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Planet X / Nibiru captured in footage taken by International Space Station

David Hines aka Doomsday Dave - Guest Writer for

David Hines aka Doomsday Dave – Staff Writer for

By Staff Writer David “Doomsday Dave” Hines
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I have just received the most important video I have ever seen, sent to me by LazyToad. Wow, actual footage of Planet X leaked out from the International Space Station.

This needs to be shared by everyone. Please pass this on to everyone you know; it is unbelievable!

The video below was sent to me by LazyToad; it is very interesting and I recommend watching it. It seems that France will have martial law for the next three month because of what happened but I have a suspicion that the US will experience the same, in Washington, most likely; then martial law will be declared nationwide. I think that whatever is going to happen to this planet is going to be in the next three months and the stage is being set and will be acted out.

In case no one has seen this post by SpiritofTruth in the forum, I thought I would show you here. When you get about halfway through this skycam, you can definitely see two sources of light.

Currently, Australia is experiencing weird lighting storms that have set off numerous fires which are out of control.

With all this news about more potential terrorists attacks, it is really getting a lot of mainstream media coverage and I believe that this is all part of the plan so that martial law can be implemented. Once implemented, those with firearm will have them confiscated for an indefinite amount of time. I predict that there will be other countries that will suffer the same fate as France but it will be UN troops that will be entering your homes and removing your only protection. The only thing that you will need to protect your family will be taken away and when the SHTF you will be helpless, unless you bury your guns and ammo.

For years, the government has denied the existence of UFOs, even though people have seen them for centuries and some people have had close encounters and even abductions have taken place. The video below was taken by Fausto Perez. Some of the comments that were made was that it was balloons or something demonic; what a bunch of crap those statements were. I have always been interested in UFOs but, like Planet X, I have have never witnessed one, but hope to one day.

I think I am safe to say that most people do believe that there is extraterrestrial life out there, so why is it so hard to convince people that there is Planet X? The odds are stacked in favour of there being UFOs, as well as there being Planet X. Planet X started out as a calculated probability but over time that probability turned into an almost reality and now it has become a reality, despite our government and NASA denying it exists.

More and more people need to check the skies daily as I do because you never know what you may come across. So if you read this article and you are an unbeliever, don’t even waste your time to try and debunk either UFOs or Planet X, as you will be wasting your time as always. Those like myself who are convinced of both will not waver from our belief and will continue to bring those who are interested the best reporting possible.

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While surfing the Web, I read a couple of articles from people who denied the existence of Planet X and they sounded very convincing but I did not feel it was worthwhile posting them. I am sure they were paid by the government as they quoted a bunch of scientific mumbo-jumbo that the ordinary guy like myself could not understand nor refute what they were saying, but there is way too much evidence to support the existence of Planet X. Just look at the strange weather. Here I am in November wearing shorts and all the time I have been in Canada I have never ever seen people wearing shorts this time of the month and I have lived here since 1974.

I am sure some of you could tell me some stories about how things have changed where you live. I know my cousin in the US got flooded out, as I know there are many families around the world who have experienced the same fate. It would be nice to receive some short stories from you from around the world so I can add them to my next article to show just how this planet has changed and continues to do so as we speak, so if you have a short story, please send them to me via private message and also stipulate if you want me to use your first name and rough location.

Stay safe. DDD signing off. Keep your eyes On the skies.

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