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Carnivorous aliens, eat me and you will have really bad garlic breath (Planet X hater trolls, go fly a kite)

David Hines aka Doomsday Dave - Guest Writer for

David Hines aka Doomsday Dave – Guest Writer for

By Guest Writer David Hines aka Doomsday Dave (bio and articles | forum)

I have a real problem with content of the article called “If You Don’t Change, We Will Remove You” NASA Warns About the ET’s Agenda (Videos)

They talk about ETs possibly coming down and eradicating the human race because mankind has abused this planet with pollution. Well, if ETs are so advanced and have ascended, then why the hell would they be more barbaric than us?

They talk about how mankind is polluting the earth but, wait a minute, it is not all of mankind; it is a small group of greedy people who are the cause of most of this. It is well known that they have in their possession free energy which they will not share because it will affect their pocketbooks, like they need more money.

They talk about ET possibly helping us defeat hunger and incurable diseases. Well, I have a real problem with this one, too. Doctors have been killed because they found a cure for cancer and, if you don’t believe that, then you have been brainwashed. Regarding starvation, there is enough wealth in the world to eradicate it and all of you who kindly donate to these third world countries know that the people who organize most of these charities have fat incomes and the money sent over to help people often never reaches the destination it was supposed to. We could do a lot better, if we had honest upstanding people in charge, but we don’t.

The ordinary guy on the street only takes the path that was opened up for him by a very small group. I understand what they wrote in the article was a hypothesis but I don’t like the fact they lumped us all in the same category. If ETs do decide they want to eliminate mankind, then I think they will have a hell of a fight on their hands and, if they want to use us as food, I will make sure I eat a big chunk of garlic first.

What’s ironic is that some of this came from NASA, which is part of the problem. According to many articles, ETs have been here since Roswell. If true, what the hell have they been doing all these years, if they are so concerned about the condition of our planet? The only fault we have as humans is we elect people into office who make all kinds of promises and never keep them. We have been controlled for a very long time and, as I have said before, only we as a populous can change it. Unfortunately, we are not organized and without a leader.

Dishonored Vets

You all know me by now that sometimes I get pissed off and here is a good reason why.


Dear Reader,

In a sudden move, NORAD, the nation’s air defense command unit, is relocating its headquarters to a secret bunker inside the Rocky Mountains.

And they’re spending nearly $1 billion to fast-track the project.

When asked why, NORAD Commander Admiral William Gortney offered a clear, yet chilling reason.

And he’s not alone…

The CIA, NSA, DHS, DOE, FEMA, FBI… they’re all actively preparing for a coming event.

In fact, the government has already codenamed the looming event, “Black Sky Days.”

And if their intelligence is correct, life in America is about to take a drastic turn for the worse.

Our in-house expert on the subject, David Fessler, has been hot on the heels of this story. And his 6-month investigation into the matter just yielded some shocking revelations.

Today, he’s inviting you to listen in as he reveals how the feared government crisis known simply as “Black Sky Days” could soon wreak havoc the financial system.

Just go here for the full story.


Andrew Snyder
Editorial Director, The Oxford Club

P.S. Be sure to stick around to see how you can get your hands on something David calls “disaster insurance.” (HINT: this has nothing to do with the insurance industry.) See the proof right here.

After this article, I Googled “Black Sky Days” and discovered this PDF.

I have been researching now for better than three years and went through many stages of belief, as many of you are experiencing right now. It is hard to come to a defined answer as to our future of any major catastrophic event, whether it be Planet X, a meteor, a massive earthquake, a super volcano or the eruption of Yellowstone and, lastly, an alien invasion. The amount of information on the Web is, quite frankly, overwhelming and I would imagine it has your head spinning, as mine is also. Seeking the truth about all of this is the hardest task I have ever undertaken. I am trying to keep an open mind about all subjects and I even read many debunking articles.

The biggest question on your mind is probably whether there really is a Planet X or is this just a bunch of hype over nothing and will I look like a fool down the road when it does not show up? I can’t tell you 100% that there is a Planet X just the same as I can’t predict earthquakes or volcanic eruptions. Having doubt in your mind is okay because there has been so much junk on the Web and people making predictions that don’t come true, but the problem with all those false flags is it masks the real truth. Even after three years of researching, I have to grapple with the same thing as you.

Here is what I believe because of all the information I have gathered over time: I still believe that something will happen at the end of September, whether it is a big deal or not I am not sure, but if nothing happens at all I will not be shocked. So if nothing does happen, even though there is a lot of hype about that date, then I am sure all of those people who have predicted whatever will reset their clocks and pick another date. All this does is spawn more doubt in your mind; your belief system goes down the toilet and all the friends you have spoken to lose faith in what you tell them.

Well, the same will happen to me but and I am trying to be as honest as I can. I, like you, just want the truth, but who the hell do you believe? All I can tell you is what I plan on doing and that is to keep searching because my gut tells me that something is coming soon and I have invested too much time and effort into this research to quit now. Quitting is the easy way out and all one can do is compile what you know as fact and evaluate that information and make your conclusions from there.

There are people who write some comments on this Web site, as well as others, saying things like “You are an idiot to believe in Planet X; there is no such thing,” and other derogatory statements. That is like someone thrusting a dagger into your heart, but you have to think that maybe these people who write such things could possibly be paid to do this to sink your ship, so to speak. It is somewhat gut-wrenching to read this as a writer, but my message to those who choose to write such insulting things is it only bothers me for a moment in time and I shrug you off and maintain my own beliefs, so those people can go fly a kite because what you do does not work.

Stay safe. DDD signing off.

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