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Hoaxters are the turd in the Planet X punch bowl of truth

By Staff Writer David “Doomsday Dave” Hines
(bio and articles / forum)

Well, it seems we’ve had another meteor; this one jetted over Sweden:

Is this the effect of Planet X entering our solar system? Although I have seen many videos of people claiming they have captured Planet X and it appears to be on our doorstep, I have to really think about just how genuine they are. In my opinion, if Planet X is as close as some claim, then I would imagine there would be way more devastation, such as massive earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. I think that Planet X is out there but not as close as some think, but I have been wrong before and if anyone can prove me wrong, I am okay with that.

Those who do post fake pictures of Planet X are not doing justice to those who research this subject honestly. It diminishes their credibility and that is why the mainstream media scoffs at us for believing in its pending arrival. I had one comment from someone who will remain anonymous who said, “Oh, yes, Planet X will be here in 2016 and if it does not arrive, then we will say 2017 or even 2018.” The fact of the matter is we amateurs have no idea when it will arrive, but the positive out of all of this is the longer it takes the more time we get to prepare and also inform those who have never heard of Planet X.

Having said all that, I received these videos from Terry “The Freak” in Great Britain and I absolutely trust this guy and the work he does. What he has captured looks like a giant golf ball, as there are craters all over this object. You be the judge and let me know what you think, but before you say it is rain drops, he verified this from another skycam with the same result and in the second clip the sun actually illuminates it.

Here is a radio broadcast (mp3) from Clyde Lewis. I strongly recommend you listen to the entire show. It is mentioned in the radio show about the Pepsi production of the Black Knight, so here is the video below for you to view.

Below is a video sent to me from LazyToad. I found it quite interesting and possibly a legitimate recording, in my opinion, but you can decide for yourself.

Australia report from Michelle

Sydney got hit yesterday with a tornado. Highest winds ever recorded. In one hour 141 mL of rain fell and fist-size hail. Houses were demolished and cars were smashed.

Adelaide is facing a major heatwave today. The temperature was up to 40 degrees C.

Canada report

We are still experiencing above normal temperatures in Ontario, Canada and it is supposed to get up to 13 degrees C after a few days of colder weather. Even the golf courses were open on December 6th, which is unheard of. Now tell me strange things are not happening with our weather.

Eight Days of Darkness

Well, just as I thought, the eight days of darkness did not happen. The sun came up this morning. I wonder about those individuals who posted that crap and if they can explain why it did not happen. Once again, I am getting very tired of these outlandish predictions that don’t come true; it just takes away the credibility of those who do post genuine articles. So unless you are 100% sure of your prediction, please keep it to yourself; we don’t want to read crap. Thank you.

The two astronomers, one from Sweden and the other from Mexico, from the Chile observatory discovered potentially two brown dwarf planets in the outer reaches of our solar system that could be Planet X; they are waiting for a peer review. I wonder if their claim will be dismissed or will they meet with an untimely death, like other astronomers in the past.

It is strange that NASA, with all their technology and high-tech equipment, once again dropped the ball with this discovery. The other alternative with regard to NASA could be the fact they knew about these two planets all along but for obvious reasons decided to keep it quiet with the hope that no one would find them.

I am having a hard time trying to figure out just where Planet X is at this moment in time. Some say it is on our doorstep and the photographs and videos seem to verify this but when you look at the effects we are supposed to suffer from this destroyer planet, we are only experiencing minor effects. I am sure there are many of you out there struggling and frustrated with this, too. I know when I heard of Planet X almost five years ago I sort of panicked, expecting it to arrive shortly, but the clock kept ticking and nothing was happening.

Stay safe. DDD signing off. Just get ready.

The views expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not necessarily represent those of nor its parent company, XmediaX. If you are interested in writing one or more guest articles for, please email [email protected]

  • Annie

    How come scientists (NASA, etc) can advise/tell/inform/ all of us about far, far away planets and areas of space they SEE including “bops & comets” that pass by us (including once in a lifetime events) & STILL not say anything about the “elephant in the room”??? Anyone seen the movie melancholia? Thanks for your articles, Dave!

