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Donald Trump can’t be controlled and neither can the effects of Planet X

David Hines aka Doomsday Dave - Guest Writer for

David Hines aka Doomsday Dave – Guest Writer for

By Guest Writer David Hines aka Doomsday Dave (bio and articles | forum)

We have reported in the past that Planet X has a huge magnetic field which probably expands out millions of miles and could potentially push meteors or asteroids ahead of itself, and there is a great possibility Earth will be struck by one or more in the early days of Planet X’s arrival.

We have seen the meteor that exploded over Russia which was on the mainstream media but the most recent was the one that actually hit Iran but without much mainstream media coverage. I really find that strange and can only assume that the media has been told not to report on the event in Iran and probably told not to report on any further asteroids or meteors that either come close to the planet or even hit the planet.

I expect in the near future there will be more contacting the Earth but it will get to the point where this will not be able to be covered up and I think people will wake up and start asking questions. When that time does arrive, I think there will be no one available to answer all the questions that we will have.

NASA has previously stated that they can track these sort of Earthbound objects but they either did not see this coming, the same as the one that hit Russia, or they have been told not to say anything.

I’m not sure if any of you are experiencing or even noticing how the weather has changed; you probably have not, as it comes on very subtly. I find the sun during the day much hotter and it burns my skin a lot more quickly. In the morning, when I get up, which is usually around 5:00 AM, I am freezing my ass off; it is like late September weather. Usually at this time of year we have the air conditioning running all night, as we have high humidity here in Ontario, Canada. Although it is great for sleeping, having the temperature lower and no humidity is quite concerning for this time of year. I would like to hear from anyone that is experiencing the same sort of “climate change.”

This page has a lot of articles and some of the subject matter I have posted in some of my articles, but it is a kind of validation as to what I have been saying all along.

Good morning, America. Below is a video of part of your future.

This article is about Fox News and I think it is a very good article, one that ever American should read. They talked about Donald Trump and that he is probably the best candidate to make America great again because he is funding his own campaign and is not beholden to outside forces like the other candidates are. However, I believe that, regardless of any voting by the people to select a new President, the Illuminati will rig the voting and possibly put in Jeb Bush, as I don’t think they can control Donald Trump. If, by some miracle, Trump became President, he would probably be assassinated in a short period of time, which would be horrible.

Stay safe. DDD signing off.

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