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Top 10 signs Planet X Nibiru is nearing Earth

A catastrophe ominously looms on the horizon. Planet X, a huge planetary body, or star, is headed our way. Described as a great “Red Star,” the path of this approaching, heavenly object puts it on a potential, head-to-head collision course with our planet, Earth.

If you haven’t heretofore heard of the mysterious and deadly Planet X—so-called because it is said to be a newly discovered yet ancient tenth planet for our solar system—believe me, you will very soon. Doomsayers are predicting the marauding planet’s elliptical orbit will bring it near to the earth by this spring or summer.

Many pseudo-astronomers and perennial astronomical doomsayers point to Zechariah Sitchin’s works in which the Russian scientist/author alleges that a planet named “Nibiru,” which travels an orbit from the other side of Pluto to earth on a 3,600 year cycle, causes manifold disasters each time it makes a pass. They say this is now the time for Nibiru to return.

Some cite other names for Planet X, including “Wormwood.” This is prophetic since the Holy Bible does, in fact, prophesy catastrophic earth changes to occur due to a star by this name:

And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp…And the name of the star is called Wormwood…and many men died… (Revelation 8:10-11)

While the more dramatic accounts forecast Planet X’s arrival later this year, some maintain the shattering specter will occur later, in 2004, 2006, 2012 (the last year on the Mayan calendar), or even 2078. Others claim it could be thousands or even millions of years before the tenth planet orbits near Earth once again.

Surprisingly, a number of professional astronomers at the world’s top observatories share the view that there is a tenth planet out in space. Scientific reports conclude that the gravitational pull of this tenth planet, a planet not now observable by most telescopes, is already disturbing the heavens and causing what the astronomers call “perturbation.”

Planet X and the Secret Doctrine

Significantly, Freemasonry and the occult world have long awaited the arrival of Planet X. The occultists, in their Secret Doctrine, teach that the ancients once worshiped gods and deities, mighty men of reknown, who came to Earth from the heavens, from a planet star called Sirius. (source)

NASA has confirmed what ancient civilizations warned about thousands of years ago. Nibiru, or as it is translated “planet of the crossing” may be a heavy mass object (HMO) in addition to a dark star that is part of our own solar system.

All of the hype that happened in 2012 has muddied the waters of what these ancient societies were actually writing about. Their calculations indicate that this HMO will enter our near solar system near 2012, it swings past the sun and is sent out in a sling-shot fashion to deep space once again after that.

In one of the first reports, the HMO was measured at 50 billion miles from the sun. Less than a decade later, NASA gave the following update. Notice the distance of 7 Billion miles. This report is 20 years old.

Unexplained deviations in the orbits of Uranus and Neptune point to a large outer solar system body of 4 to 8 Earth masses, on a highly tilted orbit, beyond 7 billion miles from the sun – NASA Press Release

What is the distance of this HMO from the sun in 2012? Too close! What is disturbing is that after all the reporting, which showed up in news conferences and newspapers all over the world for years… has virtually vanished. NASA stopped discussing the HMO completely.

However, the data continues to be gathered from the scientific community and astronomers from every corner of the globe. Unfortunately, with all of the hype on the Internet, it is very difficult to sift out the truth from the lies.

The 10th Planet, called ‘X,’ reflecting the Roman numeral for the number 10, moves in an approx 3,600-year elliptical orbit around our sun. Planet X is 4 to 8 times the size of earth and 100 times as dense. The mass of Planet X, like the earth’s moon, would cause massive tide fluctuations as it nears the earth when whipping around the Sun, it is also speculated that the magnetic pull of Planet X will cause the earth’s magnetic poles to shift. It will also case huge solar flares as it nears the sun. Solar flares take out satellites and their intensity could burn up much of the vegetation on the earth and cause devastating storms and flooding while activating many volcanoes. (source)

Nibiru Expert Says Planet X Visible in December 2015. Also known as The Twelfth Planet or Planet X, some are warning that the wandering body of Nibiru is quickly nearing the Earth – and could cause global devastation. Should you worry?


  • J. E. South-Fox….. very interesting video

    • Very interesting, indeed, J.E.!

      Care if I add this to the “supporting video” section of my Planet X page?

      • J. E. South-Fox

        Hi Adam
        Yes If you want to 🙂 I am doing more research on this and found a bunch!! NASA has known of it being a brown like dwarf planet…that it has a solar system with it!

        • J. E. South-Fox
        • Alright! I’ve got it added to the webpage. Those telescope and rendered images, especially, are visually impressive (as well as its AU debris range).

          I’ll gladly check out that additional link you added, as well.

  • Justin Koetter

    There is a great deception taking place and it has its roots in the garden of eden. I’m amazed at how many Christians are blind to what is happening right in front of their eyes. I would like to share my video testimony entitled “How to prepare for September 2015”. Please click share and join me in bringing more souls to Christ before its too late and may God bless you all!

  • John Ashcraft

    [email protected]
    Isaiah 24, Habakkuk 3, Malachi 4:1-3 are just a few that describe Nibiru and its effects. Nibiru and the Second Coming of the Messiah list all the effects of Nibiru that you can find in the Bible.
    Possible date for the start of the Trumpet judgments is in the Spring of 2016 in March.