    • thefreak

      That is THE question Annie! A very good one too…
      If I were the suspicious type; I’d think that our governments (incorporating NASA,etc..) have and always will have lied, abused, manipulated and dumbed most of us down for no other reason – than for their own greed,satisfaction & of course their MASTERS..

      That is .. if I were the suspicious kind …

    • David Hines

      Hi Annie

      Thanks for your post. NASA is controlled by the Feds and they determine what is released to the public and they will not release anything that might make the general public which might make them panic. There have been a stream of meteors that have come close to earth with little or no statement from NASA even though they say they can track all of them. The frequency of these events have increased dramatically but they don’t want you to know that. As soon as I hear of these meteors or asteroids are heading our way I will post what I find despite NASA,s reluctance to do so.


  • The first two videos are quite clearly water, and vapour on the lens and can be recreated in about 5 minutes. Also, why is it that people can apparently take photos of it, while people simultaneously claim that it is hiding ‘behind’ the sun? You’d have thought that people would have bothered to at least get their stories straight considering this is such a monumental and world changing event… and how is it that it can be seen at all? Every time someone asks why it can’t be seen with the naked eye, the response is that it is a ‘dark star’ and cannot be seen. I have some shocking news: if it can’t be seen with the naked eye, it can’t be seen with a regular camera either… but let me guess, there will be some reason that it can be hidden behind the sun and completely invisible… yet photographed at the same time… ain’t that convenient… the only reason you should believe in this nonsense is if you’re a little bit special.

    • David Hines

      HI Andy

      I am very curious as to why you would come onto sites such as this if you think that there is no Planet X.


      • Phun Phor-U

        allow me please. because people like andy lead rather boring lives and this was the excitement they so crave. he does believe but was very disappointed that it has not come yet so he feels if he mocks others that it will come. It is a sort of reverse psychology he plays with himself and the invisible spirit he so believes in and is battling on a daily basis.

        • David Hines

          I don’t know Andy so I can’t make out where he is coming from and I am not the sort of person that judge people as I am certainly not perfect. Judging by your post I take it that you do know Andy, am I correct in my assumption?


        • The level of cognitive dissonance that I believe probably exists in that statement actually made me laugh out loud. If I believed in it, I would be preying that it didn’t come because it is an entirely unsurvivable event anywhere on Earth, even in shelters underground. If the planet even ‘bumped’ our atmosphere every living thing that there is would be dead within minutes… so you could even argue that there would be no point in worrying – you’re not going to survive no matter who you are, where you live, or what you do. So having all of these “secret underground cities” would be a moot point… because they’d be destroyed too. Read up on it. πŸ™‚

  • David Hines

    HI Andy

    I have visited many sites but I have never seen you debunk any others that post on those sites so I am wondering why you just picked this site when there are many more. I am not sure what scientific qualification you posses if any at all or is this just your opinion that you are stating.
    I am no expert which I have no problem admitting and could I be wrong, well I sure hope so. If people are contemplating suicide then all I can say is they must have some mental instability to begin with and I don’t believe it has anything to do with what I post or anyone else for that matter.
    So let’s break this down a little and maybe you can explain away these events scientifically.

    Extreme heat in many countries around the world breaking all time records and please don’t use the stupid excuse of global warming.
    Increase in sink holes which I agree some can be dismissed by heavy rain etc but not all.
    The huge increase in meteors and asteroids coming close to the earth which many of them are not reported on the main stream media. I think that this would be a major event worth reporting on
    What about the Mexican and Swedish astronomers that have discovered what they call two brown dwarf planets just beyond Pluto.
    What is causing all these dormant volcanos to start erupting after decades or centuries of being asleep.
    What is causing the excessive rain in countries like Yemen that had ten years worth of rain in a few days or Iindia that has had massive flooding and death because of it.
    Great Britain and the US have also had major flooding and even here in Canada we have experienced that also but I have not heard of a tang able explanation.
    Why did the US spend 41 trillion dollars on underground facilities only built for selected individual.
    Why has the US purchased millions of three tier coffins.
    Why has Switzerland built many shelters to house its entire population. Russia and China have also built huge complexes and there are other countries that have followed

    • David,

      You probably haven’t seen me visibly post on many sites as a few of the ones I go on don’t use Disqus, and this also isn’t my only profile so you may not realise it is me. The other trend that I have noted on many of these sites, albeit not yours – clearly, is that when someone counters with a far more rational explanation or starts making sense, the comment is completely deleted – or you simply state that someone is a ‘shill’ or that we are disinformation agents. We’re not. We’re just intelligent, rational people who are capable of understanding science and don’t suffer with borderline paranoia.

