the moon on charts, it is well below the horizon in all dates after September 26, 2015. Therefore, the video was taken earlier in September. September 2015 moon phases give us a comparable to the moon in the video. If you look at the moon phases diagram to the actual picture of the moon, it has to have been photographed on September 23, based on the phasing of the moon.

On that date, Mercury in Stellarium is very dim, somewhat above the horizon, and in a different location than the unknown object. All other planets are below the horizon; the video therefore plainly shows an unidentified planet of some magnitude, quite clearly. I can reach no other conclusion than this is a rare photo from this hemisphere of Planet X approaching us.

The views expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not necessarily represent those of nor its parent company, XmediaX. If you are interested in writing one or more guest articles for, please email [email protected]

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  • Rossano Wagner


  • Rossano Wagner

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  • If this were true you would see it in the night sky with your eyes and a telescope and everyone on Earth would know about it now. Or is this going to be another scenario where it can apparently be filmed by day by only one person and camera on the entire planet who notices it – yet at the same time we will be told that it is impossible to see? Which is it: it can be seen, or it cannot. It can’t be both.

    • Mars Man

      Hi Andy,

      So where we are standing on this Planet X case…? I have been watching some you tubers showing very strong vids those proof it’s existence and it seems yes it is somewhere in between Mars & Jupiter. I also confess that I never saw it despite of many efforts. Can you also give me a reason of all that what happening around…? Why it was not like before.
      Everything is unpredictable every entity and even every person around us.

  • Mars Man

    Thanks for the reply. I agree with you and can say that 98% of Nibiru claiming Videos on youtube are just bullshit. 02% seems compelling but does not prove its existence either.

    May I have a link to global warming chart to understand what’s future earth changes predicted…? Although to me it does not the case only.

    Also with the discovery of the gravitational waves / force the universe seems very complex rather what we thought before.
    So the objects with greater weight can hold lighter objects and force them to revolve around, but science still unable to define the circular and elliptical orbits differences. Let’s say if the discovery is not matured yet we seems in little hurry to announce….!!!!
    As claimed if the Nibiru is somewhere between Mars and Jupiter it should be visible due to its size.Also it can be captured once being illuminated by Sun light.

    Also light bending technology may have been playing a disguise role as well.

    Also I agree that people who posting Nibiru videos may not be good in science and cosmology, but they heavily rely on output in the form of comments. I will only say, SAY SOMETHING EVEN YOU AGREE OR DISAGREE BUT WITH RESPECT.

    Many sources claiming that in mid March or start of April 2016 we will witness an apocalyptic weather pattern that will be involved in around 250 MPH winds across the planet and also NIBIRU will be visible to naked eye to everyone in June 2016. They can’t authenticate their claims scientifically but still seems bit convenient to a layman. Let’s see if its true.

    I hope we can discuss this Nibiru thing in more details if you don’t mind.

  • Randy DePuy

    240 dpi meaningless as far as resolution is concerned. If it is 1 inch by I1 inch at 240 dpi it would be low resolution. Resolution is determined by pixel dimensions not DPI

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