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Michio Kaku: ‘Megaquake would destroy big portion of Pacific Northwest

The New York Quotes A FEMA Official: Everything West Of Interstate 5 Is Toast! Everything West Of Interstate 5 Is Gone! Seattle, Tacoma Olympia, Portland, Salem Eugene, etc. wipe out. All Together About 7 Million People That’s Does Not Including Tourists!
Seismologists: Earthquake Unleash Colossal Tsunami
Report: First Sign Of Mega-Quake Will Be “Cacophony Of Barking Dogs”
Thousands Of Dogs Will Bark At Alert, Before The Ground liquefy In One Area & A wall Of Water Up To 100 feet High – It’s Coming It is A It Is A Certainty! The Question Is When?
Is West Coast ready for next big quake?

Make an earthquake safety kit

Earthquakes occur unexpectedly and usually last seconds. Because there is not much time to react, the Earthquake Country Alliance recommends that you prepare a disaster plan and practice ahead of time:

  • Drop to the ground immediately; take cover by getting under a sturdy piece of furniture, or if nothing is available, cover your head and neck with your arms; and hold on until the shaking stops. This will help shelter you from falling objects.
  • Don’t stand in a doorway, which with modern construction is no stronger than other parts of your house. And, you could get hit with flying objects.
  • Practice Drop, Cover and Hold On!  Join The Great California ShakeOut, part of an annual worldwide earthquake drill practiced by millions of people on one day, every October.

Protect your belongings

Your personal belongings need protection from earthquakes, too. Earthquake Country Alliance recommends that you:

  • Strap down the TV.
  • Use putty to attach knick-knacks to bookshelves.
  • Hang framed photos with earthquake-safe hooks.
  • Secure bookshelves and entertainment centers to walls.
  • Attach earthquake or kid-safe safety latches to kitchen cabinets. (source)


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