      Which qualification do I have? Well, which degree would you like, and would you like to know my IQ too? Not that it really matters as there is always someone smarter than you – but let’s say I have enough understanding of at least some of these things to make sense of them and understand why the ‘facts’ that are being stated are not accurate.

      I will give you that people can be ‘prone’ to suicide for all kind of reasons. That doesn’t mean that they should be given a ‘nudge’ towards it. In the way that you would be responsible if someone committed suicide because you bullied them into it, yes, I believe the same could be true if you present someone with so much fear – based on utter lunacy, quite frankly – that they feel suicide is an appropriate solution, that you should be held accountable.

      “Extreme heat in many countries around the world breaking all time records and please don’t use the stupid excuse of global warming.”

      It’s global warming. There’s really nothing else to this… we know it happens from previous cycles of global warming, and we can also see the trend based on science. We can also, to some extent, observe this on other planets too… hence why we see some of these heating up too. Given the utter tripe that you spout, I’m afraid to say you would be feeble-minded not to believe in it and understand it. It is not even a particularly complex scientific principle to understand. But, naturally, it makes far more sense that a giant, invisible planet that cannot be viewed by anyone on Earth – except those with really really poor quality cameras for some reason.

      “Increase in sink holes which I agree some can be dismissed by heavy rain etc but not all.”

      It’s an increase in rain caused by global warming primarily. It’s not a hard concept to understand. They can also be caused by mine collapses, burst water pipes, geological erosion which can be caused by many, many factors: shifting tectonic plates and earthquakes etc. They can also sometimes be attributed to collapses in previously unknown cave systems. But, naturally, it makes far more sense for the invisible planet that it 10 times the size of Earth, or four times the size of Jupiter, or the size of Jupiter… depending on which version of the story is being touted today.

      “The huge increase in meteors and asteroids coming close to the earth which many of them are not reported on the main stream media.”

      There has not been a huge increase. Many are being reported. Part of the ‘increase’ that you see is because more time and resource is now being spent looking for NEOs. Hence a statistical increase.

      “What about the Mexican and Swedish astronomers that have discovered what they call two brown dwarf planets just beyond Pluto.”

      They submitted a provisional paper to be reviewed by peers which has not been published as scientific fact because after studying the data many of their peers found holes or inaccuracies in their data, several going so far as to say that they were ‘nuts’. In the end the explanations I believe were either cited to be misinterpretations of data that could be explained by other things than large planets. As for ‘just beyond Pluto’ – that is not what the scientific data said, I know because I read it. The estimate was that the suspect additional planet (not planets), if in existence at all, was probably somewhere between our sun and Alpha Centauri – so billions and billions of miles away. Even at it’s closest estimate it was considered to be so far beyond Pluto that it was debatable to what it even was. They also stated that it may not even be a large planet, but possible two smaller dwarf planets with a similar size and mass to Pluto. Needless to say, if they exist, they are so far away that they aren’t going to be an issue to us any time soon – if ever. It would also suggest that, if they exist, they have probably always existed. Incidentally, if Jupiter became a sun, I believe I read somewhere that it would have very little impact on Earth. So a failed star a billion, billion miles away isn’t going to either.

      “What is causing all these dormant volcanos to start erupting after decades or centuries of being asleep.”

      This is why they are called dormant and not extinct. As for Volcanology, I don’t believe that there are any accurate predictive models… however, from what I do know and have read is that – particularly in regions where there are chains of Volcanoes, one becoming active again can trigger others. We also know there have been times in Earth’s past when we have had a lot of volcanic activity, and then less activity…

      …but I am sure it’s much more likely to be the planet that is hiding behind the sun waiting to pounce…

      “What is causing the excessive rain in countries like Yemen that had ten years worth of rain in a few days or India that has had massive flooding and death because of it.”