    • Child of God

      That would be this month!

      • John Ashcraft

        March 26th. Check Nibiru and Isaiah 24 blog ( 24.html) Read Isaiah 24 and then the 5 Plantes lining up in 2016. It is also at Aviv Moon Nework (arood awakening) End Times Forum. My heavenly events will be posted there soon. The irst one is the solar eclipse today.

        • lightspeed

          Its April 19th today….
          So what now?

          • John Ashcraft

            Watch for events between April 20th and 30th. Torahcalendar said Abib/Aviv (Month one) was in March but other calendars say April 10th-May 1)th is Abib/Aviv.
            Leviticus 23 Feast Dates and Second Coming ( has the information and the updates.

          • J a murray

            in the good book, there in simple terms,.. it clearly says that NO man knows the date or time of the end of the man includes those men and perhaps women, who authored those words attributed to God, and who are are also non deities..just human like you and I.

            every generation since records have been kept, has some who insist the end of the world is nigh, and we had better join their protected from it all group, before it is too late.. the “let us relieve you of the burden of reason and your assets and using your god given senses, before the disaster hits,” is left unsaid.. .. this is not new or unusual in the least..

          • John Ashcraft

            Matt 24:35 Heaven and earth shall pass away (Isa. 65:17,
            Rev. 21:1), but my words shall not pass away. (Mk 13:31; Lk 21:33; Mt 5:18)

            Hebrew Idiom

            An idiom is an expression, a term, or a phrase whose meaning
            cannot be deduced from the literal definitions and the arrangement of its parts, but refers instead to a figurative meaning that is known only through the conventional use of a specific language.


            Mat 24:36 But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only. (Mk 13:32; Ac 1:6,7)

            When the days of the Messiah approach, even children will be able to discover secrets of wisdom, and through them be able
            to calculate the time of the end; then it will be revealed to all.’ ”
            (Zohar 1:117b-118a).

            Mk 13 note: In the Son’s humanity, Jesus did not know when the day or hour would be. During this time on earth, Yeshua voluntary waived some of His divine perogatives according to Ryrie Study Bible.

            1) This verse may refer to the return of His second coming in Matthew 24:31. If you notice the year is not mentioned, the season is not mentioned, the month is not mentioned. The year is a year of Jubilee. The next one is in 2017 (6003), then 2067 (6053), then 2117 (6103). The season is in the Fall based on Lev. 23:24ff. The month according to the Julian calendar is Tishrei or the seventh month biblically again based on Leviticus 23. The first of the month is called Rosh Codesh and it begins on the sliver of the new moon. In September of 2017, for example, it is on the 23rd or 24th. Since these days are shortened, then we have to add 2-3 days more. Just by guessing, we don’t know the day of the day. All we know
            is that it will be on the first sliver of the new moon in any given September. See notes Matt 24:31.

            Some people claim that Jesus was speaking only to people living
            in the first century of not knowing the day or hour, not to people living today.

            2) There is another interpretation to this verse and that refers to the end of the earth because of Matt 24:35 which Matt
            24:36 follows. This month is Tishrei which is the 7th Biblical month in September/October which is tied to Leviticus 23:24ff which is called the Day of Trumpet. According to, this will be in the year 3015. The earth began in the 7th month in 3986 BC according to so it is fitting that it will end in the same month. The 7th month was the first month until 1441 or 1446 BC when the Exodus occurred in Exodus 12. Beginning in that year Abib/Nisan became the first month and it is in the spring in March/April and it begins on the first sliver of the new moon.
            However, another timeframe is the first month (Abib/Aviv/Nisan) in the following year which is the 140th Jubilee year.

            3) Day and hour refers to the Day of Atonement for it is 25 hours long (i.e. one day plus one hour).

            4) Pentecost is also known as the Day and hour no man knoweth.

            5) Passover.

            6) Because we by this time period have gone through the Trumpet and Bowl judgments, there may not be electricity, the sun will be 1/3rd gone, the moon, and stars will be 1/3rd gone, we have had 3 days of darkness, so Yeshua shall come as a thief in the night.

            According to the Jewish wedding, YeshuaJesus is in Heaven building His house while the bride on earth is preparing herself for the wedding. When the house is ready for the bride, the
            groom comes for her. (Matt 25:1-13). This will be on the Day of Trumpet (Lev 23:24). The story in Matt 25:1-13 clearly teaches watchfulness (v. 13); i.e., only those who are prepared for His
            coming will enter the kingdom.

            Leviticus 23 is connected to Leviticus 25:9-10 (Jubilee year), and especially 20 through 23 (6th year 2014; 7th year, 2015, 8th year 2016; and the grape harvest in the 9th year, 2017).

          • its asham

            wwait for it….wait for it….aaahhhh, there ya go….read below and you’ll see it’s always pushed back after the dates have come and gone with nothing to show for their miserable lives.

          • madMARTINmarsh Giles

            I can’t believe that people actually live like this, how do they enjoy their lives when they are predicting the end of the world?
            Do these people do it to make others fearful?
            Do they consider the ramifications of a fragile and impressionable mind reading this kind of rubbish?
            Sick, bored, pathetic… 3 words that spring to mind when I consider these doom mongers.

