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Agenda 21: A sick depopulation plot in the USA

Little do you know that behind closed doors, America’s elites and their governmental puppets, are throwing everything they have at the most massive depopulation plan in history.

Their agenda has been set: tens of millions of us are to be “disposed” of. The wheels of this apocalyptic plot have been set in motion years ago. But the effects are only just showing. In fact, it was Senator Ted Cruz’s father, Rafael, who first unearthed this wretched conspiracy.

I have no doubt the facts I’m about to reveal will cause a massive tsunami within our government and some serious heads will fall as a result. It’s why I hope you’ll understand why I choose not to reveal my true identity.

What I am going to tell you is this: as an independent investigator, I made it my mission to debunk the “climate change” agenda.

To me, and to millions of others, this was nothing but a manufactured “crisis.” They needed a distraction – something to make us turn our head the other way – while ignoring the true disasters caused by the elites. It’s why I was so intrigued by the Western drought.

Because it gives climate change believers exactly the excuse they need in order to shove some more of their freedom-gutting regulations down our throats.

However, in my latest research I discovered the Western drought is nothing but a smokescreen to a plot so sinister, it would send chills down the spines even of the most hardcore liberals.

In the next few minutes, you’re about to find out why the current western water shortage is by no means a product of man-made climate-change, but the result of a type of a covert chemical warfare.

And why, in the name of Agenda 21, a third of the US population will be left to die of thirst when water becomes scarcer than diamonds and more expensive than liquid gold.

Plus, towards the end of this short documentary, you’ll find out how to make sure you and your family don’t end up at the wrong end of the biggest genocide attempt in modern history.

Because as you’re about to see, by following the orders of a dark, criminal “One Government” global authority Obama and his liberal cronies have set a target on the heads of over 100 million God-loving Americans.

Their dire plan is hidden below 3 deep layers of governmental lies.

I call them the 3 Omens of Doom

For they will bring a never before seen humanitarian crisis, and transform hundreds of America’s cities into monstrous graveyards hosting the bodies of the innocent slaughtered by the will of our own Government.

The first “Omen” is DECEIT

You and I have time and time again heard Obama and his sidekicks play the man-made global warming tape. However, weather experts firmly contradict this theory. In fact, according to them and some of the most recent computer projections, if the whole “global-warming” theory were real, the Western part of our country should get wetter. Not drier.

Truth is there is absolutely no evidence – scientific or of any other sort – that actually supports this theory. Not even the high-carbon emission theory climate alarmists have been feeding us doesn’t stand. You see, after I looked into the 20th century temperature record, I come across an astonishing discovery. I found there was an up and down pattern that had nothing to do with the industrial revolution’s upward march of carbon dioxide emissions. Instead, the cycle followed an up and down pattern of naturally caused climate courses.

You see, every 25 to 30 years the oceans undergo a natural cycle where the colder water below churns to replace the warmer water at the surface. For instance, temperatures dropped steadily from the late 1940s to the late 1970s. Ironically, back then there was hysteria about a coming ice age!

However, the situation took a turn in the late 70s. That’s when temperatures started rising. And they kept their ascent until the late 90s. Then the Earth entered another temperature drop-off cycle. Contrary to the real climate science, in 2000, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, predicted that global temperatures would RISE by 1 degree Celsius by 2010.

Not only did temperatures not rise, they actually dropped by well over a degree. And they’ll continue to drop for another 15 years or so. And yet, global warming seems to be politicians’ favorite scapegoat. However, as I’m soon going to show you, it’s actually a camouflage – a distraction – used to set the scene of the massive depopulation plan that will engulf the entire country within the next 12 months.


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