      It’s global warming. There’s really not much to this. It’s global warming. Everything that you can read can tell you that these kind of events – along with much larger storms can be attributed to global warming. Why you would be prepared to believe ‘evidence’ of a giant planet based on the rants of a crazy woman who talks to aliens, and the thundering loons on YouTube over the very easy to understand and scientifically verified and abundant data available to you is beyond me… but that’s just you.

      “Great Britain and the US have also had major flooding and even here in Canada we have experienced that also but I have not heard of a tangible explanation.”

      Yes, I know the UK have because I have lived it. But we also had flooding before and will see an increase due to… you guessed it… I have also seen with my own eyes the effects of global warming in the UK in the last 30 years because I see that, back when I was a kid and there wasn’t so much pollution and there were several billion fewer people spouting out more and more of the gases and chemicals that we know to cause global warming, the weather was cooler. It would snow every year without fail for months where I lived. It’s now perfectly common for it not to snow at all… that’s just in 30 years… which is perfectly in line with timescales for shifts in global weather patterns caused by… a giant great big sometimes invisible; sometimes not, might be arriving, should have already arrived, we don’t know when it’s arriving planet…

      “Why did the US spend 41 trillion dollars on underground facilities only built for selected individual.”

      I think they already had plenty of these, in fact there is a nuclear bunker in my home town too. But I would imagine for the much more likely event of war – given how clearly stupid and spiteful as we are as a species on the whole.

      “Why has the US purchased millions of three tier coffins?”

      I don’t believe I have actually read about this anywhere except on Conspiracy sites, so I would imagine it’s an unverifiable statistic but, if true, I would imagine it’s probably for far less nefarious reasons… other than possibly the expectation of a war, or other events that could cause havoc: tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes maybe… who knows, maybe Yellowstone is about to go loco – but that does not for one second constitute scientific evidence to support the suggestion of a giant planet.

      “Why has Switzerland built many shelters to house its entire population.”

      See previous answer. Although having a back up plan is also common sense… incidentally, you say “for their entire population” – at what point? The population may increase or decrease accordingly, so that is really a subjective point…

      “Russia and China have also built huge complexes and there are other countries that have followed.”

      Yep, and I suspect there’s probably other places that we don’t know about or aren’t meant to know about either… but that does not support the theory of a giant planet as it is circumstantial. And, as I said, it’s also just good sense to have a back-up plan… similar to the seed bank in Norway, and the few others that are now being created too.

      As per my previous posts: if you believe this impact scenario – as opposed to it passing by us – then there is no point in even telling people that there are underground cities for this situation. It wouldn’t matter. If it ‘bumped’ our atmosphere: every living thing dies in minutes. If it’s a flyby scenario, then you should do the reading on what impact something the size of Jupiter would do if it flew by: again, it’s not a promising scenario… I.E. you’re going to die. So there’s really nothing more to post on your site than “If this happens, it is not survivable, you will die.” – but you should also add “don’t worry, it’s not likely to happen.

      You show me a piece of paper from all the governments of the world stating their knowledge of this planet and it’s havoc, along with *scientifically* proven and verifiable data – and not loons that speak to aliens, or YouTube videos by people who don’t actually understand science, I will happily back down and say that you were right. But then I will also tell you to stop giving people false hope by stating there are “safe spots” on Earth and underground cities that will save some people. There aren’t, and they won’t. I promise.

