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The ‘Lucifer Rebellion’ will be judged in the Planet X / Nibiru event

Christian deBlanc – Guest Writer for

Christian deBlanc – Guest Writer for

By Guest Writer Christian deBlanc
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The event I am referring to here explicitly is the event mentioned in the Book of Enoch. It was left out of the Holy Bible intentionally as an omission by Emperor Constantine during the Council of Nicaea circa 325 AD. The Book of Enoch is very clear to me in recollection, so let me recant of its main thrust, as it is based upon the judgment of the Lucifer Rebellion. These are the angels who chose to fall from “their first estate” or “their high estate,” as it is translated. They descended upon Mt. Hermon, the text says, and bound themselves by mutual oath to each bear the consequence, for they knew well that there would be one, for declining their duties of faithfully watching and becoming husbands / gods as it were for “they saw the women, that they were comely.” They “come into them” and is born a “race of giants” (super men, you might say). But these giants devour human flesh and this leads to the decision of God to eliminate them. Supposedly, the giants’ souls become the demons that seek to possess men subsequently. Meanwhile, their fathers are cast into hell to await a final judgment at some dimly-appointed date. In The Book of Enoch, the fallen angels petition Enoch to ask the Father for a stay of execution as it were, to receive forgiveness for their actions in committing a horrible atrocity giving birth to an abomination of desolation without a soul.

The Urantia Book has the unique position of asserting that the Lucifer Rebellion was on a galactic plane. Somehow, believably, Lucifer convinced Satan to rebel against the Holy One Father / Mother God and Christ Michael, the Creator Son of this local universe. The rebellion of Lucifer has always been based on the idea that there is no God, so it is pointless to serve something or someone that does not exist. Because of the nature of God, no initial resistance was offered. As Jesus says, “If the thief enters, give him everything he wants.”  This peace is the way of the Lord, so there is no point in resisting the will of your children. Instead, there is a careful and painfully slow process of allowing the humans who have been subsequently thrust off their former ascension path to incarnate over millennia. Thus, the judgment of Lucifer must take place therefore in the galactic court with the Ancient of Days executing its judgment.

To take The Book of Enoch out of the Holy Bible is like taking the sauce out of the garlic chicken spaghetti. It explains giants and it expands the notion of demonic possession. It makes the point that the judgment of the demons and the fallen angels (and perhaps their synagogue) is certain and eternal.

The Urantia Book gives a galactic overlay to the judgment, but because the creator son took incarnation here as a savior son of the universe, it would be here that the judgment of the rebels takes place because here Satan and Lucifer were cast down and here it was that they tempted the creator son to serve them and he turned down the offer to join the Lucifer Rebellion. His crucifixion ultimately reconnected man to the spiritual circuitry of God.

Now we are going through a purification and a purgation of negative vibration or karma. Our robes are being washed by friction with what is truly service to self. Giving love to those situations or people who perhaps don’t deserve it by legal standards is the message of Christ because the upcoming judgment is a huge reward of paradise everlasting and eternal.

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