  • CL

    ok, so I am annoyed. Where are the top 10 signs? That is what I expected to be presented in simple format in this article.

  • robertinventor

    The perturbations of Uranus and Neptune were explained in 1993 when they recalculated the mass of Neptune using data from the Voyager 2 flyby. That data is 32 years out of date. There have been other different suggestions for “Planet X” which is a general name for a planet you are searching for but haven’t proved to exist. They were all disproved. The latest – the only one not to be disproved, is of a planet the size of Earth or Mars permanently orbiting at least 50 au, much further away than Pluto. That one hasn’t been disproved ubt is nothing like this “nibiru”.

    • Abdul Rehman

      Hi robertinventor, I think you are late to the party. May I ask you 03 questions???
      1- Isn’t Orat cloud a limit to our Solar system?
      2- What and whom perturbations of Uranus and Neptune were explained in 1993? Is that correct?

      3- Where is our Sun binary Star …? Kindly exempt the exceptions.
      4- Are you not posting Planet X / Nibiru debunk Videos?
      5- Why you support disbelievers?
      6- Why you want to help people Planet X does not exist?

      Kindly reply, as if you can really help, it will be great.

      • robertinventor

        1. The Oort cloud is a cloud of icy objects way beyond Pluto, spherical in structure. Not observed directly, inferred to exist from paths of comets that may come from it. The objects there orbit our sun in very long millions of years orbits, so it is part of our solar system.
        2, E. Myles Standish used the Voyager 2 data to derive a new mass for Neptune in 1992 (paper published in 1993). With this new mass, then all the orbits were as expected with no perturbations. This new mass of Neptune is what is used nowadays and we have had no need of an extra planet since 1992 indeed the orbits of the planets now prove that there is no extra planet of any size for a long way out. Then in 2014 a sensitive infrared all sky search showed there is no planet of theh size of Jupiter up to 650 times the distance to Pluto.
        3. I don’t understand the question. The Wise survey pretty much disproved the hypothesis of a second star, though until about 2014 it was possible to suppose it. It would have to be very far away most of the way to the nearest stars and since they managed to find even new brown dwarfs light years away it’s not likely they missed a red dwarf or even a brown dwarf orbiting our sun.
        4. I have posted a few debunk videos yes. Try searching YouTube for Nibiru Bullshit Planet and you’ll probably find them.
        5. Again don’t understand the question.
        6. The word “Planet X” as used by astronomers refers to a planet you are searching for which you don’t know if it exists or not. If NASA or anyone refers to planet x that’s what they mean. Pluto was called Planet X when it was a hypothetical planet until they found it, when they called it Pluto. You can have multiple Planet X hypotheses. All of the earlier ones so far have been disproved. The main one not disproved that I know of is they theory of a planet in a close to circular orbit 50 aus from Earth or more, and about the mass of Earth or Mars. It seems likely we will find objects larger than Pluto but whether that is say Moon or Mars sized, or even Earth or Neptune sized nobody knows. ‘But if as big as Earth or more has to be further away than Pluto, and probably a lot further away. Hope this helps.

        • Abdul Rehman

          Thank you Very much Sir! I appreciate your time and kind help to understand things. Also I am happy that you saved a potential suicidal.

          I’ll ask every Nibiru believer, that don’t afraid of such things beyond your sight. Try to find the proofs and never believe anything unless you see it with your own eyes. REMEMBER IT IS A PERIOD OF LIE AND DECEPTION.

          • Tim Mueller

            Maybe Nibiru is a deceptive lie.

          • Mars Man

            Thanks Tim, Can you please shed more light on your statement…?

          • Edward D Church

            I am glad I happen to see Robert Invented, here explain
            I don’t like this hoopla on this. it does create problems. we have enough problems what is going on now were there still fighting in the
            middle east goes.

        • Vincevance

          Planet X or Nibiru or Wormwood or whatever is near our solar system. It orbits on an elliptical orbit and it comes in from our southern hemisphere, which is why most amateur astronomers cannot see it. The other main reason it is not visable is: it is still way out there but yet close enough to start affecting the planets and sun. Another reason it is not visable: you would need an extremely powerful IR telescope to find it. It gives off no light. The US space telescope “James Webb” which was supposed to be launched in October of 2018 will be able to see it and all the smaller objects it is bringing with it. The U.S. is hurrying to launch and may be doing so in the next few months. Hubble has been able to view and take photos of “X” but it has limited views depending upon the position of planet “X” and the dust clouds and objects blocking its view. For some time however, “Google Sky” has had the area blacked out.
          X is already affecting our planet. Our rotation is slowing down. Plates are moving. The poles are shifting and many weird phenomena is happening. Such as loud sky quakes or booms, loud metal on metal scraping sounds, more volcanic and seismic activity. Governments will have to make this all public before long. They will no longer be able to hide explainations for the major cataclysms that are coming. Nothing you or me or anyone can do to stop it or even prepare for the destruction or apocalypse except be right with God. Burying yourself in a bunker is one of the most foolish ideas yet, however the major governments such as the U.S., Russia and China has been building all of these underground bunkers and cities. LMAO. They are the same ones the Bible talks about when it states “Fall on us and hide us from his face”.

      • robertinventor

        I don’t know if I can paste urls, just testing to see.

