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Upcoming ‘Great Shift of the Ages’ ushered in by Planet X

Christian deBlanc – Guest Writer for

Christian deBlanc – Guest Writer for

By Guest Writer Christian deBlanc
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The truth of the matter is that the Earth is going through tremendous changes right now and these changes are affecting each and every one of us. If you are searching on this website, undoubtedly you are looking for answers, peace of mind and perhaps some solutions. Unfortunately, all any of us can do is recapitulate the variety of information that is available online right now. So, let me start with the human brain, then return to the Earth and, lastly, to Planet X.

For 6,000 years, the left-hemisphere of mankind has been dominant and language has taken over the planet, which each tribe speaking a different language since the Biblical Tower of Babel led to the division of mankind. Regardless, fact or fiction doesn’t change the fact that most of humanity is right-handed and the right hand and the entire right side of the body is controlled by the left hemisphere or the left brain. Language is also crafted in the left brain in the exchange between Broca’s and Bernicke’s neural areas and the working memory centers of consciousness. Of course, the right hemisphere picks up on tonal cues and metaphors and humor or sadness because it has a more direct link to the heart’s electromagnetic field fluctuations.

In certain brain waves, those occurring above 13 hertz cycles a second, the two cerebral hemispheres are competing, as it were, for attention and cerebral blood flow. Fresh, oxygenated blood is always essential. Both sides of the brain need it, but for 6,000 years, most of us tend to give the left hemisphere the freshest. It tends to govern us and we have constructed autobiographical consciousness blueprints, or egos, to help organize the information into what we can craft and what’s useless. Then the right side of the brain becomes an alternate personality and Michael Persinger’s experiments have revealed that some humans will literally perceive the electrical stimulation of the right hemisphere, which then relocates consciousness away from the ego to the “Other,” as either a threatening, other-worldly, Other, or a friendly, angelic, Other. Some other test subjects just felt relaxed with no mind set when the other side of their brain was stimulated, showing that it is a subjective, psychological experience that unites or separates us from ourselves.

So, for me, the whole Planet X paradigm is one of recognizing the “Other,” and awakening to the fact that our brains have been domineered for 6,000 years by language structures that shape our egos without endeavoring to enlighten us by giving us the big, beautiful picture. Earth is a wondrous electromagnetic web of activity punctuated with pulses of electrical activity occurring at right angles and allowing consciousness to come into bodies to exchange ideas in the language of materiality and progress. Earth is pulsating with information in what was called Akasha in ancient India or Ether in medieval Europe. Now we have the Internet as a manifestation of a living principle of the living exchange of DNA using photons of light and electricity to holographically encode the patterns and sequences that support life unfailingly.

Now, we are becoming beautifully whole-brained again, as imagery overtakes language and language gets scaled down to its most meaningful bits.

The first relevant bit of information is that the Earth has a fundamental base pulse and it is called the Schumann Resonance. The Schumann Resonance is named in honor of physicist Winfried Schumann and it relates to electromagnetic pulses occurring in the dome of the Earth as lightning discharges. The Earth is just like the human heart and the human brain; electrical activity is essential to keep the vital thermodynamic reactions occurring in the body of man and in the Earth uniting carbon and phosphorus with oxygen.  Life can be created and nurtured with nitrogen and magnesium readily; however, in order to grow more complex consciousness fields within lifeforms, more advanced frequency exchanges are required to stimulate and sustain higher brain waves. These frequency exchanges are what researchers refer to as the Schumann Resonance. Beginning in the upper ionosphere, but terminating in the lithosphere, these electrical discharges stimulate magnetic field activity. Moreover, these constant firings stimulate our own brains to fire: As above, so below.

For what seems like an eternity, the Earth’s Schumann Resonance has hovered around 7.83 hertz cycles per second and this frequency has served as the baseline for the alpha brain wave, which relaxes and synchronizes the dual cerebral hemispheres like parallel processors in a calm, untroubled state of awareness. However, since approximately 1980 (the year of my birth), the Schumann Resonance has been increasing while the strength of the electromagnetic field has weakened. I must confess at this point that author and researcher, Gregg Braden, awakened me to this phenomena in his book, 2012: Awakening to Zero Point. In that book, Braden predicted an upcoming pole shift would occur with a shift of the Schumann Resonance from approximately 8 hertz cycles per second to 13. He based his prediction upon the Fibonacci sequence, which adds prime numbers ad infinitum in order to generate crucial patterns in nature, such as the growth pattern of rabbits or the spiraling curvature of the elaborate nautilus shell.

It’s quite difficult to imagine that the sun could rise in the West after an experience that could appear to people as stars being rolled up like scrolls in the sky, to paraphrase Isaiah and Revelation, with kings hiding themselves in caves.

But, that’s what we would see from the point of view of the Earth. The South Pole migrates because of the gravitational pull of the Planet X system, which generates the motion of the polar shift.

Moreover, there would be a pause in the field as the poles shift, with a blinking out of the field occurring like the blinking of an eye. Nevertheless, there will be enough time to render a judgment on Earth that has been Biblical until now.

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