      • David Hines

        HI Andy

        First off I have never supported the individual that says they have been contacted by aliens and quite frankly I don’t believe that for one second.
        I watched several videos of trucks entering these underground facilities stocking it up with supplies and it made me wonder why now because even survival food has an expiry date and with no pending threat of nuclear war that made me wonder why.
        In regards to global warming which constitutes the entire globe then why has the South Pole ice mass grown significantly over the past few years?
        The three tier coffins where discovered by the program conspiracy theories and they were very visible, so as soon as it was aired they haste fly removed them from site.
        If you happen to believe everything the government tell you then I would say you are naive.
        You did not even address the issue of the North Pole moving at a rapid increase in spread towards Russia oh I guess it could be the effects of global warming.
        Ocean flows have changed, why?
        The temperature here have beaten records which go back to 1957 and we will see temperatures soar to 15 degrees C, this is not a gradual change as last year we had record cold spells. Explain that away with global warming.
        Mount St Helen when it exploded created more pollution than the entire industrial era globally.
        If you read any other articles you would have read that there is a great possibility of a massive earthquake that could erupt at any moment on the West coast that would create a tsunami so high that once it reached land would kill millions of people so being prepared wether for planet X or a catastrophe on our planet seems to make sense. We can go back and forth all day long spouting each other’s arguments and I hope there is no Planet X but I believe it exists and obviously you don’t. I live in a country like you that gives us freedom of speech which I have the right to exercise and you have no right to tell me to stop writing. In regards to this person you say is ready to commit suicide all I can say is he must not believe what you are telling him and I can not be responsible for how he reacts and I find your comment offensive and I suggest it stops now. This is the last reply I am going to write to you as I find your tone unacceptable and I wonder why you feel the need to write on other sites under a different name. You might want to go to other sites so you can get a reaction from someone else like the lady that has been contacted by aliens.
        Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


  • thefreak

    Hey there Mr Know-it-all..

    This is a quote from Moonglow technologies (who make the allskycam equipment)

    Thought you might want to LEARN something..


    The All Sky Camera’s interior is completely sealed from the elements and humidity, and contains a clay dessicant (DMF-free) to prevent fogging inside the glass dome.

    The sturdy glass dome protects the camera from rain, snow, and moderate hail. Light snow and ice will be melted off by the camera’s 1.5 watt internal power consumption. In cold climates during large snowfalls, it may be desirable to brush snow off of the camera to speed the melting process. In summertime, heat generated inside the dome by solar insolation is reduced by the reflective anodized aluminum surface, and removed by conduction through the aluminum housing.

    In certain environments, the O ring seal may age and crack after some number of years. Replacement O rings are available for free and are included in the camera Bundles. O ring and dessicant replacement is also available as a complimentary factory service, you pay only for shipping charges.

    Feel free to check out the complete page:

    • thefreak

      And anyway, according to this weather report – there should have been no moisture

      • Okay, so what makes you think that they didn’t just spray water on the lens casing, lie about what camera was being used, or out-right fake the photos? Clearly it is much more likely that a giant, previously unknown, but completely invisible to everyone but conspiracy theorists planet / failed star / solar system (who knows because no one can be bothered with continuity) is lurking out there.

        • thefreak

          I gotta be honest professor …

          I like you. You make me laugh!

          I really was going to reply to your other comment too ‘Andy’ or whichever personality it is that you’re in the mood for at this particular site … – but after reading this one ..

          Have a Merry Christmas too my friend!

          • In psychology we have a term for what you’re doing and it’s called a defence mechanism, along with a healthy dose of projection would be my guess… but have a good Christmas. I already accurately predicted you’d *have* to reply now, didn’t I? :O

          • thefreak

            You sure did Andy .. you sure did! You’re right AGAIN etc, etc,etc,etc ……

            I HAD to reply – I would have thought it rude of myself not to..

            It must be incredibly lonesome for you – you know, what with you being so righteous about everything .. and yet, even when you’re not really that sure .. you’ll just throw a wildcard out and hope for the best.

            A defence mechanism ? Really ?

            Against what exactly?

            Do you not think that I’m aware of how & why condensation forms?

            I quoted the moonglow facts so you wouldn’t eventually say that it had misted inside or something.. and judging by some of the lame excuses you did eventually give (water spray/lie about what camera was being used/fake photos) – I’m glad I did quote moonglows facts.

            I showed you a picture of accuweathers report clearly stating the condition of the day..

            How could there possibly be any water vapour, or rain drops or even ice for that matter?

            Oh, it was someone spraying it with a water gun was it?

            Maybe someone was sitting by it with a cup of coffee and the steam was affecting the lens?