        The wikipedia article about planets beyond Neptune has a good section on searches for Planet X.

        This is my Nibiru debunking article.

      • robertinventor

        Oh and the main reason I did the debunking article and videos is because I get contacted by many scared people, as you’ll see in the comments thread. Including one who was contemplating suicide because he was so scared about Nibiru. Others are very scared and ask me if there is any point in preparing for Christmas as everyone is going to die. I wouldn’t bother debunking e.g. the Flat Earth Society articles.But in this case I am doing it because they are scared of nothing.

        • Rosalie Parker

          Wasn’t the world supposed to end on 12/12/2012?

      • its asham

        Who taught you how to count?

        • maurice

          Lol haha…

    • Edward D Church

      well, Dear Mr Robert Inventor
      Robert H. Evens Jr. had a status on FB wrote about this passer by star
      That presumes to be planet x to pass by earth in 2019. wrote about the history
      on it on face book. where he mention the ppl of Egypt said it was a destroyer and saying about movie As seen in the movie 2012 … It caused the oceans to top the high mountains of China! and he went on about it. verses even in the KJV, I just happen to search about this issue on my laptop. to find out what I can find can be logical on this. issue what was saying about this yrs ago. and I scroll down and saw your opinion on this web site that you were commenting on. on facebook there is pictures on this too. on FB. I find your opinion logical then any. if any catechism occurs people should be prepare to cope if this appears in there mind.

  • Kris Barry

    Amazing Nibiru evidence can be found here

  • Brian Alexander

    I took this picture myself with my cellphone on November 29, 2015 in Morgan Hill, CA at 8:39 pm looking East/ Southeast. I didn’t know what I had till about a week ago…

    • Lyn Hussey

      In ancient times the referred to planet x as the winged planet, and your photo shows why.

    • Mars Man

      Hi Brian,

      Did you ever succeed to retake such photo.

      • Brian Alexander

        No I have not found anything yet, but i did however find some unexplainable sky objects in some other photos I took. In fact it was on the suppossed eclipse on may 23, 2014

        • Mars Man

          Can you please share those photos, I will be much appreciated…?

          • Brian Alexander



            Brian Alexander

        • its asham

          Maybe Nancy Lieder with her magical Zeta ET powers moved Nibiru’s orbit to another dimension huh?
          I hope news of every suicide and unsuccessful suicide attempt directly related to your Nibiru fear-porn reaches your inbox. Then tell us how smart you are.

    • John .Dlugos

      All that with just a cell phone huh?

    • Cruxstew

      Lens flare, yo! Why paste an obviously fake graphic in there, as if you zoomed in on it? What are you trying to accomplish with your deception?

    • Cory Gray

      I believe that the Nibiru is real, however, I do not believe the average person with a camera can catch Planet X. It is between the last 2 planets on Earth.

  • Steve

    Seems to be a bunch of nonsense.

  • John

    So, what’s the over/under on an actual incursion by this dang thing? I’ve been hearing about sightings for years now, and all I see are sun dogs, mocked photos, etc.. Gill Broussard has a really good presentation on his theory of this planet’s incursion. However, he’s set a date of March 14 2016 (around there). When that date comes and goes, he’ll be like the rest and will need to recalibrate his timeline.

    • bluesingincat

      Gill never said March 2016 was set in stone.

  • Marx

    this is Click-Bait.

    Where are my 10 signs.

    I want 5 minutes of my life back

  • marc
  • Look, as of today, July 9, 2016, we have a mere 85 days to go until the great tribulation, foretold in Daniel 12 and Matthew 24 comes to its END on October 2. This has been going on for 1,205 days already! The Bible has left God’s elect clues that now allow us to deduce the 45 day window of time within which the second coming of Christ HAS to occur with hair-splitting accuracy. I explain all of this and much more in my book, “Making Sense Out of a World Gone Mad: A Roadmap for God’s Elect Living in the Final Days of the End Times.” As my title reveals, this book is only intended for a very select audience: those who exhibit a love for the truth and a sacrificial love for their fellow man, ahead of their own immediate wants and comforts. Such people are of God’s elect. Everyone else is of the non-elect and are of the lie and knowingly or unknowingly, serve the father of lies, the devil.

    Nibiru is coming. Very soon. The second coming of Christ occurs this fall sometime between October 2 and November 16. When this happens, the global elites plan to go hide in their underground cities, or DUMBs, while you are left to fend for yourselves under globally-imposed martial law. Very thoughtful of them, isn’t it? Revelation 6:14-17 describes what’s coming this fall. It is unstoppable and quite certain. Yet few will ever understand it or believe it. God’s word, the KJV of the Bible, the source of all truth, tells us this. Shortly after November 16, the prophecy of Revelation 8:10-11, which makes reference to the star Wormwood in which many men shall die, will be fulfilled.

    All of life is predestined by God. You are either of His elect, or you are not. He made those choices since before the world began and He has brought His entire plan to fruition over the past 6,000 years precisely as He has predestined and willed in His sovereign will. You aren’t nearly as impressive as you think you are and YHWH (God) is WAY MORE impressive and powerful than you can possibly imagine. Get right with Him now, or perish in your many sins very soon. This is not a drill.

