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Washington Post flip-flops on Planet X / Nibiru

By John DiNardo

Although The Washington Post reported N.A.S.A.’s discovery of “Planet X” in 1983, most people cannot imagine why this dwarf star has taken so much time to be gravitationally pulled in by our Sun. To understand why, we must realize how vast our Solar System is, and that this body is actually decelerating after it overshoots the Sun at the underside of our Solar System’s Ecliptic plane, as it then makes a huge U-turn through the outer Solar System, up and over the Sun.

The late Dr. Harrington discovered that Planet X was coming in way below the southern skies of the South Pole, so in its natural elliptical trajectory, obeying the laws of Newtonian mechanics, it would overshoot the Sun below the Ecliptic, and would begin to decelerate as the Sun would then begin to pull back on it during its overshoot. The resulting vast looping U-turn could, depending on its mass and velocity during its overshoot, take it beyond Pluto before it could decelerate to a speed component of its velocity vector equal to zero miles per second, as it would gradually be reversing its direction, beginning to loop up into the Ecliptic plane, then above the Ecliptic, on a trajectory over the paths of all the planets, including Earth, and then over the north pole of the Sun.

Notice the great many record-breaking floods, hot and cold temperature extremes, droughts, wind storms, etc. Well, these are all caused by the repetitious, uniformly periodic, cometary return of this dwarf star (every thirty-six and a half centuries) which ancient witnesses called “Nibiru” and which N.A.S.A. actually called “Planet X” in at least one of its internal documents, several decades ago.

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  • John

    I am fully convinced this planet is real. NASA retracting the original statement was due to government powers not wanting to create a panic. People would be asking so many questions. The entire planet would be in an uproar if it is known that earth was on a collision course with a debris field with a rogue planet. Could this be the planet that blacks out the sun and turns the moon red as mentioned in Rev 6:12? Will be an incredible time if that is the case.

    • concerndcitizen

      You are correct, John, it’s on the way here soon.

  • Hi John, I believe that David Meade may be in breach of copyright with multiple authors with his book “Planet X – The 2017 Arrival” as only 25% of the book is his own work.

    Does he have your permission to include material from this page?

    The whole thing is copied exactly as pages 69 – 72 in his book, up to * “in a wishful attempt to survive God’s promised wrath, now hurtling toward us all?”

    He credits you as the source but does not say he has your permission and from other material in the book I don’t think he has permission for everything he includes.

    If he is in breach of copyright, I plan to contact eBookIt and Amazon to ask them to take his book down. I list the parts of his book that are copyright of other authors here

    Kind regards,
    Robert (Walker)

Urgent info only

All the latest stories from the best alternative news sites, updated instantly

Let others review your possible Planet X / Nibiru photos

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