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Here is the exact location of Planet X / Nibiru

By Guest Writer Terral Croft aka Terral03
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The Black Star was at the feet of Virgo RELATIVE TO THE SUN on April 25, 2015 with the 7.8 Nepal Quake Event at the same time that Earth came in between the two stars. That means Earth had the same view of the Black Star at the feet of Virgo AT THAT TIME and IF we could see the thing. Earth then began the move to outside-orbit position that we reach on August 15, 2015. That means the Black Star is ‘backing up’ retrograde fashion FROM EARTH PERSPECTIVE, as we move naturally around the Sun.

The Black Star is backing up through Virgo all the way to August 15th to then STOP at the same time that Earth reaches that magical 90-degree position relative to the Sun and Black Star. Earth is then moving ‘behind’ the Sun relative to the Black Star for the coming six months, which means the Black Star appears to be moving ‘left’ in the orbit diagram retracing the same steps. The diagram above shows how the Black Star moves again through Virgo for the second time from August 15 to the Fall Equinox on September 23, 2015 FROM EARTH PERSPECTIVE. The Black Star is nearer to Libra by this time having always been moving ‘left’ in the orbit diagram, but appears to be backing up and retracing its steps, because of how Earth is moving around the Sun.

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  • Tabasco531

    Just what kind of preparation solves earthquakes of the magnitude of 13, and tsunami’s that are over 5000 ft. in height? Then one would have to consider the massive shift of poles, and the shift of those poles again, on the return orbit. This is only part of an equation, as Tectonic scientists would be predicting continental shifts of over 5000 miles at the nearest point of Nibiru, and Earth. It means to me that either all animals on Earth are going to die during this period of time, and the only possible exception will be microscopic animals, but our food supply will be gone. It is also predicted that during the initial phases of two planets nearly intersecting in a collision course, that we will feel the impact of several thousand nuclear explosions from the asteroids that are in orbit around Nibiru. All of this dooms mankind, and doesn’t allow from any kind of a survival rate. If Nibiru is true, then I don’t think that I would want to survive the damage it would do, because I am culturally attached to my family, and community. Mankind was never meant to be by itself with no communication. Even if one’s lodging and food was guaranteed for the rest of a persons natural life, then how many people are psychologically prepared to live without interaction, or communication. Being that I have seen some studies on being alone for periods of month’s, then the people who have conducted these studies have found that insanity is just one of the many results, that are negative. So, in my opinion preparing to survive Nibiru would be an exercise in futility.

    • I, like many people have some serious medical issues. Without prescriptions or a working C-PAP I would not survive long. If I could not get insulin or related medical supplies you could write me off as a long term survivor. My kidneys would no doubt eventually shutdown and without dialysis I would die within a very short time. Without hospice with morphine available I would die like man did before technology.

    • Vicky Martinez

      There is no chance of survival… lets all be realistic and think about it for one moment…

  • customairsystems

    After thinking about the projected destruction, how exactly is the government supposed to build a bunker that will first last through magnitude 13.0 earthquakes and tidal waves , then large enough to store supplies, water, seed, fertilizer, animals to regrow pockets of food, etc enough for several years including a source of air and of course the sewage needs to end up somewhere for hundreds or thousands, since this bunker may end up underwater after a pole shift. Assuming this project moved forward, it would have to be miles down and not collapse under all this destruction. The few that may survive would over 3-4 generations end up inbreeding from a small genetic pool, if they can survive the social issues as the survivors group into packs with a percentage of those killed under new rule, etc. , it doesn’t paint a pretty picture. If this is correct and not another doomsday scenario as in the Mayan prophecy, along with so may others these past decades. If something can be done, what is the average person supposed to do aside from sit back and watch the show, they cannot dig deep enough or have access to unlimited resources. Guns wont stop a tidal wave, you cant store enough ammo or blockade your walls to stop an enemy with large numbers and weapons of their own, you cant store enough food but you can fight for the few remaining fish and animals, but you have access to water if you have a well. Can you look at your friends or neighbors, and send them packing knowing they will die without access to your weapons and supplies as your humanity slides away. Do I want to survive this? but can you look at your children and not do everything you can to give them the best chance at a full life, interesting questions to wrestle with.

  • Robert Mauro

    wish knew how to put a pic on here but i took a pic just as the eclipes was starting the moon was comeing from the west and theres a object to the east of the sun in which i beleve it planet x

  • John Smith

    The destruction that will happen has happened before.

Urgent info only

All the latest stories from the best alternative news sites, updated instantly

Let others review your possible Planet X / Nibiru photos

... of Planet X / Nibiru for peer review

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