    • Robert Fasee

      OK, so 85+ days have gone already…. I do understand you had set a period of up to November 16, so we’ll check back in another month…

      • You just do that. But nobody will be home. Because my bride and I are going to our heavenly home sometime during the next 21 days. We’ve had more than enough of this madness.

        In the meantime, you can take some twisted comfort knowing that you are prohesied in the Bible at 2 Peter 3:3 as one of those scoffers, walking after your own lusts and making the absurd claim that if it hasn’t happened yet, it never will. That’s not logic or reason. That’s merely wishful thinking on your part. Sadly, for you, you are dead wrong.

        I never set any period. God did. I merely read the book and applied it to the events in our world gone mad, ruled by psychopaths. I’m a narrator; not the author. This hardly takes a rocket scientist. Just a little honesty and integrity and a sacrificial love for my fellow man. Apparently you don’t have either. I DO.

        • Waykent

          I will be reporting you for plotting to kill your wife in a murder-suicide.

        • Obvious Prime

          Do you have screwdrivers in your home? Your head has too many loose screws that needs tightening. I know a doctor that can sort your brain out if u need. Let me know.

          • Your mockery proves you the wicked fool who will be left behind in the gathering that will occur sometime over the next 11 days. That’s not my problem. It’s yours.

          • Jean Gray

            OOPS! Looks like it’s your problem now too, lol. I’m guessing that you have been left behind with the rest of us demon possessed heathens David Curtis. Whatever will you do?

        • Robert Fasee

          I will do just that Sir, and you can keep your countdown to Blessing date, just don’t go blaming it on God if it does not happen on November 16th as you expect, as this date was given by your own interpretation, not by God…

          My belief is that one should always be ready, as no one knows the time or day, so when the date comes, one has nothing to fear… which is very diferent than setting up a deadline.

          • I never said that the second coming would occur on November 16. I said it would have to happen between now and then. That is neither a day nor an hour prediction. You don’t think very carefully do you? God does. As do I.

            God’s word has left all of us the clues to deduce what God’s leading me has allowed me to deduce. I am merely God’s faithful narrator of His word. I set no deadlines. I merely read and understand what God’s wortd clearly says and apply His prophecies to recent world events which have fulfilled end times prophecies. But if you do not fear God, keep all His commandments and trust Him fully in all things, as I do, He will not reveal His truths and clues in the Bible to you and will not show you how to apply them simply and directly.

          • Waykent

            What is God’s wortd, David Curtis?

      • Knock yourself out. My bride and I will be gone.

        • Waykent

          Where, false prophet? Are you going to kill yourselves if Jesus does not come?

        • Draco Morrison

          The rapture will be unnoticed by most of Christianity. If you wish to participate, the pilgrimage is beginning here

          • The rapture is Talmudic Jewish nonsense. But the gathering of the elect to Christ in the clouds, foretold in Matthew 24:30-31, 1 Thessalonians 4:13-17 and 1 Corinthians 15:51-55 is very real and quite imminent and no works of man has any impact on who goes and who is left behind. That was predestined by God since before the world began, as the KJV Bible clearly teaches the born again elect, of whom I am one. You, clearly, are not.

            The coming of Christ in the clouds will be seen by everyone, as Revelation 1:6 and Matthew 24:30 clearly reveals to those who are of the elect, those who are of the truth.

          • Draco Morrison

            To be counted worthy and taken, you must be completely stripped of your pride. Except we be humble and meek as a little child, we cannot enter the kingdom of heaven

          • Pride is thinking more highly of oneself than one ought. It is not making yourself a doormat, failing to reveal your relevant accomplishments that reveal your qualifications to speak and teach on a topic, or giving way to that which is evil and deceitful that harms others.

            A ittle child who is healthy is able to trust, remain teachable and submit to grown-ups entrusted with his care. That is what Yahushua means in the context of this passage you refer to in your post.

            A true follower of Yahushua is truly free to speak his mind and the truth without fear. He is as bold as a lion and as gentle as a dove, at least to those who are yielded to his greater wisdom. He is a fierce and formidible adversary to all who are wicked and foolish. He does not tolerate or coddle wicked fools. He exposes them for who and what they so clearly are, turns on his heels and walks away.

          • Draco Morrison

            “Pride is thinking more highly of oneself than one ought.” true.
            Pride is seeing self as greater than a brother. Pride is putting others down, instead of lifting them up. Pride is believing to know all the mysteries of God. It is pride that prevents one from learning and receiving more. It is pride that blinded the pharisees from recognizing their God and believing his miracles. It is pride that prevents the Holy Spirit from dwelling within.

          • Not everyone is equal. You are just going to have to get over that. Some of us are fed up with those who claim they have anything to offer when in fact their conduct proves otherwise. We, the wise, do not suffer fools easily.

            It is not pride that keeps the Holy Spirit from dwelling inside anyone. it is God Himself who wills otherwise with every one of His vessels of dishonor: the wicked and the foolish.

          • Draco Morrison

            “As long as you are proud you cannot know God. A proud man is always looking down on thing and people: and, of course, as long as you are looking down you cannot see something that is above you.”― C.S. Lewis

            22 But I say unto you, That whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment: and whosoever shall say to his brother, Thou worthless, shall be in danger of the council: but whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire.

