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Doomsday Dave’s analysis of Planet X and Nibiru

David Hines aka Doomsday Dave aka DDD - Guest Writer for

David Hines aka Doomsday Dave aka DDD – Guest Writer for

By Guest Writer David Hines aka Doomsday Dave aka DDD (bio | articles | forum)

I have been following stories on Planet X, otherwise known as Nibiru and identified with several other names, for two years now.

I found that there are many differences of opinion as to it being real.  I for one am like most ordinary people who are following theses stories and becoming quite perplexed as to finding the real truth, reading one story I am convinced of its existence, then I read another and doubt sets in.

I ask myself, do I prepare or am I foolish, as most of my relatives view me.  I have been christened as DDD — Doomsday Dave, which I am okay with.

I understand that governments of the world have never been the servants of the people, as we are led to believe, so I have no trust in their propaganda.  Being curious and seeking the truth is very difficult; it is like putting the pieces of a huge jigsaw puzzle together.

It seems to me that the U.S. is the leader of the pack — wolves that is.  Understanding that there is a higher power — and I am not talking about God — but the elite who play with our lives as we did as kids playing with toy soldiers.

There seems to be quite a few well-educated people who have jumped on board with the notion that there is a pending doomsday coming soon.  During my investigation via the Internet, I have discovered some truth such as true facts about the increase of volcanic activity, as well as increased earthquakes, sinkholes, floods etc.  Theses events don’t just happen; they are created by some sort of change caused by some force, either internal or external.

After spending many nights peering at the night sky, I made a profound observation of my own when I witnessed the face in the moon rotate to the left and also to the right about 30 degrees in both directions; it piqued my interest as growing up looking at the moon it always was in the same position, so what could cause this strange anomaly?

My understanding is that Nibiru has a huge magnetic field that can span millions of miles and the fact that Venus and Jupiter’s weather has had some violent incidences never recorded before really make me wonder what is going on.

Realizing that the U.S. has built over 100 underground shelters approximately one and a half miles down and all interconnected aroused my suspect mind.  I also discovered that Russia has done the same, along with China and several European nations.

I am just an ordinary Joe working 9 to 5 but I do not want to get blindsided by those who rule and those who do not care what happens to me.  I am sure there are many of you who are like me — confused as to the truth of pending doom, but I have come to the realization that you may not get the truth until it is too late.  So I say to you, trust your own instincts and to hell with those who scorn you.  I for one have made my decision and making preparation to protect my family and prepare; after all, that is my job — to protect the ones I love.

Getting back to some facts on Planet X: I discovered some coordinates as to where this planet is coming from in outer space.  I decided to bring up Google Sky and zoom in and, low and behold, Google has blanked out exactly those coordinates.  Well, if there is no Planet X, as NASA has stated, then why would this region of space be blocked for ordinary people like me to view.  This is another great piece of the jigsaw puzzle.

I watch suspicious0bservers on YouTube. I found that channel very professional and informative as to what our sun is doing. Check it out.

I also watched a video with Jessie Ventura who once hosted the TV show Conspiracy Theory which I found informative.  Jessie showed the entrances to the U.S. underground shelters and actually managed to get inside.  He also showed thousands of three-tier coffins stored in a field, but once this was aired the coffins were moved.  Again, more pieces of the puzzle put into place; the picture is starting to take shape.

CNN, which is another controlled industry, repeats stories day after day to distract us from what is really happening so we will be loyal slaves to those who actually rule.  I actually watched a good video of all the tractor trailers delivering something to these underground bunkers, not just one tractor trailer but a line up of many, and this has been going on for the past two years.  Now tell me, why would these governments of the world do this if we are striving for peace? Another piece of the puzzle.  People need to wake up and pay attention to what is going on and it is going on right in front of you.

Take this terrorist group ISIS, for example.  If this had happened years ago, the U.S. and even the UN would not have allowed this to happen; they would have gone right in there and obliterated them, squashed them like a bug.  You must ask yourself, why did they allow them to grow so big?  All I can think of is it is another distraction from the real truth.

Another good example is Russia invading the Ukraine; it fades in and out but nothing is being done — well, at least not on the surface.

