Planet X News Daily Headlines for 1/20/2014





Craziest Fireball Ever Seen Over Germany!


6.2 earthquake cuts power, phones, stops trains (New Zealand)

6.3 magnitude earthquake hits New Zealand’s north island

7News : Wellington earthquake caught on camera

Dead livestock in the aftermath of the Bangor fire (Australia)

M 6.2 – NORTH ISLAND OF NEW ZEALAND – 2014-01-20 02:52:45 UTC

Massive 6.3 EARTHQUAKE struck NEW ZEALAND, Power Outage, Water Mains 1.19.14

Massive sinkhole opens up in Detroit

Power Outage Hits East Longmeadow Ahead of Pats Game

Sinkhole collapses street near Detroit’s GM Renaissance Center

Volcano risk? Ask the birds: Astronauts to install tracker on International Space Station to monitor mass migrations that could give warning of natural disasters


20-year-old documentary foreshadows Fukushima: Men picked up in slums of Tokyo to go work at nuclear plants — Many become ill with radiation sickness — Too frightened to speak out (VIDEO)

Dead fish and shrimp caught and sold (China)

Duke restricts visitors as NC flu deaths reach 8

Flu in California: Not yet peak season, and deaths approach last year’s total

Flu Season Child Death Toll Doubles in CDC’s Latest Flu Report

Flu Virus Found in Wild Birds as Korea Quarantines Farm

H1N1 Flu Widespread in Idaho, 39 Other States

Image published by embassy in Japan shows Fukushima melted fuel deep underground (PHOTO)

Migratory Birds Behind South Korea Bird Flu Outbreak

More Young People Dying From Flu In Indiana This Season

Navy Sailor after Fukushima: I’m in a wheelchair, now it’s spreading to my arms and hands — Photo of skin with intense red burns after being in sun, suspects radiation intensified impact (AUDIO)

Nevada’s Sparks Marina declared safe despite thousands of dead fish

No Flu Shot? Proposed AR Regulations Could Make it a Must

North Bay hospital investigates presumed flu death of child (Canada)

Ohio county sees 4 flu deaths, 3 others nearby

Palisades Nuclear Power Plant begins 23rd scheduled refueling outage (MI)

Physician: Canadian gov’t withholding testing data; “Less confident about eating Pacific seafood now” — Top Scientist: “Sense of potential widespread disaster” from Fukushima

Severe avian flu reported in North America

Shadow of bubonic plague grows over Madagascar

Shanghai Says Medical Worker Dies From H7N9 Bird Flu Infection

Thousands of fish turn up dead in Connecticut river

Vietnam reports first H5N1 bird flu death in 2014