          • Draco… as in lying demon. Got it.

          • You’re not my brother. You’re scum. You are the enemy of all of mankind. You’re toast.

          • Draco Morrison

            I notice it has been over 85 days since July 9, 2016. Have you repented for lying in God’s name, thou false teacher?

          • You’re a little late to the party, aren’t you sneering demon who delights in others’ well-intentioned errors? I freely and humbly admitted and corrected my innocent error long ago. Have you? No, you have not. And that makes all the difference!

          • Waykent

            Draco, that is impossible for David Curtis. That is Watchman on the Wall’s real name. He is among the most prideful people I have ever seen. He has published three books devoted entirely to his proselytizing.

          • Draco Morrison

            I see. thank you.

            Woe unto the pharisees of this generation

        • Robert Fasee

          “Knock yourself out.”… Wow, so much for the “sacrificial love for my fellow man” you say you have… And how is this not setting up a deadline?:

          And I mock you not Sir, I just believe we are full grown man who have seen and heard of many people in our lifetime, announcing the second coming, giving specific dates and time frames which have not come true… One shall not live in fear of what is to come, but be prepared for when it happens, that’s it, leave in peace and share the love…

          Now, since you are quoting the good book, I’ll contribute with my own as well…

          Deuteronomy 18:20-22
          “But the prophet who presumes to speak a word in my name that I have not commanded him to speak, or who speaks in the name of other gods, that same prophet shall die.’ And if you say in your heart, ‘How may we know the word that the Lord has not spoken?’— when a prophet speaks in the name of the Lord, if the word does not come to pass or come true, that is a word that the Lord has not spoken; the prophet has spoken it presumptuously. You need not be afraid of him.”

          Ezekiel 13:8,9
          “Therefore thus says the Lord God: “Because you have uttered falsehood and seen lying visions, therefore behold, I am against you, declares the Lord God. 9 My hand will be against the prophets who see false visions and who give lying divinations. They shall not be in the council of my people, nor be enrolled in the register of the house of Israel, nor shall they enter the land of Israel. And you shall know that I am the Lord God.”

          • Love absent the truth is a fraud. it is hatred concealed in a lie.

          • Waykent

            That describes your holocaust denialism, David Curtis.

          • Robert Fasee

            Well Sir, I have to admit your (somehow random) comment holds true in a very profound way.

            And let me continue by saying, in regards of the timeframe you had thought of, you have nothing to be ashamed of… You spoke what you had interpreted and thought was right, and I believe humanity is heading itself to its own doom, it’s just a matter of time before our current civilization collapses… it’s just that, I’ll say it again, no one can possibly know the time or date, just be prepared for when it happens.

            I take it from your user name that you consider yourself a true watchman, and thus you try to warn no matter what, and that is what you have been doing… Keep your head up and God bless!

          • Thank you and same to you. You correctly grasp my rather challenging calling. Anyone who refuses to see that our world is heading toward its imminent demise is quite delusional and dishonest. The recent #Pizzagate scandal revelations are not going to go away and when the full details are known, it will be revealed to be global in scope and darker than most people can bear to face. The extent of the cover up that is underway is proving this to anyone with a shred of common sense and an understanding of how the blood oaths of secret soceites work.

            The great tribulation has come and gone. On November 16, those of us of the elect who waited and came to it were blessed, if Daniel 12:12 is to be believed, as I am certain that it is. No one has been able to reveal to me my error in concluding that March 22, 2013 was the day that Matthew 24:15 was fulfilled both literally and metaphorically, which signaled the start of the 1,290 day long great tribuation that ended on October 2. Nor has God revealed such a thing. Upon closer examination of the words of Daniel 12:12 and Revelation 19:9, I incorrectly assumed that to be blessed required that the elect were previosuy gathered to Christ. But I now see that it does not have to be the case. It is entirely possible that we, the elect, were blessed on November 16, but that such a blessing has yet to be realized.

            At this point I am in the same camp as you: I don’t have a clue when the prophecy of Matthew 24:29-31 will be fulfilled, even though I know it has to be very soon. All the signs of it happening very soon are there. I await and look expectantly for the first of the four celestial events of Matthew 24:29 and continue to teach the truth to the few who can and will listen and who might benefit from it. I’ve had enough of the world’s madness. It’s time to go home.

          • Waykent

            You made the following statement: “The recent #Pizzagate scandal revelations are not going to go away and
            when the full details are known, it will be revealed to be global in
            scope and darker than most people can bear to face.”

            Comet Ping Pong has no basement, David Curtis of Driggs, Idaho.

          • Waykent

            You made the following statement: “The great tribulation has come and gone. On November 16, those of us of
            the elect who waited and came to it were blessed, if Daniel 12:12 is to
            be believed, as I am certain that it is. No one has been able to
            reveal to me my error in concluding that March 22, 2013 was the day that
            Matthew 24:15 was fulfilled both literally and metaphorically, which
            signaled the start of the 1,290 day long great tribuation that ended on
            October 2. Nor has God revealed such a thing. Upon closer examination
            of the words of Daniel 12:12 and Revelation 19:9, I incorrectly assumed
            that to be blessed required that the elect were previosuy gathered to
            Christ. But I now see that it does not have to be the case. It is
            entirely possible that we, the elect, were blessed on November 16, but
            that such a blessing has yet to be realized.”