Fukushima is another good example of media blackout.  The west coast of Canada and the U.S. waters are contaminated, the marine life has been poisoned and you would have expected all the nuclear experts in the world would have collaborated to help solve the massive leakage of radiation into our oceans.  Alas, nothing.

I asked myself, why are they not doing anything?  What do the governments of the world know that I don’t that they can just sit on the sidelines and watch all these things happen?

What about all the floods that are going on around the world?  What about all these massive sinkholes?  I never heard about sinkholes when I was growing up.  Look at the extreme weather we have been experiencing.

Wake up, people.  Changes are happening and some of those end of the world movies that Hollywood is putting out may well come true.

As I stated earlier, I am just an ordinary guy but the difference between you and me is that I am paying attention to what really is happening.

So I am going to use the handle that people placed upon me which is DDD — signing off.

The views expressed in this article do not necessarily represent those of Planet X News, its editors or its staff. If you are interested in writing one or more guest articles for Planet X News, please email [email protected]

  • tracy

    I totally agree..all the pieces add jade helm and the FEMA camps to the mix. So much evidence I am convinced Planet X is real. I hope I am wrong and noone wants to listen, but I’m certain something major is about to go down.

    • David Hines

      It is unfortunate that people do not listen and that is due to years of brain washing. Those that do not listen will unfortunately pay the ultimate price, just get as prepared as you can as there will be no help out there, it will turn into a mad max event which will be a total shock to all. Watch out for the month of August.


      • Nancy Anderson

        What then on earth, if anything, can a person do to protect themselves from an incoming planet or planetary system??? We are ALL listening but if the run-of-the mill citizen can do nothing about what is happening, then why would they have to pay the ultimate price? Whether they are listening or not, they may still have to pay with their lives as there is no real escape for the masses. Watching all of it happen with all of the climate chaos that comes with a dwarf star that enters our solar system every 3600 years isn’t going to prevent it from coming!!

        • David Hines/DDD

          Hi Nancy

          You are correct when you say there is not a lot the ordinary person can do except move to Canada as we are supposed the be better off than most countries.
          I guess all I can tell you is you have to assume you are going to survive and stock up on as many eccensuals as possible. Hopefully you don’t reside on the coast as I think that is a dangerous place to live right now. You need food water and a form of heat as well as firearms to protect what you have from looters. Hopefully you do not live on any fault line or close to a volcano even if it is dormant. If you live in a house that has a basement that may offer some protection but no guarantee. All we can hope for is it won’t be as bad as predicted and I think we will get a warning from the government but maybe on a weeks notice if at all. If it is a bad one then most ordinary people will perish and that saddens me to think about that. This is my motivation to get the message like all the others that make videos or write articles as we care so much inspire of the ridicule we get. I am just like you and ordinary person that worked hard all his life
          , and all we can do is pray we are spared.

          Stay safe


          • Karla G’

            Please tell me this isn’t true, I just hate this reality…I mean I accept it but am scared to go through something like this. I have a almost 7 month old and my fear is to not be able to protect him enough. Please give me advice. I also believe in God and pray to him sometimes…This just sounds horrible 😥

          • David Hines

            Him Karla

            I am just an ordinary guy looking for the truth and since I have been researching Planet X I have come to the conclusion that most governments lie to all of us most of the time and that includes NASA.
            It has been four years now that I have investigated Planet X or Nibiru and unfortunately with the evidence I have collected it is real and is heading our way. I understand that this is very scary and in some ways I wish I had never heard of this Planet X but the reality is that the weather has gone nuts, there are more earthquakes than ever before and dormant volcanoes have started to erupt. The weather on all our planets in our solar system have gone crazy. We have had more meteors than ever and we have had countless near misses with asteroids, some were reported but others have not hit the news as the government is trying to keep the people calm. Just ask yourself why the US government built all those underground bunkers which cost fourth trillion dollars.
            If I was you I would start thinking about how to survive, gets some goods books on survival and start stock piling long term supplies.
            In some of my other articles I gave listed things to do but I can’t remember which article it was as I have written so many. Sorry for not being more help.


Urgent info only

All the latest stories from the best alternative news sites, updated instantly

Let others review your possible Planet X / Nibiru photos

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