            You do realise, that the water vapours as you so believe it to be – took just over three hours to ‘evaporate’ … Now check the accuweather picture again.

            Lie about what camera was being used ? huh?

            Doesn’t it say on the footage… You have seen this clip haven’t you?

            You know, the one with the grey/bronze/gold ‘water vapours’ that you claimed you could recreate in 5 minutes…

            And what of the part after the ‘water vapours’ where the video slows down & what looks suspiciously like craters ?

            You think I faked the photos ?

            You’re doing nothing but clutching at straws Andy.

            I’m sorry – I really can’t take you seriously at all.

    • Oh, that’s amazing, I didn’t know that. So what magical power allowed this to be the only camera anywhere on Earth at the time that was able to capture the image which clearly shows Planet X taking up a large portion of our horizon that would clearly be visible from Earth’s surface even to an amateur photographer? Also, how did they take the photo when all the current ‘evidence’ tells us that Planet X is actually hidden behind the Sun, or a failed ‘dark star’ that is too dark to be seen by (apparently) nearly every camera on Earth… except of course those owned by Planet X-ers?

      • thefreak

        You’ve totally missed the point AGAIN haven’t you?

        I can’t speak for anyone else – why they did or didn’t see it or photograph it or whatever..
        My point is I’m showing you the opposite of what you’re trying to portray me as.
        Which is; in your own words ‘crazy’ AND you’re implying that I’m a liar.
        I’m crazy I admit .. for actually trying to communicate with you.

        But I don’t lie..
        I, like everyone else makes mistakes & if I’m wrong .. hands up.

        SHOW me I’m wrong – and I’ll gladly hold up my hands Andy!

        • Your point was that the ‘evidence’ could not be wrong because you perceive the camera as infallible. My point was that, while the camera was well be water-tight, that does not mean that water cannot be splashed in front of the camera or steam up…
          Which it can. The camera is designed so that the elements should not be able to affect fogging and raindrops from the *inside* of the glass dome… which it clearly explains on the side; however, if you were to spray water on the outside surface of the dome, you could still achieve the effects seen in the video. I hope you now understand have basic mechanical understanding in the difference between inside the unit and outside the unit.

          My other point, which has clearly flown straight over you is that it would be a near statistical impossibility for this to be the only camera on Earth at that point that could capture the image. Given how large the object in the lens appears in the horizon, if it could be captured by that camera and, then it would also most certainly visible to the naked eye.
          The final point I was making in my posts – which also seems to have passed you by – is that Planet X-ers can’t even come up with one coherent lie to tell people: you tell people on one site that the planet is “dark and surrounded by dust and debris which,” conveniently, “means it can’t be seen”. Or that “it is hidden behind the sun.” If both those statements were true then, logically, you couldn’t photograph it either… So you’ve already contradicted yourselves to such an extent that it is easy to see that you have no evidence whatsoever. Perhaps you all need to go back to basics and at least come up with a consistent version of the lie… the difference between a lie and scientific proof is consistency. And in science even multiple outcomes can be predicted in advanced.

          One of the points of David’s blog – which you have also clearly missed – is that all these continuity errors and thundering loons, such as yourself, are making Planet X-ers look stupid. As such, it only discredits you further. An irony which I assume is now not lost on you given that you’ve made yourself look a fool by not even understanding the point that you think you’re trying to make and, in doing so, also missing the point the original author was making.

          Right now, I’m embarrassed for you!

          I can already tell by the fact that your previous comment was all over the place that you have a pathological need to be right. As such, I look forward to your illogical, yet inevitable response.

          I have some work to do, so I will wish you a merry Christmas and a good new year. πŸ™‚

  • Willie Trumble

    Gotta chime in to say Merry Christmas! It could be anyone’s last. With that said, I must say before the world “ends”, Andy is goddamn annoying. Keep talking. I always yawn when I’m interested.

    • David Hines

      Well said Willie


    • If you’d been entirely unaffected or unbothered by anything I had said, you wouldn’t have bothered to make a snide comment about it. Just FYI πŸ˜‰

  • thefreak

    Actually, I’m just rather amazed at your arrogance.

    Think whatever you like I guess.

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