            You are pathetic, David Curtis of Driggs, Idaho. You have come up with an entire explanation for why your prophecies failed. The only reason your “wife” is still with you is because you threaten her daily with death if she dares to leave you.

          • Chris Heidt

            I don’t think the Great Tribulation has come and gone. The Antichrist has yet to come on the scene, no false prophet, and no Image of the Beast (and it is the Image that orders the institution of the Mark, along with the penalty for not receiving it). We are just getting started as far as I read the book of Revelation. The stage is definitely set. I think the AC will save the EU from dissolution, since they have pretty much refused to yield to the referendum. I mean the bowls and the plagues haven’t been poured out, the locusts are still awaiting their orders, because the Abyss hasn’t been opened. My belief is the Church will never see that, but isn’t that the Great Tribulation as the book describes it.

          • The great tribulation most assuredely has come and gone, as I prove beyond a shadow of a doubt in my book, “Making Sense Out of a World Gone Mad: A Roadmap fror God’s Elect Living in the Final Days of the End Times.” You’re just not one of the elect, that’s all.

            The allegories of the Bible are not properly understood by taking them literally. The Antichrist is the Talmudic Khazar impostors posing as Jews whom Christ identifies at Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 as the synagogue of Satan, aka the Antichrist.

            No false prophet? What do you think the fraud in the silly white dress who sits in the Vatican and promotes the lie of global warming and the need for population reduction is? And how about the lying legacy media owned and controlled by the Antichrist beast system? They both comprise the false prophet of Revelation 13. You just don’t think metaphorically or spiritually, do you? If you had God’s Holy Spirit in you, you would, as I do.

            No image of the beast? Anyone who swears allegiance to the fake Jews or the rogue terrorist state of fake Israel, and who defends these vile creeps has taken on the mark of the beast already.

            No, the tribulation follows the opening of the first 6 seal judgments (see Revelation 6), but precedes the fulfillment of the seven trumpet and seven vial judgments, in which the wrath of almighty God is poured out upon the heathen non-elect who are left behind in the gathering that follows the conclusion of the great tribulation. The latter timing is revealed in Matthew 24:15-31. There is no pre-trib rapture. That’s false doctrine. Tribulation means troubles and we, the elect, have endured many troubles already. Tribulation pertains to the elect. Wrath pertains to the non-elect.

            We are now awaiting the fulfillment of the prophecies of Matthew 24:29-31, which are quite likely to be fulfilled perfectly within the next 2 months.

          • Gauge Loc

            I read your comments and I find it quite interesting that you say there are certain people that are God’s elects and the rest are not. This is quite the contradiction to what Jesus tells us that if we believe in Him then we shall be delivered. I understand we should be aware of what is happening in the world and I whole heartedly agree that these are the last days but trying to pin point the exact time and date is contradicting God’s Word again because the Bible says He will come like a thief in the night, it is not for any of us to attempt to predict what God does, you will be wrong every time and what you are doing is attempting to spread fear and make people worry, but if you are a Christian and believe in Christ and accept Him as your Saviour, you have no need to worry about when God chooses to do whatever He chooses to do or whenever He chooses to do it and there is nothing any of us
            can do any way except put our trust in Jesus and leave it in His hands. The Bible clearly teaches that Christians are not to worry. In Philippians 4:6, we are commanded, “Do not be anxious [do not worry] about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” In this Scripture, we learn that we should bring all of our needs and concerns to God in prayer rather than worry about them. Jesus encourages us to avoid worrying about our physical needs like clothing and food. Jesus assures us that our heavenly Father will take care of all our needs (Matthew 6:25-34). Therefore, we have no need to worry about anything.

          • The Bible clearly teaches that God creates some of us as His vessels of honor fitted unto mercy, and many more who God has created and predestined as His vessels of dishonor fitted unto His wrath and eventual destruction. Romans 9:21-23 is the clearest place where it states just this. I am simply God’s watchman and true prophet in these final days of these end times here to teach and to warn of what is soon coming to all of mankind and why. As such, I am quite familiar with all that the KJV Bible says and means. It is disingenuous and dishonest of you to pick one teaching out of the entire Bible and ignore everything else that it says and means.

            Anyone who has yet to figure out that we are living in the final days of the end times right before the second coming of Yahushua (Christ) is strongly delusional and of the lost non-elect. Debating precisely when Christ will return to gather the elect to Himself is not particularly helpful. My best educated guess is that it is most likely to occur in less than two weeks from today on the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles, which falls on October 5 of this year. But I could be mistaken. No man knows the day or the hour of Christ’s return and I am no exception to this. But it is unmistakeably quite soon. That much is an absolute certainty.

            I would submit to you that the “don’t worry” philosophy that Christ taught ONLY pertains to those who are truly born again with God’s Holy Spirit in them. Today, the number of people alive who are truly born again is a VERY small number: on the order of 3 out of every 10,000 people. The vast majority of those who think and claim that they are born again are self-deceived or knowing liars and frauds. This includes virtually everyone who is a member of any form of organized religion today, all of which are, and always have been, demonic. They all lie. Constantly. They are of the devil, the father of lies, are quite cunning and know every trick in the book to deceive naive, gullible and lazy spiritual goats to convince them that they are born again and saved spiritual sheep, when they are not. These people have much to worry about. They think they are saved,but they are not. And you would have them remain ignorant and blissfully happy when they will soon be perishing in the wrath of a holy, just and all-knowing God. That is an attitude on your part that is profoundly selfish and cruel. It is of the devil.

            “Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen.” Revelation 1:6

            Let the wise understand. The wicked never will. YHWH has spoken.

          • Waykent

            Chris, Watchman on the Wall’s real name is David Curtis. He is a convicted child abuser whose family has a restraining order on him.

    • Louis Castro

      Well that didn’t quite pan out the way you thought it would.

      • The great tribulation ended on October 2, 2016 as I taught and explained, The blessing date arrived on November 16, 2016. 10 end times prophecies have been fulfilled perfectly already. The world has gone totally mad. If you think that this story has a happy ending for most, you’re strongly delusional and not paying attention to the signs all around you. This story is not over. Not by a long shot.

        So what if I misunderstood precisely what the blessing of November 16, 2016 would consist of then? What real difference does it make? I am still blessed, as is my wife. That blessing has not yet been fully realized. But we have it. And soon, very soon, it will be realized too. We are now awaiting the fulfillment of the prophecies of Matthew 24:29-31. Perhaps the solar eclipse of August 21 will usher in the fulfillment of the the prophecy of Matthew 24:29. I rather suspect it might. But I have the honesty and integrity to admit that I don’t have absolute certainty on that. So I am reduced to trusting God fully to fulfill His predestined plan perfectly in His timing, and in His way as He sees fit. I have perfect peace over this. Do you? I seriously doubt it.

        It must be thrilling for you that you’ve never made a mistake, so that you never had to admit it. In your smugness and your self-deceit, you totally missed the entire purpose of all of life. And for that, you are most to be pitied. I truly feel sorry for you.

        • Louis Castro

          I like how casually you pivot from total end times by November to subtle signs happening now that you’re proven wrong. Have you ever considered that maybe end times are not a real thing?

          • Waykent

            Louis, Watchman on the Wall’s real name is David Curtis. In 2001, he attempted suicide that instead resulted in severe brain damage. Rather than seeking help, Curtis spiraled into insanity that culminated in him severely abusing his daughter.

          • There is nothing the east bit casual about anything I teach. My book, “Making Sense Out of a World Gone Mad,” has been out since February 2015, which I updated in March of this year to correct for and explain the one thing I misunderstood and was mistaken on before. There is nothing the least bit subtle about the 10 end times prophecies which have already been fulfilled perfectly over the last 5-6 years. The fact that you can’t see any of them (or that you are too dishonest to admit them) proves you to be strongly delusional. You and about 7 billion other wicked fools of the non-elect alive today.

            Has it ever occurred to you that you have no clue what is about to happen to you and most of the rest of this world that is calamitous beyond words? No, it never has. That’s part of the spiritual blindness and delusion sent upon you by God in perfect fulfillment of 2 Thessalonians 2:11-12. You’ll see soon enough.

          • Cory Gray

            Hello, I have studied the Bible for 41 years. I believe that Planet X is real and will hit Earth one day.

          • I once believed that too. Until two years ago I discovered that the earth is flat and motionless and sits under a dome or firmament as is described in various ways by 75 different Bible verses. Reveleation 8:10-11 describes a star called Wormwood falling to earth. So I believe that. The KJV Bible has proven itself to be 100% trustworthy, reliable and true. Almost nothing else is. We live in a Matrix of almost endless hideous lies of the devil.

            More to the point now, Christ’s second coming has to be imminent. America has been silently taken over recently in a military coup that almost no one noticed. The generals run America now for their globalist masters. The Antichrist globalists are desperate to divert your attention from this imminent event every way they can. Charlottesville, VA was just one of many false flag events with this aim in mind. There will be more. Just ask the CIA. They’re the ones behind these abominations.

          • Waykent

            Cory, Watchman on the Wall’s real name is David Curtis. In 2001, he deliberately inflicted brain damage on himself. In 2011, he abused his daughter numerous times.

  • Eugene Cooley

    Actually, When Revelations was written the time table could be off a little now. I’m thinking that on the winter solace of 2016 something is going to happen. Our weather is already changing from the pull from Wormwood. The seasons are all running together. Our moon has already changed and soon our planet crust will slip, causing tidal waves, earthquakes, and volcanoes.Two=thirds of the inhabitants of earth will die. Those who survive will have hell surviving.After the North and South pole changes, that ice will melt changing the face of the Earth as we now know it. The pull of Planet X if it goes by could cause the Earth to flip over, stop spinning for a few days or reverse it’s revolutions, making the Sun rise in the West and set in the East.No one knows for sure the time of the return but Planet X is approaching from behind the sun, like a thief in the night. Where have I read that before. Good luck to us all.

  • Louis Castro

    If you think something can orbit the sun in a cycle that crosses both Pluto and the earth, you do not understand physics.

  • Cory Gray

    Hello, my name is Cory Gray. I have seen this in dreams. It destroys the Earth.

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